To The Healing Tank
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“Show him where the infirmary is” Vegeta waved a dismissive hand at his son and Prince Trunks nodded curtly. “Kakarot, you’ve had enough for the day” the King motioned next as if he was cutting off a drunk at a bar.

Gohan was flooded with relief so much so that he thought he might pass out. Or maybe that was the blood loss. He stared at the growing puddle on the floor below him. No, he hadn’t lost enough blood for that he decided. It might be the hunger though. Gohan looked over to the Prince unsure of what he would see on his face in light of this spar.

Trunks wasn’t even looking at him. He was watching Gohan’s father with wary eyes. He didn’t look afraid but more like a cub who wasn’t sure if they should trust the large predator that had just stalked into the room. It was good to see but funny too. Funny in that the Prince probably knew Gohan’s father better than he did. At least, they had been around each other more both living in the palace.

Only after the threat had left, following closely behind the King did Trunks turn his attention elsewhere. Tilting his head to the side, he approached Gohan. Waiting for judgment, Gohan let the Prince circle around him. He heard a small sigh from behind, upon his wound being viewed.

“Kneel” he was instructed calmly. Movement brought back the aches that adrenaline had suppressed but Gohan tried not to let it show. He felt the Prince gathering a small amount of ki. Then all the pain he’d missed before suddenly seared across his back. Gohan had no control over the strangled cry that was ripped from his throat.

“Hm, I can’t believe you didn’t fall over…” the Prince commented after he cauterized his new bodyguard’s laceration. “There, at least you won’t bleed out on the way to the tank” he said as he stepped back. Gohan had been given this rough, battlefield medicine before and nodded silently. Pushing the pain down he waited on the Prince’s inclination. He didn’t know where the tanks were himself even if he’d wanted to take the initiative.

“Your father’s kind of an asshole” the Prince said unmoving as they stared at each other.
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