Finding the Balls!
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My AU of how Vegeta and Goku met. In this story, Goku never met Bulma or anyone else. He grew up with no human interaction until Vegeta crash lands on Earth. Vegeta is in search of magic balls called dragon balls.

Part 1
Goku whistled as he carried a large fish back to his shack, his tail wagging in delight of his catch. It was such a lovely day out! The sun was shining brightly in the middle of the sky. Once he got back to his home, Goku started to make a fire and prepared to cook the fish rotisserie style. He stuck the large fish on the spit and his stomach growled as he watched the fish cook.

Goku had been living on his own since he was a small child. His grandfather had found him as a baby and raised him until the old man had died when Goku was small. All Goku had to remember his grandpa by was a four stared orange ball.

Goku grinned when the fish was almost done cooking, he was so hungry! His stomach growled at him to feed it. Goku put out the fire then started to feast on the fish. He ate everything but the bones in minutes and patted his gut. Goku sighed happily and laid down, watching the clouds float on by.

Goku did miss his grandpa very much and he had been living in the countryside on his own for about fifteen years. He was now twenty years old. Though Goku missed his grandpa, all the creatures surrounding his shack gave him some company. Goku had thought about seeing what the rest of the world was like, but never left. He didn't see any reason in leaving. He had everything he ever needed right here.

Goku put his arms behind his head and gave a huge yawn, feeling tired from his feast and the warmth of the sun. It was time for a nap. Before he knew it, he was asleep. Goku didn't know that today he would go on the adventure of a lifetime that would change his life forever.

Goku woke up with a start, his head snapping upward to stare at the sky. He frowned when he heard a strange roaring sound and what looked like a bird of some kind. A very round bird. He watched it travel at a high rate, zooming past him and crashed a good ten miles away. Goku grabbed his pole, slipped the straps over his shoulder and ran for the site of the crash.


Vegeta had been searching far and wide for a very long time for these special balls. When he was a young boy, he had heard legends of these magic balls that could grant wishes. They were called dragon balls. Why he was searching was because he wanted to restore his home planet.

Long ago, Vegeta's home planet was destroyed by an evil lizard being named Freeza. The planet was called Planet Vegeta, home of the Saiyans. Vegeta's father, King Vegeta, had bowed down to this Freeza and gave control of the planet to him. Freeza took the boy to work under him when the planet was destroyed. Vegeta worked for Freeza for twenty some years. It wasn't until recently that Vegeta decided he would try and find these dragon balls. Freeza wanted them for himself so he could have more power while destroying planets to rule over and Vegeta didn't want that to happen.

Vegeta made sure to pack extra supplies for his trip. He was suppose to be clearing up planets for Freeza, but what the lizard didn't know wouldn't hurt him. That was about a year ago.

As Vegeta neared a low level planet called Earth, his pod started to sound alarms, causing the prince to wake up. He typed on the control panel, but it was no use trying to find the cause of why it was suddenly plummeting to the planet at a high rate. His pod was going to crash land.

Vegeta braced himself as the pod gained speed by the second and the next thing Vegeta saw was darkness. The pod crashed hard, causing a small explosion as it rolled and the door popped open, throwing the prince a good distance away. The prince landed hard, still knocked out. The pod rolled to a stop, dented to hell.


Goku hurried to where he saw the huge crater in the ground and saw a body in the distance near that round bird. He ran over to the body and his eyes were wide. He crouched down beside the face down person. He saw that he had a tail too! All boys had tails, right? Was this person a boy? He would find out later after making sure this person was okay.

Goku turned the person over on their back and felt for a pulse. He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding when he felt the pulse. Goku looked at the round bird and by the looks of it, it was dead. So, Goku hauled the person over his shoulder in a fireman's carry and took the person back home with him.

Once back, Goku headed inside and carefully laid the person on his bed. The person was injured, that's for sure. Goku got supplies to clean up the person. He didn't really have a first aid kit since Goku never got hurt badly. Maybe small cuts here and there, but they healed right up like no tomorrow.

Goku had a bowl of water and a hand towel. He dunk the towel in the water and started cleaning up the wounds and dirt. Once the dirt was gone, Goku frowned when he saw there were barely any cuts on him. Goku wondered if this person was like him. Goku went to get some clean water from the bucket he had on the other side of the shack.

Vegeta groaned and woke up. His head hurt. He rubbed his forehead and took in his surroundings. Where was he? Where was his pod? The last thing he remembered was his head banging off the control panel. He heard rustling and looked over to where Goku was. He was confused when he saw the man had a tail. A fellow Saiyan! The man was clearly not high class and looked to be a third class by the way he was dressed. Vegeta sat up and threw his legs over the side of the bed.

Vegeta wobbled as he stood up, using the wall for support and he stretched his own tail. It puffed out then wrapped around his waist like a belt. Vegeta stood up as straight as he could despite his sore muscles. Vegeta was about to speak when the man turned to him, grinning.

"Hey! You're awake!" Goku walked over to him with a fresh towel and bowl of water. "Jeez, you looked a lot worse than now after I cleaned you up. You aren't even hurt at all!"

Vegeta cocked brow when the third class didn't bow down to him and give him a proper greeting or anything. Didn't this Saiyan know who was standing before him?! Vegeta scowled when Goku touched his shoulder.

"Are you-"

Vegeta slapped the hand away. "How dare you touch me! Have you now idea who you are talking to?!"

Goku frowned and put his hand to his side. "Uh, no not at all. I'm sorry. Who are you? I'm Goku."

Vegeta rolled his eyes at Goku. "You don't know who I am? What are you, an idiot or something?" Vegeta folded his arms.

"What?" Goku was getting confused on why this person was upset with him. "No, I'm not. I don't know who you are because you are the first person I have seen in a long, long time."

"First person? Did you hit your head? Everyone knows who I am," Vegeta said. "I am Vegeta, prince of the Saiyan homeworld, Planet Vegeta."

"What is a Saiyan?" he asked. "Is that what I am? We do have matching tails."

Vegeta couldn't believe what he was hearing. A Saiyan that didn't know he was a Saiyan. Vegeta shook his head at this dope.

"I don't have time to deal with you, baka," he said. "I am very busy and need to get my pod fixed."

"Pod? Is that what the round bird is called?"

Vegeta cocked a brow and thought, round bird? Gods this guy is a fucking baka. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, ignoring the temptation of punching Goku senseless and being on his way. As much as he wanted to, he needed to get back to the pod.

"I have to go," Vegeta said.

He was about to leave when he saw Goku pat him on the crotch, causing Vegeta's eyes to widen up and the prince blushed darkly. Did this third class just pat him on the crotch?!

"So you're a boy! I thought so!" Goku grinned at him.

Vegeta punched him in the face and was steaming at him. "What the fuck?! How dare you touch me in such a private area?! What is wrong with you!?"

"OW!" Goku backed off, rubbing his face. "I was checking to see if you were a boy!"

"WHAT?!" Vegeta glared, his tail puffing out. "Checking-You don't do that! BAKA! That is so raunchy! Especially touching your prince there! DON'T do it ever again!"

"Okay, okay! Jeez!" Goku put his hands up.

Vegeta turned his back to Goku and stormed out of there, shaking his head. He needed to get away from Goku. He looked around the area and growled when his scouter was gone from the clip on his chest plate. Where was his pod? He was getting hungry and needed to get his food from the pod.

Goku followed Vegeta. "Hey, are you hungry? I can catch us some food."

"No, I have food in my pod. Wherever it is."

"I remember where it is," Goku smiled. "I'll help you find it!"

Vegeta didn't want to be around him, but had no choice. He turned to him. "Fine."

Vegeta started to raise up in the air and scowled when Goku didn't follow him. He put his hands on his hips.

"Well, are you coming or not?!"

"How are you flying?"

"How do you not know how to fly? It should be second nature!"

Goku just shrugged.

Vegeta landed and walked right up to Goku. He circled the man and saw that there was a small, small patch of missing hair on the back of Goku's head that looked an awful lot like a scar. Goku must have hit his head at some point. Maybe that was why he was clueless? Did this Saiyan lose his memory? Great, the only Saiyan Vegeta had seen in a year and he has to be a clueless idiot.

Vegeta stood in front of Goku. "I suppose we are walking then. Lead the way."

It was going to be a long, long walk. Goku led the way to the pod and kept glancing at the silent man. Goku wanted to know more about this man since they were the same being. Goku knew what a prince was because of stories his grandpa, Gohan, would tell him before bedtime and Goku wanted to know more.

"So, you are a prince. What is this Planet Vegeta?" he asked. "There are other places besides Earth?"

"Yes, it is in deep space. It is i is my homeworld, well, yours as well," Vegeta said, looking ahead. "My father was the king of the planet."

"Was? What happened?"

"It was destroyed," Vegeta said. "I am going to try and get it back."

"How can you get back something destroyed?" Goku asked.

"I will show you once we get back to my pod."

After the long silent walk, they arrived at the pod. Vegeta walked over to it and dug around in a compartment, pulling out a medium sized box then a smaller box. He set both boxes on the ground and crouched before them, opening the smaller box. He pulled out a round device and pressed a button on it. A hologram appeared and showed seven orange starred balls.

"These are what I am going to use to get my planet back," Vegeta said. "They are called dragon balls. There is a legend that once all seven are collected, they will summon a dragon that will grant a wish. For a year I have been searching for the balls, going from planet to planet."

"Wow, grant wishes? Well, get to it then!" he said.

Goku looked all over the hologram, thinking that Vegeta had already collected them. But when he tried to touch it, he frowned when his hand went right through it, not really understanding.

"My hand went through them! Is that suppose to happen?"

"No, baka, it is a digitally image that looks real," Vegeta shut off the small holodeck. "I was just showing you an example of them."

"Oh, a picture," Goku said.

"Yes," Vegeta said and walked back to the pod. "Help me find the damn door to this thing so I can try and fix it."

Goku and Vegeta spent half an hour looking for the door and Goku found it. He picked it up and carried it over to Vegeta. Vegeta took it from him and set it beside the pod then searched the compartment for his spare scouter. He found it and put it in the larger box.

"Maybe we can try and fix your pod tomorrow," Goku said, seeing that the sun was setting. "It's getting late and we should get some dinner."

Vegeta hummed. "I will start my search tomorrow."


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