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Goku tries persuading Vegeta to do something for him. Very small and cute fic full of fluff.

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Vegeta snarled and pushed the offered hands away, face pink and dark eyes narrowed in vexation.
“Damn it, Kakarrot, get away from me!” he hissed, glaring at his lover's persuasive smile.

The baka had already conned him into this disgusting outfit, and now he wanted to carry him? He was the Prince of all Saiyans, for God's sake! “Stop looking at me like that!”

Seemingly undeterred, the taller of the two simply stepped forward, eyes large in a mock display of innocence. “But I wanna hold you,” Goku insisted, brow cocked matter-of-factly as he slid a strong hand around the Prince's waist.

“Come on, please? Just back to the bedroom?”

Vegeta, exhausted from this particular argument, reluctantly relaxed into the touch. “Whatever,” he spat, cheeks aflame with obvious embarrassment. “Fine. Just…make it quick.” The Prince folded his arms as he was scooped up, immediately regretting giving in as Goku giggled excitedly into his ear.

“Yay! Get ready, `Geta!” Snickering like a schoolgirl, Goku quickly trounced upstairs with Vegeta in his arms, hands fumbling wildly with the clasp at the back of his lover's silk dress.

As he was slid beneath the sheets, Vegeta decided that he really didn't regret this at all.


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