Bonding Ritual
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“Get over here. Both of you” he ordered. Gohan and Trunks rose without a word and walked to where the King was still sitting. Vegeta eyed them evenly as they approached. Gohan knew he hadn’t done anything wrong so he wasn’t nervous. He just hoped they weren’t punished without being given a chance to explain. When they were both side by side in front of him, Vegeta gave another order.


Gohan obeyed and bowed his head slightly but Trunks looked straight on watching closely to see what his father was going to do.

“Kneel facing each other, you halfwits” Vegeta groused, knocking Trunks upside the head.


They were doing this now?

“Get them a cloth” Vegeta ordered to no one in particular, simply expecting to be obeyed. He pulled out his dagger, which was a bit overly embellished, but would do. The King couldn’t be seen wearing substandard weaponry even if he didn’t need it.

“Grab the blade already, I don’t have all day” Vegeta instructed. He held the dagger between the two of them and Gohan felt butterflies in his stomach as both he and Trunks reached for it. Once their palms were clasped firmly on either side of it, someone finally handed the King the cloth he had asked for. Vegeta accepted the bare white handkerchief and then pulled down abruptly on the blade.

Pain laced through Gohan’s hand but he wouldn’t have pulled away even if the planet was exploding. He saw the King cleaning off his dagger with the fabric before sheathing it again. Blood was beginning to seep down Gohan’s wrist in a single, thick line, and Trunks’s as well. Vegeta bound their hands together with the cloth next, the blood soaking into it immediately.

“Looks like you brats just earned yourselves the morning off” the King grumbled while he tied it securely.

“That was probably the fastest bonding ceremony in the history of the royal line…” Bardock commented dryly.
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