Happy Valentine's Day
by Tigress Pern     More by this Artist
I witnessed in a dream
Your arms were the exact arms of Morhpeus
Now I got to pull your bottom lip with my teeth
And kiss you until my lips flush

Let my eyes entrance you
As I caress your bristly chin
I want to take off all your clothes
And play with your smooth skin

Your tongue is a bottle of champagne
I want it until I'm roaring drunk
I want to wrap myself around you
Like a vine wrapped around a tree trunk

Your body is celestial like Saturn
Your body is lush like verdure
You struck an arrow through my heart
That is attempted murder

My hands are shackles
And I'll clap these irons on you tight
My body is a jailhouse
And you're my prisoner for the night

I don't want a peck on the cheek
I don't want to say hello to you
I want my lips to leave a blemish on your neck
I want to do what the birds do: bill and coo

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