Breaking The Magical Contract
by Renpouinn     More by this Artist
“Piccolo” Trunks said as he went back to Gohan, “If I give Gohan back his heart, what will happen to you?”

“I’m not sure” he said, eyelids drooping, “I think I’ll be ok, if you do it… You dumped water on me and Gohan and I still survived, so I think it’ll be ok… Just hurry now, I’m so tired, Trunks…”

“Ok then” he said, reaching his destination and kneeling down. Trunks placed the glowing blue orb on Gohan’s chest, right where his heart should be, covering it with his hands and concentrating very hard on Gohan and Piccolo both living. There was a loud gasp. Opening his eyes, Trunks realized that the gasp came from Gohan. His eyes were open, and he was staring at the backdrop of Trunks’ face behind the streams of light that poured from his chest. They consolidated rapidly onto a single, sparkling piece of starlight, and it went zooming around in the air above them.
Illustration for the story :

Gohan's Moving Castle Gohan's Moving Castle

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