Legendary Love
by FireCracker7     More by this Writer
Brolli's thoughts as he recovers from his battle with Goku.

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Everyone thinks me insane.
(Not true!)

Father did. He kept me chained like a dog.
(I regret his death.)

Why do they all misunderstand me?
(Power causes fear.)

I only destroy to ease the ache in my heart.
(The south galaxy had to go.)

My cribmate is the stuff of talk
(yet I supposedly am the legend)

What does it all mean?
(does power answer the debate?)

What have I really done?
(Nothing. Born a super saiyan. Big deal.)

I want you so badly.
(We were meant to be together!)

You set me off. But it isn't hate!
(I still love you.)

I've been called obsessed.
(I can't stop myself.)

Am I not handsome and fine?
(I've been told so.)

Am I not worthy as a mate?
(Yes. I am the power.)

Most comely am I
(I can provide.)

I made a mistake, thinking Goten my Kakarot.
(A wild error. He hasn't your power.)

They think I hate you
(nothing could be further from the truth)

Most fine and beautiful in my eyes
(worthy of me as well.)

Our ouji has stolen you from me
(I made him pay the last time)

He has beauty also
(but his arrogance cost him)

No one takes my Kakarot
(we were together at birth)

I will convince you otherwise
(a perfect match we make)

We fought, I tried killing you
(typical Kakarot, you wouldn't quit)

I overwhelmed you
(and you fought right back)

Only your eyes held no fear
(even the ouji did pause)

You were my greatest battle
(I was truly tested)

And I knew the truth at last
(we are both legends)

That is why I know
(we were made for each other)

But I have to tear you away
(from the ouji's arms)

And I will convince you
(with flame and kisses)

We will spend wild nights
(in passion and love)

I see how you look at me
(you feel it too)

You dare not speak it
(for fear of discovery)

Even when we fought
(the ouji saw competition)

He knew I was a threat
(to a place in your heart)

We would fight and pause
(speaking heat in silence)

then shout and curse
(to fire the blood)

bodies pounded to submission
(yet we would never yield)

straining, pressing flesh
(and relishing every moment)

We are both mighty legends
(the point has been proven)

I would claim you now
(I know you want me too)

But I must recover first
(I suspect the same of you)

I will head to earth then
(we must talk)

Let the ouji find someone else
(he is royal, after all)

And you will choose
(I expect to win)

I look forward to the day
(and even more, the nights!)



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