The Prince's Approval
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Before long, the guards returned with the young Prince in tow. Gohan was sure everyone in the room could smell how nervous he was but he breathed deeply and tried to stay focused. Prince Trunks was of an average height, slightly smaller build and stunning complexion. Gohan had never seen anyone who had eyes the color of a sunlit waterfall before. There was such a depth of challenge in them though that Gohan was immediately reminded this was royalty he was dealing with.

“My Prince” he said, dropping to one knee, waiting for Trunks to make the first move. The ten year old’s voice was surprisingly deep when he spoke sniffing the air as if wary.

“You need a bath.”

“…Um, forgive me, I killed three males today…” Gohan said by way of explanation.

“If you’re going to guard me, you’re going to have to bathe regularly” Trunks squinted at him, his nose crinkling.

“I do” Gohan said a tad more defensively than he’d meant to.

“Really?” Trunks’s tone seemed on the curious side of disbelief.

“Yeah…” this conversation wasn’t going how Gohan had imagined it.

“Alright, I guess you’ll do then. I accept” Trunks held out his tail and Gohan stood to wrap his around it right away. He wanted to complete their introduction before anything else weird happened. The Prince’s ‘acceptance’ was a mere token since it was actually the King’s decision and it had already been made. Suddenly, each of their fathers were at their sides, with a hand on their shoulders.
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