Happy Valentine's Day, Gohan!
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“Wait, someone answered my letter! But… that's strange, I threw it away” Gohan said, muttering the last sentence, without wasting time he began to read the answer to his letter written in Kanji and Hiragana:

“あなたの髪は石炭のように黒く、あなたの黒い瞳は二つのジェットストーンのようです。私は毎日あなたに会います。 はい、私はあなたとの約束を持ちたいです、そして一緒に私たちは大丈夫です。

(Your hair is black like charcoal and your dark eyes like two jet stones, I see you daily and I would like you to share your dreams and thoughts with me. Yes, I want to have a date with you, and together we will be fine.
I will love you forever, my heart is eternally yours.)”

"Iugh, too much sentimentality!" Plagg exclaimed in disgust "the boy or girl who wrote that must be your soulmate."
"Yes, but I can't find the name" Gohan told him, seeing that there was a blank space on the sheet where the name of the person who wrote it should go. In that, a ladybug came flying, landed on Gohan's letter giving him a hint of who could have written the letter, he smiled, got up from his bed and went to the window through which the ladybug flew out, Plagg went behind him “do you think Lordbug wrote it?”
"Ah, please!" Plagg exclaimed annoyed at his owner's cheesiness.

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