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Goku and his breeding mate, Broly, relax in a bubble bath and try to think of a name for their first born.

This is NOT mpreg. In my AU, Saiyans are all intersex. Unfortunately, there's only an Mpreg tag, and I refuse to misgender them.

By TheBrokenAnatomy and AlphaLightBearer

Day 4 of Rare Pair Week (Aug 28)- Bathing

Broly/Goku, implied Raditz/Goku, implied Vegeta/Goku


Intersex, Saiyans are Intersexed, Polygamy, AU, Canon Divergent, World Building, Saiyan Culture, Pregnancy, Implied Sibling Incest

Special Thanks to: Canadianrain, SweetCherryJewel, and Jakemr532


Veggies used: Broccoli, carrot, chicory, gai lan, leek, kohlrabi, potato.


"Hurk! Nope! This one smells funny too. Try that one." Goku pointed at a soft-looking towel that sat neatly folded on the shelf.

Broly smelled the towel his mate had rejected- it smelled the same as the five others he had brought out. Confused by what Kakarot could smell that he was unable to pick up on, the large Saiyajin grabbed another towel, as was requested, and let out a confident sigh of relief.

The mated pair went to shower off before going to the tub, the large latcher carefully adjusted the knobs to as close as he could remember his partner's preferred temperature was.

Grabbing a certain bottle of body wash, the wild fighter opened it, making the locker instantly gag. He frowned at the reaction, "But you chose this for me. It's your favorite."

Goku grabbed the plastic bottle and chucked it as far away as he could without making a dent in the opposite wall.

"Use the violet smellin' one."

With nothing but patience, Broly grabbed a vial from the shelf that was violet scented (the only scent Goku seemed to tolerate ever since he became pregnant) and used that one.

The two lathered with oil, and then scraped the slick substance off with ki. Remembering how much weight the growing cub added to his mate's body, Broly stood behind the smaller Saiyan, cupped below his round belly, and gently took off the weight of it to allow Kakarot to have a nice, catlike stretch, making it easier for his mate to enjoy.

Seeing Kakarot's round belly full of life made Broly want to mount his mate in such a way it pulled at his very core. But he learned the hard way early on that if Kakarot did not initiate sex, Broly might end up sleeping on the sofa or another pack member's nest.

Large, tanned hands gathered their towels, and they headed towards their large jacuzzi-bath.

"I feel like havin' a bubble bath." The smaller Saiyan told his life partner.

Broly set down their towels off to the side and grabbed a bottle of unscented bubble bath, pouring a small amount of the potent concoction like he'd been taught to.

"This is a large tub, Broly. Pour more of it."

The wild Saiyan added more bubble mix to the water.

Starting to feel peeved, Goku snapped at the taller alien. "I said MORE!"

After the tone in his mate's voice changed, Broly just upended the bottle, emptying it into the filling bathtub.

"That's more like it." Pleased with the amount of foam forming on the surface of the water, Goku walked to where Broly was standing and took the empty bottle from his hand, tossing it anywhere on the floor.

They were about to get in when Vegeta arrived, popping into existence with Goku's longlist of requests of violet-based products, panting, and very much pissed.

"Here are your gods- DAMNED flowers and the other crap you ask-" The Prince didn't notice the empty bottle of bubble mix on the floor and slipped on it, falling flat on his ass.


The hot tempered royal cussed in his native language, something that loosely translated to 'oh, you mother fucker'.

Goku quickly wobbled to his bonded mate and crouched down with much difficulty. Vegeta felt his heart pick up speed, believing Kakarot was concerned with him, but his nerves were shot when he realized the younger Saiyan just wanted to check out the items the Prince had purchased for him.

Goku picked up a basket that contained several violet flowers and sniffed them. "These smell great! Put them around the tub, and sprinkle some petals in with the bathwater."

The flame haired warrior felt his hackles rise. He made a notorious effort to keep his growl from leaving his chest and lips from exposing his eight sharp fangs. He had to gain points with Kakarot, after all. Broly and Raditz were already his breeding mates, they were about to have a full circle, and Vegeta honestly felt he was falling behind.

Taking a deep, calming breath, the Prince of All Saiyans picked himself up from the floor, helped his future mate up, and did as Kakarot told him, spreading petals in the water and placing violet flowers here and there.

"Anything else?" 'Your Majesty' was bitten down, lest Vegeta risk making the pregnant Saiyan bawl his eyes out like he had yesterday.

"I'm startin' t' feel a bit hungry. Make me somethin'?"

Vegeta's eye twitched. He itched to point out that Gine was in charge of the food, but having lived with Bulma while she had been pregnant, twice, as well as with his pregnant, former rival had taught the elite warrior to hold his tongue back.

"What would you like. Kakarot." Vegeta seethed.

"I feel like havin' a banana-bologna-mustard salad. Boiled eggs with some nutella in them sounds delicious. Oh! Pork ramen with tangerines in it. Maybe oatmeal with honey and diced pickles, and a watermelon sandwich!" Goku listed the foods he was craving.

Vegeta and Broly stared at him. Even the wild, bug-eating Saiyan felt a tad green.

The brown tailed royal pinched the bridge of his nose and took another deep breath. "And I am to assume you still refuse to eat at the table, you primate?"

Goku pouted, not really knowing what that word meant. "I like the livin' room chair. I just can't stand the texture of the other chairs!"

"Regardless of it having eaten you?" Vegeta arched his eyebrow.

"That was ONE time!" The carrier argued. "It ain't eaten me since…"

The flame haired fighter snorted, remembering how a heavily pregnant Kakarot had gotten 'eaten' by one of their leather armchairs; there was no other way to put it.

Kakarot had practically built a nest out of pillows one night in the leather chair, reclined said chair, and sat to watch a movie with his love-struck brother. In the middle of the movie, Kakarot had wanted to get up to go to the restroom, only to find he was trapped in the chair. The recliner had gotten stuck, unable to go back to its upright position, and Kakarot's belly hadn't allowed him to maneuver much.

Raditz had been too amused to help out, and soon, the entire pack had gathered around to see Kakarot struggle. Flying had been out of the question- using ki while pregnant was highly unadviseable.

It was when the hormone riddled locker had started crying that Gine told everyone to fuck off, and he had helped his cub out of the Saiyan-eating chair.

Vegeta smirked at the fond memory, but his daydreaming was interrupted when Kakarot gasped loudly and touched his tummy.

"Oh, gods! The baby's movin'!"

Without Vegeta's permission, the Prince's hand came up to touch his bonded mate's bump at the same time Kakarot grabbed Broly's hand and placed it on his belly.

All three Saiyans stood still, waiting for a response from their newest pack member, their tails steady and tilted to the left.

And there it was; a small kick followed by a stronger one and several other movements. Broly gasped, and his vision began blurring. Vegeta was in awe, his hand began rubbing Kakarot's baby bump subconsciously. If only they would've become breeding mates already, this cub would've been his to call his own along with Broly and Raditz.

As it stood, he would have to wait until they had their mating ritual before this child would be his as well. Not for the first time, the Prince felt a pang of envy and hurt in his chest.

"I- Shall get your dinner ready." Vegeta softly informed his future breeding mate and removed his hand from Kakarot's belly.

"I want Gine t' make it. Ya suck at cookin'."

Vegeta's jaw dropped at Kakarot's new revelation. "You- You just ASKED me to make it." This time, a frustrated growl erupted from his chest as his tail fluffed out in anger.

Just like that, Goku's mood shifted and tears began to fall from his eyes at the aggressive way Vegeta had snapped at him. "Why are ya always so mean t' me?!"

The large Vampa-raised Saiyan's protective hormones quickly engaged when he smelled his breeding mate's despair, and Broly shot a threatening look at the short royal. "I think you better leave, Vegeta." He stated firmly.

It was years of training under Bardock's tutelage when the shorter Saiyan was a child that forced Vegeta to pick his battles wisely. Confronting the short-fused Legendary Super Saiyan inside their new mansion, in front of his pregnant ex rival, would be very, very stupid.

So it was that once again, the Prince of All Eight Saiyans that were left, nine including the baby, bit his tongue. He did, however, have the final word before he turned tail and left.

"It is PRINCE Vegeta to you, you big oaf!"

That said, the brown haired warrior left the mated couple's master bathroom to tell Gine he had to prepare a very controversial meal for his pregnant man-child.

Squinting at the small warrior's retreating back, Broly scooped up his mate and carried him to the now excessively filled bubble bath. Once settled into place, the largest member of the pack adjusted how he held his mate to allow him to relax into his arms and get a good snuggle in.

"Ya never touch me sexually anymore. Is it cuz I look fat?" Goku asked after a moment of silent relaxation.

The wild Saiyajin blinked at the reproach. "You look beautiful, and you smell even better. I'm just… Scared of hurting you." The latcher also knew that if he were to call out his mate on the hypocritical false accusation, his life partner would start sobbing uncontrollably.

"I'll be fine." The Earth Saiyan reassured him. "And ya remember what Toma taught ya. Baby will be fine if ya dun go too hard."

Kakarot always wanted him to go hard… Broly sighed mentally. Hoping to change the subject and avoid any bickering, the source of the cub asked, "Have you thought of a name for our cub?"

"I asked Vegeta and Raditz for some names. They made a list, but I dun like any of those names. What names do ya like?"

Broly hummed, thinking for a moment. "I don't know much about names except the people I know."

"Right. I know a bit more about Saiyan names, I suppose. Maybe we can ask baby!" Goku ended the sentence cheerfully.

A very perplexed look crossed the younger but larger Saiyan's face. "How?" He asked.

"We mention some names, and if the baby reacts t' one, we'll choose that one." The pregnant carrier explained.

Broly nodded and waited for Kakarot to continue.

"Okay- How about Rocko?" Goku patted his stomach but received no reply.


There was no movement.



"Chiko? cKailan?" Goku waited but felt no movement. "How about Ricki? Ya like that one?"

Broly heard his mate blow raspberries in frustration. "Is 'Tate' a good name?" He offered, having heard a similar word from one of the humans during meal time.

"Oh! The baby kicked!" Goku said suddenly, placing Broly's large hand back on his bump. "He liked it! Ya like 'Tate'?"

"Tate? Do you like that one?" The Vampa raised Saiyan looked down at his life partner's stomach. Broly felt their cub movie lively inside his mate and couldn't help a smile and a happy sob.

"Tate it is." Goku turned around to kiss his first breeding mate.


After the bath was done, the two Saiyans noticed all the bubbles that had poured out from the tub, all over the floor, from the excessive amount Goku had demanded be used.

Later, as Goku settled down to eat his abomination from Hell, he asked Vegeta and Raditz to clean the bathroom up since he was feeling particularly clingy to Broly and didn't want the largest pack member to leave his side as he ate. Broly wasn't particularly fond of watching his life partner eat all those weird combinations of food.

After the long haired Saiyan and the Prince complained about doing house chores that didn't pertain to them, and Goku throwing a hissy fit at both warriors, they grudgingly left to clean the bubble infested room, continuing with their bitching all night long while they did so.

Well, at least Raditz did as he mopped up the floor while Vegeta sat on the window sill, watching him do all the work.



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