Tango Tussle
by FireCracker7     More by this Writer
Sequel of Tango Tangle

Don't piss the Prince.

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The gauntlet is thrown.
(there's a power surge)

The forest glows gold
(our ouji is here)

Lovely and regal
(he blazes with rage)

But the claim is mine
(as will be the prize)

Vegeta shakes a fist
(he accepts my challenge)

We exchange curses
(and threats of power)

The prize known as Kakarot
(purrs in his seduction)

He leaves with the winner
(that will be me!)

The ouji mocks my power
(the arrogant fool)

He'll take me on directly
(his funeral!)

Kakarot only smiles
(what does he know?)

Something has changed
(but what?)

Vegeta is confident
(he has no reason)

I power up to intimidate
(this gave him pause once)

But the ouji laughs this time
(is he insane?)

Kakarot has a glow
(but for whom?)

The ouji powers up
(what is this?!)

His power has grown

Still will I conquer
(though he looks different)

Let him attack
(and suffer the consequences)

But I note his hair
(longer than a train)

It dwarfs my own
(what does this mean?)

I care not
(I am the ultimate)

I will destroy him
(and drag my prize home)

Vegeta attacks
(I stand fast)

Our bodies collide
(I fall back?!)

This is madness
(I strike him hard)

It moves him
(but not much)

Now I exert
(he fights back)

I sense his true power
(which now rivals mine)

We tear the earth
(and split the sky)

His rage is unmatched
(as is my fury)

The outcome is in doubt
(I will find a way)

He is vicious!
(a poke in the eye)

He is insane!
(a knee in the nuts)

He is a maniac!
(an elbow to the chin)

He's crazier than I ever was
(he spits in my face!)

I match his blows
(but not his lunacy)

Woe be to anyone
(that covets his Kakarot)

I hear mockery
(Kakarot laughs at my plight)

He knew all along
(I've been played a fool)

He never could love me
(like he loves the ouji!)

The knowledge breaks my heart
(as the ouji breaks my jaw)

He raises a final blow
(I no longer care)

Kakarot wants me spared
(the ouji stays his hand)

Vegeta exiles me
(I'll gladly go)

I get a farewell kiss from Kakarot
(Who needs it?)

They deserve each other
(the prince is a screwball)

I'd rather fight a horde of Friezas
(than deal with that loon)

So I'm leaving this mudball
(I'm pretty pissed, too)

I think I'll make myself happy
(by blowing up some planets!)



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