Childhood Memories
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Vegeta: "So… This is your brother, Raditz?"
Raditz: "Yeah… It's embarrassing. He's useless. I don't wanna talk about him." Vegeta: "What's his name?"
Raditz: "Kakarot." Vegeta: "Kakarot… I like his name. Maybe he can join our team. What's his power level?"
Raditz: "He's weak. He has only a power level of two."
Vegeta: "What a shame for the Saiyan race!"
Gine: "Hey! Raditz! Don't talk like that about your brother! Kakarot is neither weak nor useless! He is a late developer and just needs some more time to become stronger!"
Vegeta: "He will be stronger? For sure?"
Gine: "I believe in him!"
Raditz: "Tch!"
Nappa: "Prince Vegeta, Raditz… Let's go! The pods are waiting for us!"
Vegeta: "We will meet again and see if you become stronger, low-class weakling. Good bye… Kakarot."

A project for the Boxer and Rice Week, Kakavege, Childhood Memories.

Thanks Alpha for helping me with the english text!

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