Tears In Heaven
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Since Chichi died, Goku has sought companionship with his prince. With their relationship turned sexual, even becoming mates, a certain Son is furious with his father.

Warning: Anti-gay dialogue.

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Tears In Heaven
 "Come on Kakarrot, they will be here any minute." Vegeta yelled to his mate. Goku had called the z fighters to CC to announce that he and the saiyan prince were mated. The second part of their news was more personal and would only be shared with family.

"Sorry Vegeta, I was.. you know." Goku said as he came down the stairs. He smiled as Vegeta came over and put a hand on his stomach.

"Still having problems?" Vegeta asked.

"Yes. The shift in my ki has me a little off yet. I'll get used to it." Goku said. He leaned down and kissed his prince right when there was a knock at the door.

"Give them a chance to explain why we are here before you get mad, Gohan." Piccolo said. The namek had a good idea of the why, but wasn't going to say anything.

"I should be home, trying to get my marriage back on track. Instead I'm here. I hope Goten and Trunks aren't here. I don't want to see them." Gohan said.
The fight that he and Videl had before he left that morning was still fresh in his memory. He wanted to get home and see if she had cooled down and was in the mood to talk.

"I don't see why they wouldn't be here. They live here." Piccolo said.

"I just don't want to see them... Well, it makes me sick to see them interact." Gohan said with a shiver.

Piccolo looked at him strangely. Even after being raised as a half saiyan, Gohan still held with human prejudices. Personally, it didn't matter to Piccolo one way or another.

"I really think you need to calm down and let them tell us why they called us." Piccolo said.
He turned as the other z fighters showed up. Gohan looked at his teacher, then shrugged. Turning to the door, he knocked, then waited.

Goten opened the door. "Hi guys. Come on in. Dad and Vegeta are waiting." He stepped back and let the others walk into the house.
His head coming up at the sound of their guests, Goku turned.

"Hi everybody. Glad you could make it." Goku said, he started moving away from Vegeta with a little nervous laugh.

Gohan stopped and stared. "Dad?"

"Yes, Gohan?" Goku asked.

"Gohan, don't do this." Piccolo said, putting his hand on the demi-saiyan's shoulder.

"You called us here to tell us you and Vegeta... That you two were..." Gohan couldn't seem to finish a sentence.

"That Vegeta and I are mates? Yes, that is part of it." Goku said.

Vegeta moved to stand beside him, resting his hand on Goku's back.

"That is so disgusting. Why? Couldn't you find a woman? Oh that's right, you had one, but she died. Now you needed a rich one so you could laze around so you hook up with Vegeta. Vegeta of all people. A man who wouldn't know an emotion if it sat up and bit him in the ass."

"That's enough." Goku growled.

"No, I'm just starting. Did you finally turn into the animal evolved from? Let your 'saiyan' nature get the best of you?"

Goku's growl lowered in pitch. Before Piccolo or any of the others could react, he charged Gohan and grabbed him by the throat. Not even Vegeta had anticipated the sudden attack.

"You have no right to come here and tell me that I am wrong to have a relationship with Vegeta. You know nothing about it." He yelled.

Gohan's face was getting red. Goku shook him a few times.
"Do you think I want to be alone? Do you think I have to live by your standards? Do you think I have no sense and have suddenly lost all my intuition? Just because you married young and are unhappy, do you expect me to be unhappy too?"

Piccolo and Vegeta were trying to pull Goku off Gohan. Suddenly the tall saiyan dropped his son.

Vegeta pulled Goku into his arms and tried to calm him, while everybody else looked on in shock. Goku had never attacked without being attacked first and certainly never raised a hand against his own blood. Goten and Trunks moved over and hugged Goku. Gohan lay on the floor and looked at them. Piccolo and Yamcha tried to help him off the floor, but he waved them away.

"Is this the way you honor Mother's memory, Father? Did she mean so little to you that you can just turn to somebody else? Not to mention another man and Vegeta at that. It's not bad enough you let Goten turn into a fairy, you have to go and do the same thing."

Gohan sneered at the show of affection between the full bloods.

Piccolo stood listening to Gohan belittle his father and thought how stupid the older son was being. The younger of Goku's son's had bonded and mated with Trunks after collage. Trunks was now president of Capsule Corp. Goten worked in the advertising department. Gohan had refused to talk to either of them after they had announced their relationship. Piccolo thought then that he was over reacting. And here he was attacking his father.

"Gohan, shut up. You aren't helping yourself here." Piccolo said.

Goku had started a dojo after the fight with Buu. Chichi had been thrilled. He had stayed home and worked hard. The only thing Goku had insisted on is staying in the house in the woods. He would work in the city, but didn't want to live there. The Sons had done well until Chichi had gotten sick. The cancer that took her was fast, and Goku shut down the dojo so he could stay with her at the hospital. Three months after they found the cancer, Chichi had died. Goku had gone missing for a while after the funeral. Piccolo knew where he had gone, but never told anybody else.

After the fight with Buu, Vegeta had settled into life at CC. He had taken over schooling Trunks at home. Bulma enjoyed the freedom this gave her and had another child. The girl, Bra, was raised by Vegeta mostly and showed promise. She was bright and strong, even stronger then her brother. Bulma had died in an explosion at CC labs two years after Chichi. Vegeta had been devastated. In a last ditch effort to save the prince from taking his own life, Goku had taken Vegeta off after Bulma's funeral for the same length of time and to the same place as he had gone after Chichi died. Piccolo knew about that too. He knew because Goku had told him incase there was an emergency while he was gone.

Goku was trying to get some control, but Gohan wouldn't let up. Finally Goku grabbed hold of him and vanished. Everybody started shouting then. Ignoring them all, Vegeta just sat down and waited. Piccolo joined him, both knowing what Goku was doing.
The two Sons appeared on the Kaioshin's planet. Goku drug Gohan over to the old Kai and sat him down.

Goku bowed, "Excuse me Supreme Kai, could you please educate my son on the facts of saiyan life? I would appreciate it. If not I will just put him out of my misery."

Goku glared at Gohan who was still unsettled from the fast IT.

The old Kai looked up at Goku then at Gohan. "Looks like you almost did, Goku. I'm glad you are able to control your temper. Saiyans had a bad habit of losing their tempers then finding out they had killed their friends and family."
The old Kai poked at Gohan. "So you think you know everything do you. You grew up but didn't grow smarter. Pity I spent all that time bringing out your power just to have you throw it away. Did you think your father should go back to being Earth's protector just because we let him and Vegeta live? Goku has better things to do now, so will Vegeta."
"If you don't mind, I will bring some help. I think his head is too thick to just take our word for it." Goku bowed again, then moved off and IT'ed away. Gohan looked to the old Kai and knew he was in trouble. The old Kai started in with a lecture like Gohan's school teachers used to give. It was long, dry and full of facts.

Goku appeared where Chichi and Bulma had their house in Heaven. He knocked on the door and waited for the spirits of his wife and best friend to answer. When they answered he had to hold his ears from the screeching they did over his visit. Chichi latched onto him and drug him inside, while Bulma tried to get information about Vegeta and her children from him. Chichi pushed him into a chair and started cooking. Bulma showed him plans she had drawn up for some new gadget.

"Ladies, I didn't come here to get a meal, or to look at blueprints.
Gohan needs some help dealing with Vegeta and me being in a relationship. Vegeta and I know that you are all right with it, but Gohan can't deal with it. I guess it's too saiyan for him, and we wont mention the other aspect of our lives together. If he can't handle this now, how will he deal when his half brother or sister is born." Goku hung his head and waited.

"Why that little ungrateful brat."

"I didn't raise him to act like that."

"He should be happy you and Vegeta have moved on with your lives."

"What does he expect, you two to be alone for the next 100 or 200 years?"

"We know how long you mourned us when we died. After all you came here and talked to us when Bulma died."

"Even brought Vegeta here when he didn't want to come to get things settled." "And Gohan thinks to disrupt your life just to suit him?"

"Where did you leave him?" Both women talked at once.

Goku smiled and hugged the women, "I'll take you to him and let you deal with him after the old Kai gets through telling him the facts of life."
He then waited for them to get some things together to take with them. After Chichi had packed enough food to feed Goku for a month and Bulma had packed enough plans to take years to go through, he IT'ed to where old Kai was still teaching Gohan.

Gohan was in a daze. His father and Vegeta were going to live to be around 500 years old. There were few female saiyans, mostly males, and those were too weak to bear more then one child. Males of a certain class had a genetic mutation that allowed them to conceive and carry children to term. They had very high ki's, but it was focused on the making of children so didn't show on any tests. All low ki'ed children were raised to deal with aspects of child care. Their children were always strong ki'ed because the baby would have the parent's ki to draw from in the womb.
Since saiyans lived so long they took life mates. Chichi had been Goku's until she died. Since Goku wasn't free to mate with anybody else, Vegeta had turned to Bulma. She was the only other person to even try to understand the saiyan prince. He had stayed with her until she too died. Then after a 5 year morning period after Bulma died, the two full blooded saiyan's had mated. Goku had free run of heaven and had brought Vegeta to talk to Bulma. Seems she and Chichi had been staying together in heaven so his mother knew of his father's relationship and approved.

Gohan remembered all the times Vegeta had called his father low class and knew what that meant now. He understood why his father was so good with children, why he was a natural teacher. He even understood why people were drawn to him. Goku was a nurturer. It was something in his scent. It drew males to him like flies so he could choose a mate, and drew women because it let them know he was a good father. The reason his father was so strong was because his ki wasn't used to bear children and could be focused to other things. Then it hit him that his father's ki wasn't like it had been. It seemed lower. His father hadn't asked his friends and family over to tell them only about Vegeta. He had called them together to tell them about a baby. Gohan passed out, the old Kai just laughed.

Gohan woke to the feel of his mother running her finger's through his hair. He remembered when he was little she would do that to sooth him to sleep. He opened his eyes and saw her looking down at him.

"Where am I? Did I die?" Gohan asked.

"No, you are alive. Your Father thought you needed a life lesson." Chichi said.
She stood abruptly, dumping Gohan's head out of her lap. He hit the ground with a thump.
"What do you mean acting like a spoiled brat? I never raised you like that. Where did your respect go?" Chichi yelled at him.

Gohan cringed, he knew she was right. He had verbally attacked his father before he could explain what was going on. His father always gave him a chance, but he hadn't returned that respect. Chichi yelled for a good hour about his behavior and Gohan didn't stop her, he was feeling lower then dirt and thought he deserved it.

Bulma stood back watching Chichi rant. After all, that was one of Chichi's best things. Bulma knew her chance was coming. She talked Goku into sitting down and resting. She listened while he talked to the old Kai.
"Do you think we could wish back some of the other saiyans? Vegeta and I could use the help if we are to guard that sector of space. Bra and Trunks are doing well with the plans for a new space pod and suits for us to use, but with the addition coming we really will be short handed." Goku was explaining.

The old Kai thought it over. "I think we can manage something. I'll have Lord Emma make up a list of those who can be wished back, then we'll go over it to see who can be redeemed. I'm sure there will be a few who will be on both lists."

Gohan looked over and saw his father picking through the food Chichi had brought. He wasn't eating like he had always done. Before the elder saiyan would eat like a wild animal. No food was safe if he could reach it. Now he was picking through the food, eating with a care to what he put in his mouth. Gohan realized that Goku was most likely still in the morning sickness stage of pregnancy. He still remembered Videl when she had gone through that with Pan. It wasn't a happy memory. Videl seemed to think that every time she threw up, it was Gohan's fault.
The old Kai urged Goku to lay down and sleep for a while. When the saiyan did, the Kai ran his hand above his body and nodded to himself. Bulma watched and wondered what he had done. Chichi was running down, so she started putting her thoughts in order. Gohan had tears running down his face when his mother finally stopped her lecture. He hugged her and walked over to Bulma, looking with sadness and a little wonder at his father.

"Kind of strange isn't it?" Bulma asked. "Here's this great hero who is giving all his power up just to bring more protectors into the world."

Gohan jumped at the sound of her voice, then it registered in his mind what she had just said.

"You both knew he was going to do this? I mean even before you both died, you knew?"

Bulma shrugged. "They talked about it. Trunks and Goten can handle most things with Gotenks, but they are only two people. There are a lot of places in the universe that need help against oppressors. Not to mention the evil that pops up now and again. Goku came up with this plan when you swore not to use your power and married. Both of them vowed in front of your mother and I that when we died and the mourning period was over, they would mate and bring a generation of protectors into being." Bulma knelt down and lightly brushed her hand over Goku's hair.

"Chichi was upset at first. She thought they would start having an affair to get an early start. Saiyans are very, well... Let's call it lusty. She never could match Goku's libido. Heck, I couldn't keep up with Vegeta either, but I knew that when Goku made a vow he stuck to it no matter the cost. And the only person to keep Vegeta in line was him, so he knew they would wait. I never regretted agreeing to the vow."
Bulma stood again and faced Gohan. "Even with him so mad at you he was thinking of the mission he and Vegeta have set out to do. The strongest warriors in the universe are bringing the strongest race back. Not for conquest this time, but for peace."

The old Kai piped up, "And we didn't even think of it. This man thought it up himself. Of course we were all for it if Goku and Vegeta are in control. As it is, Vegeta is the dominant mate, as it should be. He was born to rule and will now. Goku is submissive by choice, he wants to be taken care of. And Vegeta enjoys spoiling him so Goku can keep him in check. It all balances out nicely. The Saiyans get redeemed, and the universe gets protected. Everybody's happy. Except. For. You."

He poked Gohan in the stomach.

Gohan flinched and backed away from the others. He turned and walked to a tree and sat down under it. Leaning back against the trunk he looked up at the leaves and thought over his actions. When he got to Capsule Corp that morning with the other fighters, he was so worried about his marriage. Pan was starting to show signs of her Saiyan blood. She wanted to learn to fly. Videl and he had a big fight over that the night before. Gohan thought it would be better for her to learn to control the power she had. Videl wouldn't hear of it. He had taken out his anger and frustrations on his father.

Now that he was thinking about it, it wasn't so strange that the full blooded Saiyans were together. Being the last of their kind they were drawn by blood and common interests. Everything he'd seen before he'd blown up showed that Vegeta was being a caring and loving partner for his father. Goku always did have the gift of seeing what was in people's hearts. After all, he had saved the prince the first time they met. He must have sensed something then, because Vegeta had proved to be as much of a protector as Goku, if he was given half a chance. He just had a way of making you feel it was a chore for him to do it.

Gohan looked up when a shadow fell over him. His father stood there waiting for him. The son stood up and stepped into the arms of his father, hugging him and crying. He babbled about how sorry he was and that he understood now. Goku was crying just as much because he got his son back.

Chichi, Bulma, and Old Kai stood and watched. All three had tears running down their faces at the touching scene. The Kai passed a hanky to each woman, then blew his own nose on another.

"Sometimes it's a good thing to have tears in heaven." He said.

The other two nodded and turned to gather things for Goku to take back to Earth with him.


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