First Night In The Prince's Bedroom
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At the end of the day, Gohan felt good about his new life. It would take a little while for both of them to get settled of course, but this was doable.

“You’re taking this, like, really seriously, aren’t you?” Trunks commented as they changed for the night. Gohan was surprised to hear that the tone in Trunks’s voice sounded almost accusatory.

“What do you mean? I… Of course, I am…” Gohan replied.

“You really think I’m going to be attacked inside the palace walls?” Trunks questioned him.

“My Prince, just because we’re in a time of peace right now, doesn’t mean things will stay like this. If anything, Saiyan history is more highlighted by periods where a war wasn’t going on” he countered.

“Well, you don’t have to be in the same room with me at all times” Trunks said feeling slightly guilty for what he was about to demand. He could give Gohan a way out but he couldn’t make Gohan take it.

“Only on very rare occasions would it be permissible, until we’re adults” Gohan recited. He left out the insulting insinuation of ‘until you have enough skill to be alright if left alone’.

Trunks opened the door to his… their… the bedroom but just kind of stood near it without going in yet.

“If you’re going to insist on that though you’ll end up sleeping on the floor” Trunks admonished him as if it was his bodyguard who was being difficult. “I don’t have an extra bed for you” he said firmly, letting it be known that Gohan was not allowed in his yet. “At least if you sleep out here you’ll have the couch.”

Gohan was quiet while he took in what Trunks was saying. The youth didn’t smell upset with him for all his harsh words so Gohan took it as a good sign. It almost smelled as if the Prince felt bad for what he was doing…

“Don’t worry about me” Gohan gave him a smile, waving off his concern, “I’ve slept on the ground with nothing plenty of times.”
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