Fly with me
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The blonde did not slow his pace though; in fact quickening it, and whispering in a low husky voice, “When I say, jump.”

Trunks wasn’t sure if his reply took on any audible tone, or if all he did was shake his head, but the other man seemed to take his acquiescence as a given. Just before they would have slammed head on into the writhing mass, the order was given, “Jump!” and Trunks did his best to comply, feeling ridiculous yet overwhelmed with the lack of alternatives all at once. They soared into the air above the alley, Trunks unconsciously clinging to his strange savior as they rose farther and farther above the rooftops.

“Now, straighten out your legs – yes, that’s good, and begin to walk. There you go. Perfect Trunks, you’re a natural” his fair-haired companion exclaimed with a smile as they began striding through the air in unison. The brightly colored coat that hung over the stranger’s frame billowed out in the breeze. He held both of Trunks’ hands, guiding him with an arm around his shoulders as they skipped off the rounded spire of an ornate building.
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Gohan's Moving Castle Gohan's Moving Castle

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