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Lately, Trunks and Goten had been meeting out in the middle of nowhere, mid-way between their homes to chat and, mostly, to complain. They seemed to have a lot of problems unshared by the general populace and that was to be expected with their unique natures, but with Bulma putting pressure on Trunks to decide his future or have it decided for him, his rants were getting longer and more heated. Goten would usually just listen, grin and call him spoiled. Making fun of Trunks was what relieved his stress. When Trunks was done they'd switch topics and it would seem as if their problems didn't exist until the two again parted to return to them.

But today it was Trunks who appeared with a wide, laughing grin on his face.

"What makes you so happy today?" said Goten, smiling slightly.

"It turns out I'm gay."

Trunks beamed.

Goten coughed to cover his reaction, unsure this was a joke. "--and you're happy about it? I mean, nothing about how your mom's going to react, or Vegeta for that matter? Nothing about how this will alienate you even more and how your life is ruined?"

"What are you talking about? Of course not!"

"Then I don't believe it." He grinned and turned away.

Trunks stretched and then squished his face in his pre-"Goten..." expression, but stopped short and grinned. "Oh...?"

He caught Goten's chin and turned it to meet his face. Goten's grin was left behind, frightened by the close proximity of Trunks' devilish though handsome face.

He kissed him.

Goten was a bit late on the news, but this was a long kiss and he had time to catch up. About three seconds in, his eyes widened. Another few seconds and he managed a muffled protest. He startled thrailing his legs directly once Trunks was on top of him, but by then Trunks had already caught his wrists in a very firm grip.

Trunks was still kissing him, and as kicking him in the ass was not gaining any attention, his muffled vocal protests grew louder. And Trunks was still kissing him.

At least Trunks was balancing himself on his hands and knees, rather than sitting on him, but still, once he finally moved from Goten's lips to his neck, Goten would have given him quite the tongue-lashing for his... tongue-lashing had he not been so horribly out of breath.

"You better damn well not give me a hickey!" Goten finally managed, while Trunks was still working the same spot. He kicked him again.

"So cute when you're angry" said Trunks, moving to the other side of Goten's neck and upsetting him even more.

"Trunks… "

"You know you like it" and Trunks was moving along his collerbone now, chuckling between kisses. But Goten's shirt was in the way and he couldn't let go of Goten's wrists to get it off, so he went back to sucking on Goten's neck.

"Okay, Trunks. You're gay. I'm very happy for you. I believe you. Get the hell off me."

"Ehhh... ...no?"

He moved to Goten's mouth before he could protest.

Goten tensed and was into super saiyajin almost instantly, but Trunks was just as quick and seemed to have been waiting for it. Trunks was still the stronger and the power flailing around the two of them only made Goten's heart race and his mind blur to any ideas for escape. He powered out, struck for only a split second by the imbalance of power before Trunks adjusted.

Trunks pushed both of Goten's wrists above his head, caught them in his right hand and then powered down--with one hand discreetly moved to Goten's waist, inching his shirt up until Trunks had a nice section of flesh to run his hand along.

Goten was really feeling stifled for breath what with Trunks leaning against his chest and refusing to give up his death-grip on Goten's lips. The two would become ziplock zealed like this in a moment, and then how would he explain his to Chichi?

Trunks moved his hand up under Goten's shirt, sliding over his skin and caressing what he apparently thought were the more interesting parts. His hand reached Goten's chin and pushed his head back against the ground as he finally let go of Goten's lips and grinned again.

"You know..." he said, with a cat-like gaze on Goten's panting, "I was just joking, but this is waaay too much fun now."

"I'll buy you a new shirt later," he added, and ripped Goten's off.

Now, Goten had not been familiar with it before, but it seemed that his best friend was what they call "quite a smooth operator." Every time he flinched away from one kiss, it would leave him open for another, and while Goten was busy dealing with Trunks' mouth, Trunks' free hand was dealing with the rest of him.

"You know, if he used this kind of sense in fighting," Goten thought, "Vegeta wouldn't beat him near as often."

His attention brought downward by the slick undoing of his belt, Goten gave up and let Trunks' kisses cover him, grinding his waist close to the ground. Trunks' hand moved silently behind him, squeezed Goten's rear and unslipped the belt from his waist when he jumped away from the touch. Trunks bent down to catch Goten's frantic eyes in his and threw it away, sending his own closely after.

Trunks lifted off his knees, bending Goten into an arching kiss and slipping his hand down from Goten's left hip, down to his knees and bringing Goten's pants with it. He slipped his hand up again along the inside of Goten's thigh, just missing his crotch and playing across his belly, then again to Goten's side as he lowered himself again on his knees, this time belly to belly.

Goten gulped as Trunks left his mouth again, leaning into his neck and cupping Goten's head against his mouth. His lips dug deeper and he loosed Goten's wrists to cradle Goten's head in both hands, fingers rubbing at each other in his hair. He moved up, catching Goten's ear lightly in his teeth.

Goten's arms slowly lowered, as if of their own accord, aching. Finally they met above Trunks' waist, pushing him off, although his hold on Goten's ear prevented the two from being separated completely.

Goten waited a moment, unsure, and listened to his breath.

Trunks' hands gave Goten's hair a final touse and fled down the trunk of his body, reaching his hips and drawing the hem of his boxers subtly lower.

Goten hesitated, and Trunks inched them down lower and lower... and stopped.

Trunks brought his hands up to cup Goten's head again, reaching between Goten's chin and shoulder, stretching his way across Goten's chest with his mouth and hands. He was having trouble getting lower than that because of Goten's restraining grasp, but somewhere inbetween Goten's hands slipped off and Trunks made his way to Goten's belly and hugged it.

He looked up Goten's face and grinned. Goten looked rather dumbly back, unsure of how he'd lost this ground. He put a hand to Trunks' cheek, studying him, then flicked his fingers through Trunks' bangs and watched them fall back into place.

His other hand cupped into Trunks' face, pulling at his cheekbones and drawing him closer to Goten's calm eyes and lips...

And Goten rolled and pinned Trunks to the ground.

"If we're going to do this," said Goten, twisting Trunks belly-first onto the ground, "I get to be on top."

"Nani?! "

"Afterall, you're the one who's gay." he said, and pushed.


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