Trunks's Longing
by Hkigeki     More by this Artist

Both men are sitting on the couch in the living room laughing as Vegeta takes off with Goku annoyed they took over the house.

“He will kick our asses you know this” Gohan said softly

“Yep but until then your tight ass is mine” I say turned straddling Gohan’s hips, Gohan smiled as he was pushed down on the couch

“As if” Gohan taunted powering up not deterred I powered up to match him as I stripped my lover of all his clothing. Gohan hissed as the cool air touched his bar chest then I leaned down covering his body with my own Gohan frowned

“What is it Gohan?” I asked

“This” he said pulling at my t-shirt then my pants

“Oh sorry I will take then off” I got of Gohan standing by the couch taking the blue T-shirt off slowly

Illustration for the story :

Trunks's Longing Trunks's Longing

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