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Alatrunks Future TrunksGohan
Alatrunks September 25, 2015 Words: 48365 Chapters: 12 Views: 746 What happens when two reckless writers mix Disney’s Aladdin and Dragon Ball Z. ^_^

This story is a collaboration with Lord Truhan who provided the idea, helped with the plot and betaread it.
NSFW warning GohanTrunks
The Little Mermaid Recommended September 25, 2015 Words: 52293 Chapters: 10 Views: 820 This content is too much for your current Comfort Level.
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Beauty And The Beast Future TrunksGohan
Beauty And The Beast September 25, 2015 Words: 65824 Chapters: 25 Views: 230 DBZ version of Beauty and the Beast.

The first three chapters were written by Sniffles but she lost interest in the fic. The others chapters are written by Freewater who kindly took over the fic with Sniffles’s approval.

“Beauty and the Beast” belongs to Mme de Villeneuve (who created the original story) and to Mme de Richemont (who shortened it to create the version everybody know nowadays).

Cast : In the order they appear
Beast played by : Gohan
Gaston played by : Mr. Satan a.k.a Hercule
Lefou played by : Krillin
Belle played by : Mirai Trunks (just because he’s cuter and GT Trunks couldn’t make the audition. ~_^*)
Maurice played by : Vegeta heheheheheh
Phillipe played by : Phillipe

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