What you Need
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“It’s silly really, class starts in five minutes and I’ve got a pile of dead markers. What are the odds,” Trunks asked, forcing a chuckle.

“Oh, is that it? I’ve got one right here that you could use. I don’t need it,” Gohan said, pulling it out of his pocket. In that instant Trunks wanted to kiss the young man, not just because of the marker.

“Gohan, you’re a lifesaver,” Trunks exclaimed beaming. He took the marker, his hand touching the other’s briefly. That jolt of electricity between them was even stronger than when they had first shook hands.

For a few brief moments, they regarded each other. Swallowing, Gohan took a deep breath and gathered his courage.

“Do… Do you like to go to the movies?” He asked.

Surprise filled Trunks's eyes. Gohan fingered the ticket in his book and pulled it out. He brandished it in front of Trunks, who was still silent with a cross between amusement and shock.

“Yes, I do but surely you must need a study break…” he asked quietly.

“Well, I don't need it, and well…” Gohan muttered as he continued to hold it out. The end of the ticket quivered.

“Tell you what,” Trunks whispered, hearing the students clamoring outside the door. Gohan leaned closer to listen.

“Yes, Prof. Briefs?” He whispered back. His breath fanned Trunks's ear.

“You go. I'll buy my own,” Trunks whispered, hand brushing Gohan’s for the briefest instant.

Illustration for the story :

What You Need What You Need

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