I Can Hear You
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Gohan is dead and visits Trunks in his dreams, but is Trunks aware he’s there?

Oh, how hard it was. To watch the one you love fight day in and day out for the right to live with no help at all. It was a hard thing to watch, but somehow Gohan had managed it.

No matter how much it hurt to watch his prince get hurt with all the fights he had to endure by himself, he just couldn’t bring himself to leave him and go to Other World where his father and friends were waiting.

He was dead now, dead for going on four years, but because of the time his younger Koi spent in the past he was going on twenty instead of the eighteen year old that he should be.

He’d grown into such a handsome young man. All his life he’d been beautiful, and with the genetics of a saiyan as well as a human who could pass for thirty-five in her fifties, he was practically guaranteed to look young throughout his whole life. The only thing on him that looked old were his eyes. Eyes that had seen so much more than a boy… no… a young man of his age should of ever had to of seen.

He blamed himself for it really. He’d been injured a few short weeks before his death and for some unknown reason, felt the need to challenge the Androids even though he knew that he didn’t stand a chance against them. He supposed that with the thought of his young love in mind, he would of somehow found the strength to beat them and
give him a normal life, but instead all he did was make it worse. He left him to deal with those bastards all by himself. Only fourteen.

He didn’t know that he was dead at first. It didn’t sink in until he saw Trunks come flying in next to him and cry his eyes out while he clutched onto his lifeless body. He then watched as the familiar golden glow consumed him and his Koi turned into a super saiyan for the first time. Words could not describe how proud of him he was when he did that, the only regret he had was that the energy had to come with the pain of his death.

Needless to say the boy was crushed. Gohan longed to hold him and whisper that he loved him and was still with him, but he could neither see nor hear him. But whenever his aisuru would speak to him at night, he could hear him.

It was as if he was praying to him. Telling him that he loved him, wherever he was, and would kill the Androids for him. He wanted to tell him no. He wanted to tell him that he was too young to take on a burden like that all by himself and that he wanted him to just hide and never show his face to the Androids ever again, but he was dead, so he couldn’t. Usually this would all happen when he was visiting his grave. Gohan supposed that Trunks thought he would only be able to hear him at his supposed place of rest. At least he was speaking to him.

Sometimes at night when Trunks was asleep, Gohan would talk to him and listen as he would answer him in his sleep. Dende had once told him that the dead can communicate to the living in their dreams, so when he
tried it out and got actual responses from his lavender haired love he couldn’t help but jump for joy and do cartwheels around his darkened room.

There was one little problem with this. Trunks could almost never remember it the next day, and when he did, he would think is to be nothing more then a meaningless and cruel dream, so when he would tell him to do as his mother said and not go picking fights with the Androids, whether or not he listened to him he would always forget it the next day.

At least they were dead now. Finally. When Trunks went to the past to warn everyone and train for the Androids he was so worried for him, because he couldn’t follow him through time and watch over him. He might as well of come back to life just to die again from a heart attack with how nervous he was, impatiently waiting for his return.

When he finally came back, two years older and ten times stronger, just to beat those heartless bastards as if they were nothing more than mere insects, he cried. The world was free, his mother and grandfather was free, Bulma was free… Trunks was free. The world was safe and now they could finally rebuild and live normally.


Gohan watched in silence as Trunks stood before his lone grave on the grassy hill beneath a single apple tree. He knew why his love picked this secluded spot to have his body buried. It was the spot where they first admitted that they loved each other and kissed with the last rays of sun warming them as it set, just as it was setting now. A wonderful day to remember, and he was always reminded of it when Trunks came here to “visit” him.

“It’s been a over month since I’ve killed them sensei, but it still hurts.” He whispers to the lifeless stone that bears Gohans name. He just stands next to him and listens to what his Koi has to say, his only wish being that he could be seen to provide comfort.

Trunks let out a sad chuckle before continuing. “I guess I was being childish when I thought that if they died, the pain would die with them, but you’re still gone.” He whispered, his voice so full of pain that it made a few tears slip down Gohans face. Strange how the dead can still cry, ne?

Trunks then let himself fall to his knees before wrapping his arms around the marble stone and hug it tightly as if it were him that he held onto. He gently placed a kiss on it before closing his eyes and laying his head down on it. “I love you Gohan, and I wish you could see that I’ve finally killed them for you.” He whispered as the wind passed through the area, ruffling his short lavender hair as it carried away stray leaves.

“I can see it Trunks.” Gohan choked out as he knelt down next to him. But as usual, Trunks didn’t hear him. “I love you too.”

Trunks just sighed sleepily, still not hearing what was being said as he shifted himself into a semi-sitting position while still keeping his arms wrapped around the stone. He was exhausted from all the work that had to be done in rebuilding the cities. “Wish you could hear me.” He mumbled before passing out where he sat.

Gohan smiled down at him fondly before bringing out his wings from seemingly nowhere and stretching one of them over his sleeping form, not knowing if it was keeping him warm but not really caring. “I can hear you Koi.” He whispered before planting a feather light kiss on his forehead. Strangely enough, he seemed to feel it.

“Gohan?” He mumbled with his eyes still closed as he slept.


“I miss you.” He said with a longing in his voice.

Gohan just smiled at him as a few more tears slipped down his face. “I miss you too.” He replied, running a transparent hand through his silk hair.

“I love you.” Trunks mumbled as he dreamt of the day when he could hold his Koi again and be held by him in return.

Once again Gohan gave a light smile at his beloved. “I love you too.” He whispered near his ear while tightening the hold he had on him with his large wing, hoping to keep him warm with it as he continued to whisper to him.

“Hopefully it will be many years until you pass on and meet me again in Other World, but I’ll always wait for you, just like I know you’ll wait for me. Until then I’ll always be here for you, and I’ll hear what you have you say.”

“I hear you too, Koi.” Was Trunks’ only mumbled response.


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