The Last Hug
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August is the month I post most of my incest pics! So expect a couple more (depending on time). Don’t like? Don’t look. It’s very, VERY easy. An idiot could do it. I don’t humanize my Saiyans, EVER. Their culture is NOT human culture. So fuck off with your censor culture, self-righteous pricks. This is my (fandom) fantasy world and I’m not changing it for NObody.

Now, for those of you who are rational folks, and respect other people’s fantasy worlds:

I hc that Toma is Cumber and Raditz’s source (dad), Gine is Goku’s source, and Bardock is the carrier (mom) of all 3 cubs ^^ But this is just me. If you hc them differently that’s fine.

The Last Hug – That’s the title of this pic.

Right before Vegetasei’s destruction, Bardock goes on a mission with Leek (as per DBMinus), while his team (Bardock’s Elite Force) goes on another mission, and Raditz is also going on a mission with Vegeta and Nappa.

Gine already passed away, and Bardock left a long while ago, so Raditz and his source spend some ‘Saiyan Quality Time’ together before parting ways.

This scene happens right before Toma gets dressed and leaves, towards his inevitable death, as per the movie ‘Bardock, Father of Goku’. (I changed some things around to fit my au better).

Both Saiyans have no idea they would never see each other again, and that their planet would meet an unfortunate end.

The nose touching thing is actually a very intimate, strong gesture among Saiyans. Saiyans are very scent oriented in my au. Their noses are up in the top 5 most important body parts. So touching them together holds a lot of significance. It’s usually done only among family members, or Saiyans courting.


Pic was done in SAI

Textures were modified from a free image use website

My good friend helped me give the pic more atmosphere, so thank you!


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