Tarble's Initiation
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This is Trable's first time and it's the duty of the older brother to help with that nuisance.

Headcanon time!
Initiating is a training of sorts, it allows better chances for a Saiyan to be desired under the sheets, and possibly get good mates.
The circle (family) has the responsibility to initiate their young. The center (head of household) has first rights with the oldest offspring, that offspring has first rights over his younger sibling.

Bardock initiated Raditz, Raditz had the responsibility of initiating Goku, (but we know how THAT turned out). Goku would initiate Gohan, and Gohan would initiate Goten, if they knew anything about Saiyan culture. Alas~ They don't know... Yet. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

My good friend lesleytonyb wrote a fic inspired on this pic. I love her so much! Thank you les!!!



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