One last Goodbye Kiss
by Hkigeki     More by this Artist

And then they were off, walking a short way from the front door before lifting into the air. Then Trunks broke away suddenly and raced back to Gohan, pushing himself into a very abrupt and very involved kiss.

Gohan kissed back reflexively, enjoying the taste one last time. Eventually Trunks broke off. Goten waited a few feet off, watching with amusement. “Bye, Trunks. Thank you.”

“I know what I’m asking for on my birthday.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

“Trunks.” The voice was impatient, commanding. Nothing like Goten at all. Gohan had to stop himself from laughing all over again.

“Goodbye.” The puppy ran back to his master, staring submissively at the ground. “Sorry.”

Goten sighed tolerantly. “What am I going to do with you? Sometimes I think you want me to punish you…” They took off into the air together and were soon gone.

Only after he was inside again did Gohan laugh. That had been his best birthday ever.

Illustration for the story :

His Birthday His Birthday

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