A New Beginning
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He looked up, his eyes widening in shock as he immediately recognized the time ship that had brought Mirai Trunks into his life so very many years ago. His shock wasn’t going to have much time to wear off either he decided as the glass dome on top lifted and a very familiar thatch of purple hair showed. He stood, instinctively curling his tail around his waist and started to walk towards the ship. When he noticed the occupant slowly stand he put on a welcoming smile which quickly melted into worry when a very grimy and bruised Trunks greeted him from the inside.

Gohan barely had time to register the pained grin of relief that crossed the man’s features and the softly murmured, “Gohan-san…I came back to you” before bright blue eyes rolled up and Trunks pitched forward and fell out of the cockpit, managing to land on a very surprised Gohan earning the unconscious man a loud grunt.

Gohan lay frozen on the ground blinking for a few moments as he tried to process just what the hell all had just happened. After the 30 seconds of brain fart that he had lapsed into he slowly sat up, careful not to roll Trunks too much. Once he was back on his feet, Gohan knelt down and picked the unconscious demi saiyan up and without further ado toted him inside and headed towards the guest room closest to his.
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A New Beginning A New Beginning

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