A most Unusual Camera
by Lara Yokoshima     More by this Artist

It had now been four weeks since they found that blasted camera. When Mirai came over with Trunks the next weekend, he acted like nothing had happened. It both relieved him and pissed him off. He decided to act as normal as possible too, for the boys’ sake… but inside he felt, what, rejected? Did that mean he had real feelings for him? Several times throughout the day, Gohan would have to stop what he was doing and shake his head to clear the thoughts of Mirai that kept popping up there. Goten could tell he was distracted, but obviously had no clue as to the real reason why, and Mirai kept silent as well.

Finally, Gohan couldn’t take the turmoil anymore. The camera. The camera had started this, maybe it would have some insight into the end of it as well. He cornered / surprised Mirai in his room when they were at Capsule Corp later that day, snapping a photo of him sitting on his bed quickly before he had a chance to react.

“Say cheese” he said after the fact, pulling the photo out so that only he could see it.

“What are you doing?” Mirai demanded, slightly ticked off by Gohan’s impulsiveness. Gohan studied the picture for a moment, then threw it down on the bed next to Mirai, sitting down on the edge himself.

“Apparently breaking up with Videl” he said flatly. Mirai picked up the photo. It was this spot on his bed, at some point in the near future, and on it he was making out with Gohan rather intensely. He looked up directly into Gohan’s eyes, and was met with a blush. So he did like it.

“So you did like it” Mirai stated out loud. Gohan traced the edge of the photo in Mirai’s hand as it rested against the bed, blushing even deeper.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t… But what does it mean?” he worried.

Illustration for the story :

A Most Unusual Camera A Most Unusual Camera

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