Almost Out, But Never In
by Ardin     More by this Writer
After Goku's revival following Cell. He begins to see life the way he had when he was a boy. With new found thoughts he seeks to speak with someone who he had admired for quite some time.
Image by 'Karu Ichita' from the book 'Time Limit'

Chapter 02
Just a glance, in addition to inquiry nothing emerged. With a whir I cleared my throat and sat back upon the sofa. For tomorrow he would be gone, and in the gloom of winter clouds; time was a hard thing to keep. Yet what time was there to lose...but to be gladly lost with him.
"Okay." I gestured "I'll stay." smiling, the young man leaned back into his chair. Causing the material across his chest, to tighten waywardly. For the first time in a long span of...always. I barely had the energy. Certain traits worn to nothing, by the sham brooding in my mind. All I wanted was for the quandary to die, to battle the wall, the words. Knowing undeniably, that it was for me.

"Goku..." I looked up "Who taught you?" Trunks quietly inquired.

"... in schooling?"

"N-no" his hair swayed "I mean fighting, who was your master?"

"Oh... Well that was Master Roshi." I replied.

"Ah." he paused "Well...did I ever tell you that Gohan trained me?" I nodded "Hum...It's weird." he sat back "I know he doesn't know me...I mean not how I remember him. But in a way that doesn't really matter, you know" shoulders rose and fell "I like being able to ask him things again...silly huh" my head shook. I often wondered if it comforted him, being in the company of so many ghosts. Was it as real as he had hoped? Like a fresh minute, that was a strange and foreign thing. As were these final hours, where Trunks strived to become familiar. Before ultimately, he left and we never saw each other again.

"I wish I could've been there. In your time" I finally responded.

"Been there? Hey man you can't fight something like a virus; anyway you've been helping here. This timeline's been an experience that's for sure." he swayed.

"...And now it's over" blue eyes glanced.

"Yeah, till the next time that is" It wasn't so much unpleasant, as it was at times unwelcoming. But today in the Briefs living room, silence was a wonderful and chastely thing. Rubbing my arm I turned to watch a tree by the window. Our attention briefly adverted as three bulbs flickered. The thunder was once again upon us.

"Have you and Chichi always been together?" words tugged.

"Gee... yeah, I guess you could say that"

"That's a long time." Trunks twittered slightly, pausing a moment longer before slouching in his chair. "It's nice that you're both still happy together."

"Umph..." Swelling and sweating, I brewed those dark and deep misgivings where strange fingers flexed. I didn't know how to handle myself in a field of impatience. Formerly those desires had been stored in the back closet. Formerly thrown away. Yet nowadays little by little they were beginning to claw out, and I hated my very heart for it. Chichi was the world to me.

"You must have been really young when you got married" he muttered.

"We were" insight began to crawl..."But weren't." and reach "We'd been through a lot together..." Trunks listened "But they were things that didn't really help at home"

"What things?"

"Fighting, how to fight." falling back, my voice fractured the floodgate. Sending those dilemmas out into nothingness...drown Goku, drown, drown, down and down.

"You're happy though?" I gave a glance.

"We're fine."

"Yeah" he paused "But are you happy?" Thinking of the road home, I ended back so small, so much less. A broken idea; a broken depiction; a muddled life. "Goku?" he said softly, I had nothing to reply with. "You can be sad sometimes, I am, and no bodies laughing," his weight sunk the seat beside me. "For a long time I couldn't see past Gohan's death. But I found that life is life. Okay" He leaned forward. "We get through it, we have to. Because everything happens for a reason..." he smiled "It's easier that way. Right?" My eyes hurt, as both hands burned detached. Close the darn flood gate, bring it all back in...bring it back before I...

"Things are going wrong" words weakly faltered. "I don't know what's up?"

"What things?" Trunks whispered.

"Umph..." the gale grew "I have thoughts sometimes...hum..." lips curved "All the time..."

"What thoughts Goku?"

"I can't say" my back tensed.

"What thoughts?"

"I can't tell you. Everything would change. I can't tell anyone."

"Yes you can...I'm not much of a stool pigeon you know," he laughed lightly, stopping to talk further. "It helps to say things out loud. It makes them realized"

"Exactly why I don't. I feel sick even thinking about them all knowing." my voice pawed through the hardest thing. " isn't okay"

"Goku I'm being serious, you can talk to me." he lowered.

"Please don't be mad with me, or tell."

"I won't..." Trunks reinforced. Looking away, not wishing to watch those eyes...I imploded.

"Those wrong thoughts I have..." my stomach flipped "those thoughts... they're about men" Like wind upon water, it all went quiet. Holding that moment as it sung over... never breaking, never breaching. Walking so fast, I simply slipped through the world, where faces passed me by. No names, no opinions, no worries. I wish it'd all been that easy.

"Nothing ever goes right..." Trunks hushed all at once. Glancing toward him, both eyes drooped as hair followed the fall. "I tried to tell you"

"What?" I stared.

"Before." he gestured "I tried to tell you what you just told me. But things came out wrong, I couldn't explain" it all returned from flight.

"But?" fingers burned " like men to?"

"No Goku...not men" he smiled before replying. "...just one"

"Who?" Moving in Trunks only chuckled.

"Who else..." With something nobody could explain I mistreated the road home. Dropping the map, forgetting the faces and longing to cave in. Hurriedly warmth grew like a child and hands fumbled with haste and hurry. Hauling in, my gi was crumpled whilst eyes spliced through. Living heavy even as wits quaked and fingers hooked. "Goku..." his breath inched across.

Crushing both lips to mine, butterflies swept like wild fire. Finding any one concave to sear. Enfolding, Trunks pressed himself deeper and deeper. Till I felt nigh on submerged.

"Uhmph..." I heaved out anxiously, unsure of my direction. Closing both eyes material gathered. Whilst hips dug to swiftly bring the room sultry. Outside judgment peered through the glass, sneering via tiny eyes which sat in rightious branches. Breaking our kiss, Trunks rested his brow to mine. Heavily letting the weight fall and reasons linger.

"Please, don't go" He whispered as lips sunk into the sweeps. Craze in skin and spirit.

"Trunks..." I heaved out. Gasping with alarm as regretful gusto wound round and round. Strumming older ribs and muscle with fevered digits. The entire spread of me was throbbing, the need growing further. Yet even so, I wished to run like startled rabbit. Pressing himself harder, Trunks upheaval was realized. The rush in words and action not so different. "No..." I grit weakly "Trunks...stop..." Again I was kissed, and again he hugged, earning the calm.

"...I really do like you." he whispered, "I do...I'm not just doing this cause it's nice." Looking onward, Trunks head rose and fell as I respired. Both arms hugging to pull my chest ever closer. It was a strange moment, a peculiar few minutes. For even within such fresh intimacy, all I could think of...was my son. So abruptly this man melted from that very title, to merely become...a child. One which happened to be hugging me, wordlessly asking for approval and perhaps just a little love.

"I know..." I whispered, "I know you do" Stroking back his hair, the removal quietly uncovered weary slumber. The song of him playing like a bell in my head.

"I'm sorry for bringing all this out" I muttered softly "I'm sorry we could not have talked sooner." Rubbing his shoulder, the weight of him was nice. Not offensive, or sexual...just nice. Reliving my mind of everything, words and faces rolled behind. The entire day written out like a story. Embracing him softly, affection engulfed as sleep came in. Parading about as if the finest death.

Beneath the giant willow tree. Two even faces stared. Lilac butterflies surrounding one and blue grass, the other. Striking an opposing jaw, Blue blade kicked Lilac butterfly to the ground. Striking one more time before the sky turned black. I was but three feet tall, my hands tiny and voice ten times less. Coughing out white feathers, Lilac butterfly covered his face. "Nothings ever goes right," he cried. The multi colored swirl in his eyes, turning silver as enhanced blood fell. Hitting the ground, he stiffened like a stone. My feet were the heaviest things. Rolling both shoulders Blue blade grabbed Lilac Butterfly by the head, pulling him to the pit. "I have no son!" eyes narrow and turned animalistic, mocking another man "Thanks to you Goku! Goku? GOKU!"

"Goku? Hey wake up" doubled over, words suddenly flickered as misty features came into view.

"Gah!" I kicked out, hitting the end of the sofa. "Trunks..." he stared from above "What time is it?" Placing himself down, we glanced toward the bookcase.

"Six PM..." Outside, dusk sent a wonderful haze across the curtains. Storm clouds rolling over the western ranges, Turning my head, the weight of him hovered well recalled. Warm and whole. Clearing his throat Trunks painted himself a drained expression. Descending mere inches before my legs, then like I hoped... he softly began to talk.


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