Never Said
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If two Saiyans had sex in the woods and no one was around to feel it, did it happen?

Written by mi m'o

I swore I wouldn't tell, and I haven't. After you said--after we agreed to leave it be, to not mention it again

It's so easy, you know.

Being near you, I mean.

I don't think you really understand what it is you can do to me. Being in the room alone with you is more than I should have ever asked for--but actually being near you is something entirely god sent.

And I wonder, if we could...would you ever let me...

I always think you know what I feel, a guy like you; who knows how many others you've loved and left in your light-years of travel.

…And to be honest, I'd still jump at the chance to be one of them--one of the forgotten few who would for really know what heaven was like….

Heaven…hmn…. Guess that makes you my crush.

Sugei. Never thought of it like that before.

You chuckle--well…it's more a light grunting sound. But the smirk that accompanies it is one of your best smiles. I know that for a fact. You smile at me sometimes. I like it. I like it like I like your smell--the salty, almost spicy fragrance of a hard spar…

Tanned Adonis…muscles gleaming…taut, sharp, well defined…arching, twisting, turning, writhing with the need…

"Boy." You gesture, and I feel like every movement means something so much more than it does. "Ba-ka." I snap out of the stupor if only to comply with your wishes…though I'd rather be complying with the sweat dripping…sliding down…going down…

On you.

A quick nod sees me moving from the sink, allowing you access. Auto-pilot engaged, I can do nothing more than the most juvenile of actions. Pulling a chair free from the table, I sit as you give your back to me and do my best not to drool…

…man, I'd love to get a piece of that…

You pause in your action, one eye narrowed and peering at me over your shoulder. "Hn." You huff your irritancies and down a second glass of water…how I would kill to be that glass…to have you wrap your lips around--

"Goten-kun! Goten-kun! Goten-kun!"


Time to put on the show, ne? "Bra-chan! Panny-chan! How are you guys today?"

"Ojisan! Bra-chan has the bestest toys--"

"And Pan-chan is sooo fun--"

"--we got to play with dolls, and colour, and her koneko--"

"--and then there was that movie and we had popcorn and the scary stories--"

"--and Trunks-san said there were Maajin, and--"

"--Papa was an evil prince of a monkey empire--"

"--hai! Hai!"

Invasion of the chibi-chatter. You owe me big time, 'niichan… "Matte, matte--you think you're almost ready to go, Pan-chan? You know we gotta get you home before dinner," Dende, she can be so cute, "you know your Okaasan misses you, ne…? You've been gone almost all weekend."

"But Ojisaaaaan…" Good Dende…here it comes….

"Iie, Panny. You knew you had to go…" I shrug doing my best to look sympathetic to her cause, ruffling her hair as her little teal carbon cutie climbs into my lap, "I called you up and everything, just like you told me to…"

"Ano, Ojisan…" Here come the water-works…just want I dinnit want to happen…


All three of us turn, but only one of us voices to the call. "Hai, Papa."

"See her home." He folds his arms to his chest with a jerk of his head, and she slides from her homemade throne with the biggest grin…Dende…to be that age again…

"Hai!" She grabs Pan's hand and pulls my re-enthused pick-up towards the stairs. "We gotta get ready, Pan-chan…! C'mon…!"

"Bra-chan! Don't tug!" Perhaps this'll go smoother than I thought…. Until…

"Domo arigatou, Ouji-san." I couldn't hide the blush in the dark. "Still not so good with dealing with kids…" I lower my head out of respect for my elder, and he more or less acknowledges me with another grunt--not a chuckle this time.

Yeah…well…at least we don't need words. Like I said, he's easy to be around.

The silence stretches for a matter of minutes, the occasional yelp or girlish cry ringing through the house as I wait.

Sitting in my chair.



I bite the inner corner of my cheek--the tension is almost suffocating. I know we said we wouldn't mention it, but--

"Tonight. Same place."

I turn to stare at him raptly fascinated as he throws a wink over a smooth, sexy shoulder on his way back out the door.

He just said…he…

"Ojiiiiisaaaannnnn!!! Can we GO now??"

I barely registered the tug on my sleeve as I stand, all actions once more on automatic. "Hai, Pan-chan." I look to her diminutive Ouja with a nod, and lead us through the same door the man of my dreams had just exited…only to find the waiting Capsule car and nothing more.

Tonight, sweet prince…same place….


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