Wasted On The Way
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The story takes place one hundred years after the end of GT. I don't buy that crap that the Sons and Briefs lost contact with one another after Goku left (won't tell you how and by the way, if you haven't seen the end of GT-- you might not want to read the story just yet. It's got some spoilers in it.) so totally disregard the GT TV special when reading this story. And now back to our regularly scheduled Yaoi---
Image by 'Hiemon/Monkey Pump' From the Book 'Satisfaction'

Goku's Homecoming
Note: The hundred years after GT Tv Special--- does NOT exist in my mind. It doesn't at least when I'm writing this story. *hee-hee*
Bra and Pan will show up in the story a little later.....

Wasted On The Way

by Bra Briefs

Chapter One ~ Goku's Homecoming

One hundred years had passed since Goku had taken off with the Dragon. He wasn't really dead, but then again, he wasn't really alive either. The Saiyan from Earth was suspended in what seemed like space with Shenron, the Earth's Eternal Dragon. Time had no meaning where they spent the hundred years. Goku was actually shocked when Shenron told him it was time to return. For what took a hundred years to go by, seemed like only an hour to Goku. He knew that he would be returning to an Earth in which he would be a lonely man, but over the years loneliness had become Goku's best friend. Even though he was with the Dragon, he still felt incredibly lonely.

He missed his wife, his sons, his granddaughter, his best friend, and even missed his best rival. He knew that the Humans he knew would have surely passed on by now, but then again he did know some very tough and tenacious humans! Hoping that no one had died while he was gone-- he knew that he was holding onto a pipe dream. Saddened by the realization that he may never see some of them again, he sighed as he looked around from the spot where he had taken off with the Dragon a century ago. Not knowing where else to go or what else to do, Goku flew into the air toward the direction of the home he had shared with Chi-Chi at Mt. Piaozu.

He was taken aback by how the nearly deserted village he had once lived in had now been settled heavily. The beautiful landscape was now dominated by capsule houses and air cars in the driveways. "So, sad," he whispered as he set down where his house should have been. The spot where his house was, was now covered in green ivy. "I guess they thought it was too much trouble to clear it out," he shrugged. He began clearing the ivy off with controlled ki blasts, finally revealing a very disheveled dwelling. Another heavy sigh escaped his mouth just before he cleared away a small headstone.

He ran over to the object and pushed the rest of the ivy from it. The mighty Saiyan dropped to his knees after he read whose headstone it was. The marker read, "Son Chi-Chi. Beloved Wife and Mother." It also told of when she was born and that she died at age seventy. "Oh, Chi-Chi. I'm sorry, honey. I'm sorry I left you all those times, but I had to. I just wish I could've been here. I could have at least held your hand while you past into another world," he sobbed loudly. Goku's sobs wracked his body and senses so deeply that he never noticed the four power levels approaching him from the West.

"Father?! Is that you?!?!" A voice quivered from behind him. Goku turned around, not bothering to wipe the cascading tears from his face, to find four people who resembled his two sons, his greatest rival, and his son.

"Gohan?" Goku managed to ask before being tackled by the older man. Gohan wrestled his father rolling around and around on the ground hugging him and kissing his cheek. Between hugs and kisses, Gohan was praising Dende for finally bringing his father back to him. "Gohan!" Goku gasped as the vice-grip hold his son had on his neck was stealing his breath away. "I can't breath!!!"

"Papa?!" Goten asked before joining in the fray and squeezing his father for all he was worth. "You're back!!! You're finally back!!!"

"Yes, Goten, I'm back," he gritted his teeth as his youngest son bear-hugged him causing his ribs to start to give way. A loud roar of laughter escaped Trunks' lips as he watched his best friend, his brother, and father roll around in the grass like children.

"Come on you three!" The purple-haired demi-Saiyan managed between chortles. "You know we haven't seen him in awhile either," Trunks stated as he walked over to the mass of Saiyan-ness.

"Trunks," Goku beamed after untangling himself from his two sons. He rose and hugged Vegeta's son tightly to him. "It's good to see you!"

"We've missed you, Goku-san," Trunks whispered as tears began to fill his eyes. Goku began to cry to as he realized that he was not alone once again. He had his sons, Trunks, and Vegeta. 'Vegeta,' he thought as he raised his head from Trunks' shoulder and looked over at the proud Saiyan Prince who just smirked at him.

"Vegeta," Goku smiled through his tears.

"Kakarrot," he replied. Goku let go of Trunks and virtually ran over to the Saiyan. He scooped Vegeta up into his arms and held him tightly. "Kakarrot, you baka, put me down. I'm a Prince, not a rag doll!" He scolded the taller Saiyan. Goku just laughed loudly as he kept Vegeta up in the air and spun around with him.

"I'm home!! I'm finally home!!!" He shouted elatedly before sitting Vegeta down, not before Vegeta let out a tapestry of curses that seemed to linger in the air for minutes after. Goku walked over to his sons and embraced them while looking on at Chi-Chi's grave. "I'm sorry, guys. I'm sorry that I couldn't be there for her."

Gohan pulled back a bit and looked at his mother's grave. "She loved you until the end. She never stopped loving you," Gohan sobbed.

"I never stopped loving her either, son."

"Her last thoughts were of you and her when you first got married. She laughed like she'd hadn't in years just before . . ." Goten trailed off. Trunks took hold of his hand as tears began to fill the demi-Saiyans eyes. Goku was puzzled as to why Trunks would be holding his son's hand so lovingly, but he passed it off as just a gesture of friendship. After all, the two had been friends since they were babies.

Goku thought of how beautiful Chi-Chi was when they married. Her black hair trailed down her neck onto her smooth shoulders. He remembered how much he loved to kiss those shoulders and make her giggle and blush. He would sweep her silky soft tresses across her shoulder and plant firm, baby kisses on the other shoulder. He was brought of his reminiscing of the early days of his marriage by a hearty laugh which reeked of ridicule. Vegeta was laughing to beat the band at Goku. The Prince was so amused, he was nearly bent over double.

"What's so funny, Vegeta?" Goku asked with a dangerous edge to his voice.

"Father, what's wrong with you?" Trunks asked almost in a fatherly tone.

"Kakarrot . . . standing there . . . looking all . . . googily-eyed . . . he was drooling!!" The Saiyan Prince managed to explain between fits of giggles.

Goku wiped the drool from his chin and began to laugh himself. He was drooling over his dead wife and the memories of their intimacy together.

"What were you thinking of, Father?" Goten asked truly confused.

"None of your business," he grinned.


AN: Yeah, I know, boy is that Saiyan blood strong! But hey, it's fanfiction!


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