Sitting Under The Ever Green Trees
by Renpouinn     More by this Artist
Mirai pulled Gohan near him Gohan looked so unstable like a lost child eye full of pain as he fell into Mirai’s bare arms shaking Gohan is crying his head against Mirai chest tears streaking down his tears still running down his sunken in cheeks soaking Mirai’s black shirt, Gohan’ hair was wrapped around him wildly his bangs partly covering his eyes as he wept. Mirai held him closer wrapping his arms around him moving his leg so he could pull Gohan as close as possible, resting his right cheek on Gohans’ head as Gohan lay on his left side legs stretched out as he half lade and half sitting against Mirai no longer caring his arms wrapped around his chest as if trying to hold back his tears eyes closed tight fight a losing battle with his emotions, listening Mirais’ blue eyes flashing holding in his anger at what has happened to his friend.
Illustration for the story :

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