The Mask
by Alpha Light Bearer     More by this Artist
Gohan had to stay late one night at school, grading papers. On his way home he spotted a glowing object down in the river. Gohan looked around and saw nobody, he then floated down and fished the object out of the water.

It was a strange looking mask.

K. So. I met this SUPER pervy guy and we hit it off so well. He’s really into the mask of Loki (google it), and I decided to hop on board for a while :3 We’ll see where this goes.

So HIS version of Loki’s mask is that the wearer becomes a thousand times more perverted :D And I’m all for that shiz~

I don’t usually do crossovers, but this kinda works. I mean- ANYone could come across Loki’s mask and be tempted to wear it, right? In this case, Gohan >D
He’s gonna put it on and then barge into his parents’ bedroom. And those of you who know my style can probably guess what comes next :3

Anyways. That’s where I’m aiming for ^^


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