Under The Stars
by Renpouinn     More by this Artist
We fell asleep under the stars. I blink my eyes open and stare up at the sky for a few moments. The ground is so soft, so warm. My eyes start to close again before I realize that I’m not lying on the ground. I’m lying on -him-. I suck in my breath sharply and tilt my head up so I can see his face or at least the bottom of his chin. He’s sleeping. He has one arm wrapped around my waist and my head is lying on his chest by his stomach my hand is lying, and his hand… his free hand is right over it.

I can’t remember ever being held like this before. It feels so nice. So …. “Hm… Trunks?” His voice is a soft purr as he shifts and opens his eyes. He presses his cheek against the top of my head. His arm tightens around my waist, pulling me closer as his hand grips my hand tightly.
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