Dinner for two Saiyans
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Dinner for two Saiyans

Son Goku: "Vegeta! I won’t wear that! Why can't I have your armor! I would much prefer that!"
Vegeta: "Because I am the Prince of all Saiyans after all! It will not happen! I don’t serve you, Kakarot! Now don't act like that!"
Son Goku: "This is completely unfair! Why do we have to do this again?"
Vegeta: “Because Bulma told Whis and Beerus about this stupid TV show! And the two of them are now keen to be entertained by us, because otherwise Beerus will destroy the earth and Whis will no longer train us!"
Son Goku: "Oh that's it ... Well then I'll just put on the fumble!"

Some time later, after an abundantly embarrassing insert of ‘Dinner for One’ by a forgetful and idiotic Son Goku that served imaginary King Vegeta, Bardock, Raditz, and Nappa...

Vegeta: "Kakarot! What’s that supposed to be! Let me go right now!"
Son Goku: "No! You saaaaid... I shh… should get you to *hics* bed!"
Vegeta: "Shit! You are actually drunk!"
Son Goku: "And then I have to do my very best!"
Vegeta: "You are crazy! What will the others think of us...? I ... I can run by myself!"
Son Goku: "Thhhe same ... proc... procedure as *hic* eve... every year!"

Whis: "Oh! That was fun! And it is splendid how well they merge into their roles!"
Beerus: "Uhm ... Whis, are you sure that that's just played there?"
Whis: "But Lord Beerus, don't you think so?"

Vegeta: "PUT ME DOWN!"
Son Goku: "No! You’re nnnot in bed yet!"
Vegeta: "KAKAROOOT! What should that be if... mhmmmhhmm!!!"

Whis: "Oh! It was a kiss now! Wasn’t it?"
Beerus: "It looks like one! Only rivals?! Ha! I always knew it!"

This is a homage to the tradition to watch “Dinner for One” at the New Year.

Thanks Saky, Alpha and Andre for helping me to translate my text!
I love you guys!

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