Beauty And The Beast
by Freewater     More by this Writer
DBZ version of Beauty and the Beast.

The first three chapters were written by Sniffles but she lost interest in the fic. The others chapters are written by Freewater who kindly took over the fic with Sniffles’s approval.

“Beauty and the Beast” belongs to Mme de Villeneuve (who created the original story) and to Mme de Richemont (who shortened it to create the version everybody know nowadays).

Cast : In the order they appear
Beast played by : Gohan
Gaston played by : Mr. Satan a.k.a Hercule
Lefou played by : Krillin
Belle played by : Mirai Trunks (just because he’s cuter and GT Trunks couldn’t make the audition. ~_^*)
Maurice played by : Vegeta heheheheheh
Phillipe played by : Phillipe

Chapter 01: The Curse
The prince tugged on his cuff links, frowning at them unhappily. “Servant,” he beckoned the man waiting nearby, he had never bothered to learn the man’s name, “These cuff links are smudged with fingerprints.”

“Ah, yes sir. I apologize.” The servant hurried over, removing the cuff links carefully. He scuffed them with a rag.

“Don’t let it happen again.” The prince sneered, “Gawd, it’s hard to find good help these days. You’re all lazy bastards.”

The servant stiffened, but he did not open his mouth. Instead he replaced the cuff links, praying his gloves wouldn’t leave marks on the fine gold. The prince lifted his arms and studied the cuff links. “Hmm…better.” He nodded and waved the servant away.

Obediently the servant moved to his post by the door. “Bah, it’s bloody cold in here. Build up the fire.” The prince rubbed his arms and walked across the room to stare out at the cold, winter’s night. He couldn’t see much, just snow.

“Prince Gohan?”

He turned and looked at the man in the doorway, “What?” He demanded shortly.

“A woman is at the door. She… she is asking to be let in.” The man said hesitantly. He disliked dealing with the prince.

“Send her away.” The prince waved his hand and turned away.

“But s-sir.. it’s very cold out and she.. she may freeze if..”

“Bah! Cold hm? Very well, I’ll speak to her.” The prince smiled coldly, “Perhaps she’ll be beautiful and I’ll have someone to warm -my- bed tonight.”

“Kind sir, if you would but let me rest in your kitchen on this cold night I will let you have this
rose.” The old woman at the door held the prized rose up with both hands. Her hands were shaking. She met his disgusted gaze as well as she could.

“Ugly beast!” The prince snarled, “You think rose is payment enough for sleeping in -my- home? Begone beast! Leave!”

The woman shuddered, from fear or from cold the prince wasn’t sure. But he didn’t care either way. “Sir, you would do well not to be deceived by appearances, true beauty comes from within.” The woman warned, her voice sharp.

“And you would do well to leave now.” The prince moved to close the door.

Suddenly the ugly woman before him changed. Her body shifted, her back straightening, her hands becoming firm. Suddenly the prince found himself staring at the most beautiful woman he’d seen before in his life. His mouth dropped open in surprise. “What… what witchery is this?” He gasped, “I…”

“Your heart is black. Devoid of emotion.” The woman spoke, her voice soft and yet firm. “You turned me away not because I had no proper payment, but simply because you saw me as ugly. Because of your actions I curse you. From this moment forth you will be a hideous beast. Ugly inside and out.”

As she spoke the prince’s appearance changed. His beautiful face was transformed into that of a beast. His body slumped forward, his hands became great paws. The prince hissed painfully, but could not speak with his new mouth.

The curse descended on the castle also, changing the members within, even though their hearts were pure. The beautiful enchantress disappeared, leaving the curse ringing in the prince’s ears. He looked down at his paws, his heart sinking. His new body had ripped his shirt apart, and his pants were ripped. Then he noticed something lying in the snow.

Nestled in the snow lay a single rose. Beside it the cuff links he had been wearing.


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