A Miraculous Christmas!
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Blinded by his love for Gohan, Lordbug commits a mistake and generates negative emotions in Santa Claus, the man who represents the good things of Christmas, who is akumatized and becomes one more victim of Dark Butterfly's plans to collect her enemies' miraculous, and transformed into the villain: Santa Claws. Who is determined to make this a nightmare Christmas.

Will Lordbug and Chat Noir be able to save Christmas Eve and Christmas?

A Miraculous Christmas! [One-shot]
Note: sorry, I did not want to end up writing this story separately. I was planning to include it as a Christmas special chapter for "Miraculous Dragon Ball: behind the scenes second season" fanfic but, between everything I went through plus I'm still stuck in "Captain Hardrock" episode development, I could not write it, plus I've been postponing this for almost three years and I think it was about time to start working on this special for my alternate universe "Miraculous Dragon Ball", don't you think so?
Since it's been a while since the last time I saw Christmas specials on TV, I don't remember what happens in "Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir" Christmas special original plot, so I searched the special on the internet, watched it to refresh my memory and I think I have more or less an idea of what I want to tell in this story, do not worry, it will not be one hundred percent accurate to the original version (except for the songs) I will incorporate some things that come up to my mind.
Anyway, I hope you have a happy holiday season this month and the next one, enjoy reading this fanfic and I've nothing else to tell you so... let's get start it!
"Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir" does not belong to me, it is property of ZAG Heroes Entertainment and Thomas Astruc, "Dragon Ball" manga as well as its OVAS, anime adaptations and movies do not belong to me but to Toriyama-san and Toei Animation but the fanfic and the alternate universe created for this story is MY property.

Tokyo, Japan. Year: 2016.

It is Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas, for some people it is a consuming time, for others it can mean a beautiful day that you only live once a year. A day where you spend time with your relatives that you have not seen for a long time, have dinner together and give each other gifts, but in Japan, the case is a little... particular and different from what is seen in Western traditions, because for them, celebrating Christmas is not something traditional, rather it is something to convey happiness. The streets of the city are filled with light and color since mid-November, couples enjoy this date going out for a walk to contemplate the Christmas lights and even boutiques and stores are dressed with Christmas decorations adopting the typical Western image of the celebration, remaining open from December 25th and all the days that follow until New Year's Eve.
And this year, Capsule Corporation would be no exception to the rule.
Bulma and Trunks were impatient and anxious for Christmas Eve to come, especially Bulma, who even before November began, was already preparing the decorations that she would put both at her home and in the company that year and could not have managed to finish everything on time if it were not for her son's help, who not only gave her a hand with the decorations but also prepared the items and gifts to be given to customers on Christmas Eve, in addition to placing a small box at the entrance, the lavender-haired preteen gave his mom the idea of giving part of the profits from the Christmas and New Year sales to homeless people and also to the children's medical center at the University of Tokyo.
That Christmas Eve morning, even though the weather was extremely cold, some sunrays appeared in the sky illuminating the city, especially Capsule Corporation, illuminating a certain lavender-haired boy's bedroom who at that moment was sleeping comfortably snuggled between the blankets of his bed, but as soon as the alarm clock rang, a huge joy invaded him making him open his eyes suddenly, a smile was drawn on his face as he got up from his bed, and without thinking about it, he started to sing a song.
"Merry Christmas I wish everyone today" Trunks sang with excitement invading his being as well as his voice, he quickly got dressed, left his bedroom with Tikki hidden in one of his clothes pockets and after having a quick breakfast he went to the lab where he found his mom preparing everything to receive the customers who will soon appear "mom I'll help you at Capsule Corp. to hang out the orders to all my friends, you see" the Capsule Corporation's door opened at that moment letting Goten and his family in, the pre-teen took a box with the Capsule Corporation's logo that had a beautiful red and gold bow and handed it to Goten with trembling hands due to the nerves and excitement he had at that moment "Merry Christmas, Goten and your family"
The box almost fell out of his hands if it was not for his friend holding it in time to then take it with his own hands.
"Thank you, my dearest friend" the wild-haired teenager replied, placing the box under his arm "the same to you two!"
He left the building but not before putting some money inside the box where part of the proceeds from the sales of those dates would go to give his friend and his mother some good luck with their work. As soon as he left, the next ones to enter were Caulifla along with her father and her brother, Rensō.
"Caulifla, Rensō and his dad Merry Christmas to you!" Trunks sang handing them a box.
"Trunks and Bulma-san Merry Christmas too!" the three replied in unison. As time went on, more customers appeared at the Capsule Corporation to pick up their orders and also their Christmas surprise gift, among them were Toma and Pares, Krillin who was accompanied by his daughter Marron, Bra, and then Erasa and her father came in, as soon as the latest ones left the building, Trunks was about to close the door because for once in those dates the Capsule Corporation would close early; however, he did not count that when he went to close the main door he would meet Videl and Mr. Satan, it seemed that they would be the last ones to set foot in the establishment. The pre-teen stood there, slightly speechless at the sight of his worst enemy standing at the entrance next to her cheerful dad looking at him with an arched eyebrow and her arms folded over her chest, but quickly reacted and gave her his best cold glance as she took the box out of his view.
"So, what are you waiting for? an invitation?" the dark-haired girl in two pigtails asked with a certain amount of sarcasm to which Trunks only frowned, he was about to answer her but was interrupted by Bulma who was still there with him.
"Trunks, it's Christmas. It's time to forget and forgive, remember?" the blue-haired scientist remind him, her son let out a small snort when he remembered that since it was a season to celebrate joy, he should make a truce with his enemy, at least only until New Year's was over.
"Merry Christmas... Videl" the lavender-haired pre-teen muttered between teeth approaching the box with the mysterious gift to Videl and her dad, but clearly, the girl was not pleased with his greeting.
"Huh? did you say something? I didn't hear you right, could you repeat it, please?"
"MERRY CHRISTMAS, VIDEL!" Trunks yelled, this time with forced joy; however, that made a small smile of satisfaction appear on Videl's face.
"See? That’s better, it wasn't that hard" the girl answered, she was about to take the box with whatever was inside but was stopped by her dad.
"Videl, my little angel, remember what Bulma-san said. Christmas is a time to forget and forgive" Mr. Satan reminded to which the girl also let out a snort since she had no choice but to make peace with her enemy since she was a child until the holidays were over, she took a deep breath, released all the air held in her lungs and looked back at Trunks who was still waiting for an answer from her.
"Merry Christmas, Trunks Briefs!" the dark-haired girl reluctantly said and also pretending that she was happy to give him her greeting, she took the box and making sure her dad did not hear her, she approached to the pre-teen's ear and murmured in a low but audible voice "but don't forget that I hate you and I always will!"
"Merry Christmas to both of you!" Mr. Satan waved goodbye and quickly opened the door for his "lovely" daughter to leave the Capsule Corporation straight to the limousine that would take them back to the mansion so they could enjoy Christmas Eve, the dark-haired man left after her but not before placing a few yen in the donation box and after that he closed the door behind him. After saying goodbye to Mr. Satan and leaving a kiss on her son's cheek, Bulma went to the kitchen to make a phone call to order fried chicken for tonight's dinner, since she had no energy to cook, as soon as he was left alone, Trunks went to close the main door but it was suddenly opened and he saw a mysterious man enter into the building, he took out some money and placed it inside the donation box.
"Son family's driver? but what is he doing here?" Trunks thought, instantly he felt something clicked inside his mind as he remembered something important he had to do that day "Gohan's Christmas gift" he started to walk back towards the door that led to the corridor as his mom entered with a Capsule Corporation box in her hands "I'll be right back, please don't leave!" almost as if he was Flash the fastest superhero, Trunks along with Tikki went to his bedroom, once inside, the pre-teen started to rummage through all his furniture and even his bed looking for the gift he had prepared for Gohan "I can't believe it! where is the gift? where did I put it?" even though he looked, unfortunately, he could not see it anywhere "ahh I'm so useless!"
"Trunks" the little red kwami called him, pulling him out of his worries as she pointed to a compartment on the floor under his bed where a gift-wrapped package from Capsule Corporation was sticking out, "you hid it here, remember?"
"Oh, yeah! I've forget it, thank you for helping me, Tikki!" Trunks thanked her who, without wasting another second, took the package that his kwami pointed out to him, left his bedroom and ran to the main entrance where his mom and the driver were, but as soon as he crossed the door that led to the corridor, the driver had already left the place, so without even getting warm, he went out into the open and ran towards the man who was about to get into the car owned by the Son family "excuse me! wait! if you don't mind, this is... it's for Gohan!" with both hands he extended the package while he lowered his head shyly, the driver took the package without leaving aside his serious expression "could you wish him a Merry Christmas from me?" he realized what he had just said so he quickly corrected himself "I mean, it can also be from you, in fact, Merry Christmas from... me too, of course!" the man did not answer, he simply put the package inside his thick coat, got into the car and drove away as the lavender haired pre-teen waved him, as soon as he left, Trunks gave a small smile and thought as the vehicle drove away until it was lost among the city snowy streets "I just hope Gohan can have a Merry Christmas"
The car drove on until it reached Son's main entrance, the doors opened automatically allowing the driver to go straight into the house, meanwhile, inside the house, Gohan and Yamcha were in charge of putting up the traditional Christmas decorations even though Chi-chi was not there to help them, Gohan was a little happy to have his mother's assistant helping him with this task. When they finished decorating the house, they started to put the ornaments on the tree which was located in the hall, rather, Gohan was busy putting up the ornaments while Yamcha took them out of a slightly dusty cardboard box that had been stored for a long time without being opened since... well, since what happened with Gokū.
"Hey, Yamcha, do you think mom will like the decorations?" the dark-haired teenager asked with a smile on his face. At that, the house's front door opened and the driver came in, shaking the snow off his coat "she should have arrived by now, it's almost dinner time, did you called her?"
"I think we should give her a few more minutes, Gohan" Yamcha answered seriously, Gohan felt his hopes vanish, he looked down to the box with the decorations and sighed sadly.
"Who are you kidding? It's obvious that she won't come" the teenager mumbled and began to walk to his bedroom which was on the second floor of the house, before leaving, the driver stopped him to give him the gift that Trunks had given him as soon as he left Capsule Corporation, Gohan took it without much excitement but gave him a small smile "thank you, Merry Christmas to both of you"
Yamcha watched the teenager retreat to his bedroom, he could not help but lower his head as he let out a sigh while clenching his fists to not let out the anger and frustration he had against Chi-chi, even on those times of the year could she spend some quality time with her child? He supposed it was not fair that Gohan had to spend Christmas locked up in his bedroom even though he was there to accompany him, determined, he went to the dark-haired woman's bedroom to confront her and convince her to go with her son. On the other hand, Chi-chi (who was dressed in a sleeping robe) was seated on her bed staring at her husband's photograph where the safe with the grimoire, his miraculous and other objects of their trips with him around the world were hidden with a nostalgic face, she came out of her trance when she heard some knocks on the door.
"Come in" the dark-haired woman pronounced just like that, the bedroom door opened letting Yamcha in "what do you want, Yamcha?"
"I know how difficult this must be for you, ma'am" the wild-haired man spoke closing the door behind him "but you must also understand that this is Gohan's first Christmas that he's spent without his father, to be honest, I think you should..."
"Yes, you're right. I'll be out in a moment to see him" Chi-chi answer him raising her hand, interrupting whatever the latter had to tell her, she turned her gaze back to Gokū's photograph with a small sad expression "I just... I need time to think."
"As you say, ma'am."
Gohan was sitting on his bed with a frown on his face, hugging his knees, feeling a little sad and at the same time angry at his mom for not wanting to spend Christmas Eve with him but he was also furious with himself for coming up with the idea of celebrating this holiday again even though not so long ago his dad... well, he did not want to think about that now, all he wanted was to sink into his own anger and misery. He snapped out of his trance for a moment when he saw Plagg approaching to him holding a piece of camembert between his paws.
"Can you believe it? even at this time of year she doesn't stop thinking about herself!" the teenager exclaimed to his kwami with a tone of frustration in his voice "I want this day to be over already, I hate Christmas!" he got up from his bed and did something he might regret later: transform into Chat Noir to escape from his home so he would not have to see his mom or anyone else for the rest of the night "Plagg, claws on!" already transformed, Chat Noir left his home through his bedroom window but not before taking the package with Trunks' gift with him, outside in the freezing night, the feline hero start to sing a song with anger hoping to get out all the pain his heart felt at that moment "it's Christmas in Japan! all is cheery and bright, but I am all alone tonight" from time to time he would stop to observe through the windows of the buildings how the other families were celebrating that day or even some were spending that date with their respective partners, enjoying each other's company, which made the hero's heart shrink even more "people are together with their gifts by their side; only Chat Noir's alone tonight" he followed his path aimlessly until he reached the Satan mansion where Videl and her dad were already sharing an elegant and luxurious family dinner, even if it was only the two of them and the maids who were in charge of serving them the food "there's no warmth for me, no tenderness for me, I'm alone like a cat in the night! I'm a sad lonely kitty, won't anyone take pity?" he put a hand to his chest close to his heart and clenched it into a fist as he turned his green gaze towards the snowy sky "Chat Noir is alone tonight! Chat Noir is alone tonight!" he walked away from the Satan mansion and continued jumping across the rooftops until he reached Tokyo downtown, which besides being beautifully lit and decorated to welcome Christmas, there was also a huge tree filled with bright lights and ornaments "no one cares about me, if I'm lost or I'm found, then I'm just like a cat in the night! I'll take your symbol of joy and burn it to the ground. I'm the vengeful cat of the night. I'm the vengeful cat of the night" he jumped down and advanced with sure but determined steps to the huge tree that decorated the city, he took impulse and ran towards it while closing his left hand in a fist and let out his destructive power "I am the vengeful cat of the night, ca-ta-cly-sm!" however, when he was about to destroy that tree that was not to blame for being the cause of his torments, flashbacks of when he celebrated Christmas with his dad at home invaded his mind, in them he saw him happy and full of life, which made the feline hero stop "no! I can't do this!" he turned his gaze and with his cataclysm he destroyed the first object he had in front of him which was an advertisement of a TV channel that had hired him in his civilian form to announce a Merry Christmas message "I'm cold and alone, I don't want to be in pain, all that anger was all in vain" he started walking away from there while hugging himself to get warm "I need to go back home to try and find a way, tomorrow will be a brand new day... we must go home... Plagg, claws off..."
After saying that, Chat Noir fell on his knees in the snow and detransformed back to Gohan, luckily there was no one on the street at that time of night so no one noticed that he had just exposed his secret identity in a public place. As soon as he detransformed, the small black cat-shaped kwami fell on the snow tired, with his eyes closed and feeling weak, which worried the teenager who was still kneeling in his place.
"I wish that I could help you, to assist your transformation. But I can't Gohan, don't you see?" Plagg said with a weak and tired tone of voice "I'm tired and distressed, I've got nothing to eat, I'm weak and I'm running on empty..."
"Oh, no. Plagg! What did I do?" Gohan exclaimed, worried about the situation in which his kwami was, at that moment, he remembered the package he had taken when he left his home "wait, I guess I can help you!" he quickly tore the paper that wrapped the package, inside was a box, when he opened it he found nothing to eat for Plagg to recover his energy but he found a special coat to use at home, he put it on, he took his kwami and wrapped him with one of the corners of the coat with the hope that at least he would get a little warm, at that, when he covered Plagg with the coat, a card fell to the floor, Gohan took it and read the following message written on it:
Merry Christmas! Trunks."
"Wow, that's so cool, at least he did remember me" Gohan thought with a smile after reading the card from his friend and classmate, he looked down again towards his kwami "don't worry, Plagg. I'll get you something to eat" he stopped talking when he heard some bells ringing in the distance, he looked at the digital clock of one of the buildings in Tokyo downtown and realized that it was already midnight "do you hear that? Christmas is here!" he got up from the ground and accidentally dropped the card that Trunks wrote for him and looked back at his kwami "Merry Christmas, Plagg"
"Merry Christmas... Gohan..." the kwami answered weakly, giving him a small smile, perhaps the first gesture of affection the teenager had received after spending the last hours of the night feeling miserable and angry with himself.
While Gohan and Plagg were out in the freezing Christmas night looking for a way to get home, Chi-chi had just left her bedroom and headed upstairs to her son's bedroom carrying a box with her wrapped in colorful paper with silver accents and a huge golden bow, she intended to go in, apologize to him for ignoring him and give him her gift since it was Christmas now.
"Gohan? can I come in? are you still awake?" the woman asked without getting an answer, thinking that her son was already asleep, she entered into the bedroom with the intention of waking him up and giving him her Christmas gift "Gohan?" but she realized that the dark-haired teenager was not there "Gohan!" as she looked around the bedroom she noticed that the window was open, Yamcha ran in as soon as he heard the woman's shouts who immediately turned her gaze towards him "go out and look for him immediately!"
A car left the house towards the city streets with the purpose of finding Gohan and taking him back to his mom, meanwhile, Yamcha went to his office, picked up a phone and made a few calls since they depended on the help of all his classmates and closest friends to find the missing teenager.
"Hello, good evening, Merry Christmas... I was calling to ask something..." Yamcha said talking to the person on the other end of the phone who turned out to be none other than Bra.
"No, Gohan is not here, sir" the light blue-haired girl answered from the wireless phone in the apartment where she was spending Christmas with her relatives.
"Gohan? isn't he home?" Goten asked over the phone after receiving Yamcha's call.
"He's been kidnapped! I'm not kidding, I have no doubt about it!" Sharpner commented to Pilaf over the phone.
Instantly, everyone mobilized to look for Gohan, find him and bring him back home to spend Christmas with his mom, his only relative. The head of the police department upon hearing of the teenager's disappearance came out of his home along with his daughter and both jumped into the patrol car to start the searching.
"Don't worry, Erasa. We'll find your classmate wherever he is" her dad told her wanting to give her some encouraging words to which the blond girl just nodded.
"Gohan kidnapped? It can't be, I'm sure something else must have happened" Bulma said seeing her son's shocked expression after they both received Yamcha's call. She immediately got up from the living room sofa and went to get her coat "come on Trunks, let's go out and check the neighborhood to see if he's here, the gifts can wait."
"Uh... I don't feel very good, Mom. I think I'll stay here and wait for you to come back, if I have any news I'll let you know okay?" the lavender haired preteen replied who headed to his bedroom to transform into Lordbug to join in on the search as well. As soon as he entered into his bedroom he locked the door so his mom would not come in and let Tikki out "hurry up, we have to find Gohan! Tikki, spots on!"
Already transformed, Lordbug walked out through the Capsule Corporation's back garden just as Bulma had just walked out through the front door, threw his yo-yo into a lamppost and began to transport himself through Tokyo's icy streets at full speed in the hope of finding the dark-haired teenager. On the other hand, Gohan was walking through downtown with his hands clinging to the coat Trunks gave him trying to keep both his body and his kwami that was hidden inside the cozy fabric warm, the teenager continued walking until he turned a corner where there were some fashion boutiques that were still open late at night.
"Don't worry, Plagg. I'll get you something to eat" Gohan said to his kwami who was snuggled between his body and the coat he was wearing "but I won't promise it will be camembert."
He stopped his tracks when he saw an elderly homeless man dressed as Santa Claus handing out gifts to children at the entrance of a shopping mall and wishing them a festive season.
"Here you go kids, good old Santa Claus has enough gifts for everyone!" the old man said handing some snow globes to the children who looked at that gifts with disgust.
"Eww what kind of gift is this? it's pathetic! Sure this is all a set up you don't even look like the real Santa!" the girl protested throwing the snow globe on the ground.
"It's true! and what an ugly beard, it looks too fake!" her little brother remarked who reached over to pull the hairs out of the man's beard.
"Hey, be more careful with the beard" the old man scolded him who let out a little whimper of pain from the tug on his beard, immediately the boy released him so he could laugh at him along with his sister and throw snowballs at him.
"Stop that acting, you're not the real Santa!" the boy exclaimed with a snowball in his hand, he was about to throw it if it was not for Gohan who decided to interfere.
"That's enough! what's your problem?" the dark haired teenager said helping the old man to get to his feet "even if this man isn't the real Santa what would Santa think of you if he saw you behaving like this?"
"That boy is right, kids. Apologize right now!" another man ordered them standing behind the children, apparently that was the father of the young kids.
"We're really sorry, Santa Claus" both children said in unison showing the old man that they were truly sorry for teasing him and humiliating him like that, especially since they were afraid of being on the real Santa's naughty list if he ever found out.
"No problem, kids. Merry Christmas anyway."
After waving goodbye, the kids and their father turned around to go back home since it was late and they should not be playing in the snow at that time of the night. As soon as they left, Gohan helped the old man to stand up while with his free hand he picked up his Santa Claus bonnet which had fallen to the ground after a snowball had been thrown at him.
"I'm so sorry, sir, are you okay?" Gohan asked shaking the snow off the man's worn coat that he was wearing to protect himself from the cold.
"Yes!" the old man replied enthusiastically as he finished sitting up and took his hat from the teenager's hands standing in front of him "don't worry about me, I know how to defend myself I'm a badass Santa Claus! but what are you doing out here at this hour, are you lost?" Gohan did not look at him, nor did he answer, he just shook his head, the old man started rummaging through his things until he found a blanket, he approached to the dark haired teenager and put it over his shoulders "you're not even properly dressed. Maybe you'd like to drink some hot chocolate, I still have some."
"Sure I'd love some, sir!" Gohan told him he looked down as he heard Plagg call him over and nodded to him "uh, although... wouldn't you have a piece of camembert by any chance?"
"You're in luck today! I still have a sandwich left" the old man replied pulling out a sandwich that when he opened the bread, it contained camembert cheese inside "no doubt it's the stinkiest cheese ever" he held the sandwich with camembert and all close to Gohan so he could eat "although who am I to question other people's tastes?"
"T-to me it looks delicious, t-thank you so much" Gohan exclaimed with nervousness and fake enthusiasm accepting the sandwich offered by that man, he immediately hide it inside his coat where Plagg was hiding who did not hesitate to devour that sandwich that had a bit of his favorite food. After finishing serving the hot chocolate in some disposable mugs that he had kept, they both sat in the carriage to enjoy the beverage and spend a little time chatting, as the old man was interested in knowing what had happened with Gohan to have to see him wandering the streets at Christmas.
"So you're not lost then, let's hope that's true."
"Actually... this is my first Christmas I've spent without my dad, sir" the dark-haired teen told him with a bit of sadness "and well... my mom..."
"She doesn't know how to cope? I understand, but still, your mom must be worried about you. In fact, she's probably wondering where you'll be, and now that you ran away from home to clear your doubts don't you think it would be a good idea to come back?"
"Yes, you're right."
"Great! that's what Christmas is all about, families being together!" exclaimed the man excitedly, with a jump he hopped into the carriage's front seat and took the horses reins "I'll take you home in my sleigh" he put his Santa coat back on along with his hat but he feel it slightly wet, even if he had removed part of the snow, the fabric had absorbed a part of the humidity which turn the coat useless to protect from the cold, Gohan laughed softly and turned his gaze back to his kwami which was still inside the coat.
"Well, Plagg. The ride's over, it's time to go" the dark haired teen whispered to him, the little kwami nodded and hid behind his holder as he removed his coat from under the blanket and held it out to the older man "but before we leave, you'd better put this on, a friend of mine gave it to me, I think he'd like you to wear it before I do."
"Huh? a gift? for me?" the man uttered, unable to believe what was going on.
"We all deserve to get something for Christmas."
"Thank you so much, kiddo."
After saying that, the man disguised as Santa pulled the reins of the horses and the sleigh began to move down the street covered by a slightly thick layer of snow, apparently, that night, Tokyo public workers had forgotten to sprinkle salt to melt the snow and give them better access to the cars. On the other hand, those who had received Yamcha's phone call last minute mobilized to look for Gohan, but as the minutes passed there was no sign of the dark-haired teenager, everyone started to wonder where he could be at such a high time of the night. Lordbug continued moving through the city streets with the help of his yo-yo until he reached the lighted downtown streets, he landed right in front of the huge Christmas tree and looked around for any clues, but was slightly surprised to find a destroyed ad.
"There is only one thing this kind of damage can bring: Chat Noir's Cataclysm, am I right?" Lordbug sang after seeing the ad, he stood up and continued looking for clues, at that, his foot stepped on something that made a crunching sound and when he looked down he found a folded paper "look, a gift card! it's an important clue, it's from my gift for Gohan tonight. Gohan disappears and Chat Noir steps in, he must be working to protect him" he pressed the card to his chest hugging it tightly "my only explanation, my speculation, is that some supervillain is after Gohan!" he dropped the card and clenched his fists as a tone of rage and determination invaded his voice "it's a good thing I'm here, I'll protect him without fear. This boy that I secretly love. And with all of my might, I'll save you tonight! you're the boy that I secretly love. If you never know it's true, I'll be there for you. You're the boy that I secretly love" he hugged himself, letting out an anguished sigh, because of the cold, some steam emanated from the mouth of the lavender-haired hero "but what would you do, if you knew what's true? that's why I so secretly love you" He barely finished his song, he put on a serious expression, because he still had work to do, "well, what victim will have been akumatized now at Christmas?"
His blue eyes focused again on the snow and found some footprints, he quickly threw his yo-yo and began to follow the trail of footprints from the heights maybe that would help him to find Gohan and his whereabouts.
"And what about you, sir?" Gohan asked to the old man disguised as Santa Claus without stopping driving his sleigh "where do you want to spend Christmas, do you have family somewhere in Japan?"
"Kid, when you travel often like me, it doesn't matter where you are. Japan and the whole world is my home!" the man replied and then let out Santa's characteristic laugh, Gohan turned his eyes away from the glass with hot chocolate in his hands.
"So you're traveling alone huh? Well, I'll tell you what, take me home, I'll talk to my mom to share Christmas with us. Please sir, bring a taste of the Christmas spirit back into my family."
"Well, I will, I can stay but not for too long. You know Santa has work to finish tonight don't you?"
"No problem, I would really appreciate this."
After a few minutes following Gohan's instructions, the sleigh stopped in front of Son's house main entrance, luckily the lights inside were on, which suggested that maybe there was someone inside and that not everyone had gone out to the streets to look for him. Both Gohan and the old man who kindly offered to accompany him and spend Christmas with them for a while, got off the sleigh and walked towards the entrance, the dark-haired teenager rang the doorbell and waited, instantly the green light of the camera along with a familiar voice were heard through the doorbell loudspeaker.
"Gohan is that you? and who the heck are you? what are you doing with my son?" Chi-chi's voice echoed through the speaker as she moved the camera towards the man standing next to him.
"Isn't it obvious, I'm Santa Claus, ma'am!" the old man introduced himself in front of the dark-haired woman but she did not seem entirely convinced, clearly she was sure that this was some phony or thief impersonating Santa Claus to rob her that Christmas night.
"Ha, yes, sure, and I'm the tooth fairy" Chi-chi replied sarcastically "I guess you just want to come in and steal from us, don't worry, my personal assistant will be right down and take care of you."
"No, wait you're making a mistake, mom!" Gohan tried to explain but was interrupted by another familiar voice.
"No. Your mother is right!" they both turned around to find Lordbug standing a few feet from the main entrance to the massive house, he approached menacingly as he pulled out his sword ready to fight "that man is probably an akumatized victim of Dark Butterfly!"
"What?! no! of course not!" the dark haired teenager exclaimed, the pupils of his black eyes shrank in shock.
"But what's wrong with you? have you all gone crazy?!" the old man dressed as Santa Claus asked a bit confused, since he was unaware of the constant dangers and supervillain attacks that Tokyo had to face that year. He immediately broke into a run, ready to jump on his sleigh, but Lordbug stood in his way by placing his sword blade in front of him.
"Lordbug, wait! It's not what you think, that good man wasn't akumatized!" Gohan tried to explain but obviously the hero was not in the best moment to listen to reason.
"I know pretty well when someone was akumatized and when not, believe me" the lavender-haired hero answered him, he stopped looking at Gohan when he realized that the old man had jumped on his sleigh and was escaping at full speed from there.
"Let's get out of here! I don't have time to waste!" the man exclaimed driving away from there as fast as he could with the help of his horses propelling his sleigh, Lordbug saw this as one less problem so he put his sword back into its case.
"You're safe now, you'd better get indoors" the lavender-haired hero said to the teenager standing next to him.
"No! wait!" Gohan tried to stop him but Lordbug was faster, he threw his yo-yo and moved away from there transporting himself again through the city's icy streets he looked at his kwami who was still hiding inside the blanket given by Santa "Plagg, claws o...!"
"Gohan! why are you still out here?" Yamcha asked who had just left the house and opened the main entrance. Gohan looked at him and turned his eyes away towards the horizon praying that Lordbug was wrong and would not hurt that old man who was so kind to him and even offered to escort him back home.
Meanwhile, Santa drove the sleigh as fast as he could and from time to time encouraged his horses to move the sleigh with more speed, unfortunately, that was not enough to lose Lordbug's sight, who had begun to follow him since the second he left the Son's house. He felt the string of a yo-yo tangle around his body and was pulled forcefully out of the sleigh falling back into the snow.
"Hey! what the blazes is wrong with you, kiddo? that fall really hurt me!" the old man complained, getting up from the snow-covered street without taking his eyes off the lavender-haired hero who again had pulled out his sword in attempt to confront him, but seeing the annoyed expression on that man he realized that he was wrong and that he was not an akumatized villain, too bad he would soon regret not having realized his mistake before because something terrible was about to happen that night.
An intense purple light illuminated Dark Butterfly's hideout, who tightly gripped her cane that belonged to her transformation, closed her eyes and frowned feeling the anger and negative energy accumulated in that man's ki who had been unfairly accused of being a villain, but soon she would make that a reality, that way she could give Lordbug a lesson and she would get his miraculous.
"Maybe you didn't notice but you accidentally just gave me the best Christmas gift of my life, Lordbug!" the villain exclaimed opening her eyes "a poor innocent old man who was wrongfully accused of being a villain and with that his Christmas spirit is destroyed!" a white butterfly landed on Dark Butterfly's hand, she covered it with her free hand spellbounding it with her akuma, removed her hand and let it go "fly away, my evil butterfly. You've all you need to corrupt this Santa Claus!"
"Gohan, wait! where do you think you're going?" the wild-haired man asked him causing him to stop in his tracks halfway up.
"Well to my bedroom to sleep since it looks like mom doesn't care about having Christmas with me" Gohan replied angrily, he turned around and continued his way but again he was stopped by Yamcha.
"Of course she cares about having Christmas with you. A few hours ago she went to your room to give you her gift and you weren't there. I'll let her know you're here waiting for her now and I hope this time you'll stay in your bedroom."
"Okay, I will, Yamcha."
"So you're not an akumatized villain then?" Lordbug asked Santa sitting on the snow covered street as he put his sword back away.
"Of course not. I think you've been reading too many manga lately, kiddo" the old man replied bringing a hand to his head to ease the hit he had received upon impacting against the snow.
"I'm so sorry!" the lavender-haired hero apologized who immediately approached to the old man and placed a hand on his arm "it was a misunderstanding, let me help you."
"No, thank you, I think you've helped me too much for today!" the man replied indifferently, pulling his arm away from the hero's grip, shook the snow off his clothes, turned around and headed back to his sleigh. Lordbug could not help but let out a sigh feeling guilty for all the misunderstanding he himself had caused, he threw his yo-yo and moved away as Santa walked back to his sleigh with a frown on his face "but what a crazy city, no one here has any respect for the Christmas spirit!"
He climbed into his sleigh and looked down sadly, in that, a purple butterfly that had just flown by, descended towards the sad old man sitting in his sleigh and got into the Santa hat he wore on his head dying it purple.
"Well I still believe in the Christmas spirit!" Dark Butterfly spoke communicating with his new victim thanks to her powers "Santa Claws, I am Dark Butterfly, you have been unfairly accused of being a villain, well from now on that's what you will be! but with one condition, since I have been good all year I will ask you for two Christmas gifts Lordbug and Chat Noir's miraculous!"
"I will gladly give them to you! Merry Christmas, Dark Butterfly!" the akumatized old man exclaimed, after saying that a purple aura surrounded him along with his sleigh thus transforming him into a sinister version of the iconic character. Lordbug continued his trip through the cold and snowy streets of Tokyo transporting himself with the help of his yo-yo with the intention of going back to Capsule Corporation, to his home now that Gohan was back home and was no longer in danger, as soon as he arrived he would tell his mom but his plans were interrupted when he heard the sound of a propeller and quick animal footsteps along with a firm but thick voice calling him, so he stopped and when he turned to look he found Santa Claws in his sleigh now propelled by some terrifying and ferocious reindeer "Lordbug! You think you can get away with making fun of me?!" the lavender-haired hero looked confused at the man who started his sleigh back up to approach him "you think you can get away with accusing me?!" already in front of Lordbug, the reindeer emanated a stinky green smoke from its nostrils which forced the hero to cover his nose from the unpleasant smell "I am Santa Claws! I'm a rebel with a cause! I'll punish and give you a fright! have a horrible Christmas night!"
After singing that, the akumatized villain took out a red and black gift box and threw it into the air, the box exploded and from inside came out hundreds of bats that without hesitation launched themselves to attack the lavender-haired hero who used his hands to scare them away and protect himself as best he could. As soon as the bats were gone and he could uncover his sight, he noticed how Santa Claws was flying away in his sleigh at full speed, worried that he might attack more innocent people, the lavender-haired hero prepared his yo-yo and went after him as fast as he could.
On the other hand, Gohan was back in his bedroom playing video games to kill time until his mom arrived and they could spend Christmas together, but after a while he got bored, besides he was tired and was starting to get sleepy, his eyelids were heavy, he turned off the TV and the game console ready to go to his bed and try to get some sleep; however, he was interrupted when he saw a couple of scary reindeer with a sleigh coming through the window of his bedroom, which scared him a little, he heard a familiar laugh and he could recognize who it was.
"Santa Claus?" the dark haired teenager uttered confused seeing the sinister semblance that now that old man had who had offered to accompany him home and even gave him a blanket and hot chocolate to be able to bear the cold.
"Not exactly!" replied the akumatized villain, quickly the Son family driver stepped between Gohan and Santa Claws trying to protect him "I am Santa Claws! I'm a rebel with a cause! I'll punish and give you a fright! have a horrible Christmas night!" he took out another gift box leaving it on the floor, which exploded and from inside came out hundreds of spiders that started walking around the bedroom and climbed on the driver's body, he ran away terrified which scared Gohan a little bit who looked at the villain with fear reflected in his black eyes "I don't plan to attack you, Gohan. I've a debt with you, you gave me a gift and I won't forget that! In fact, I plan to take revenge on you and me!"
"No wait!" Gohan said wanting to stop the akumatized villain but the latter had already started his sleigh again and went out the way he came in: through the teenager's bedroom window.
"This will be the Christmas of revenge!"
Taking advantage that the driver ran scared out of the bedroom because of the spiders, Gohan closed the door and transformed himself into Chat Noir. Meanwhile, at the Satan mansion, after finishing dinner, Mr. Satan and Videl were in the elegant living room opening the mountain of gifts that the man with the dark afro had bought for his daughter, since from his point of view, she deserved the best on those holidays, when in reality she did not deserve gifts but rather a bag of charcoal, after all, Videl had been responsible that most of the citizens in Tokyo were akumatized that year.
"Apparently Santa Claus has arrived early this year!" exclaimed Mr. Satan excitedly as he gazed at his daughter's amazed face as she saw the mountain of presents she had to open under the tree "don't you think so, my sweet Videl?"
At that, the living room window opened wide sending a draft of wind that pushed Videl and her dad several meters away from the tree and the mountain of gifts that rested there, through the window entered Santa Claws in his sleigh propelled by his reindeer plus a propeller, this caused both Mr. Satan and Videl to look at him with a bit of shock on their faces.
"Horrible Christmas for everyone!" the akumatized villain exclaimed standing on his sleigh.
"Agh... but who the hell are you and how did you get in here?" Videl asked staring at the villain from head to toe a bit disgusted by his grotesque appearance.
"I'm Santa Claws! I'm a rebel with a cause!" the akumatized villain sang with his deep voice, the dark haired girl with her hair pulled back in two pigtails turned her gaze towards the living room and gasped in horror as she saw how Santa Claws' reindeer were eating her gifts "I'll punish you and give you a fright! have a horrible Christmas night!" as he finished his song, Santa Claws took out another red and black gift box, he threw it to the living room floor, Videl approached to see that gift box confused but when she was about to take it between her hands to open it and know what was inside, it exploded covering her with black and dirty soot, the girl gave a scream and ran upstairs to her bedroom followed by her dad who was trying to calm her down. Seeing that he had already accomplished his task, Santa Claws came out of the window just as Lordbug arrived to the scene, his blue eyes spotted the akumatized villain driving away in his sleigh from the Satan mansion "horrible Christmas for everyone!"
Without wasting more time, the lavender-haired hero resumed his chase, running across the city's building rooftops and transporting himself with the help of his yo-yo in order to catch up with the akumatized villain's sleigh that was speeding away from there looking for more people to frighten that night.
"It's just the two of us in this battle, Santa Claws!" Lordbug exclaimed without stopping running.
"You mean three, my Lord" someone else joined the battle against that sinister villain and it was none other than Chat Noir who suddenly appeared and started running alongside him.
"Chat Noir, where were you? what happened to Gohan?"
"It's... it's a long story, cats have our secrets too you know?" the feline hero answered him without stopping running, Lordbug simply nodded, took a leap and a somersault next to his partner landing both of them on the back of Santa Claws' sleigh that he was driving "who will deliver the gifts to the good children now, Santa Claws?"
"There are no more gifts! there's no Christmas spirit here!" the akumatized villain exclaimed angrily pulling out a small black and red box "you guys had to behave yourselves if you wanted to receive a gift!"
"Hey I was nice all year!" Chat Noir complained, with a sharp swing of his sleigh, Santa Claws made the feline hero lose his balance and plummet to the ground.
"Looks like not enough" Lordbug muttered who immediately jumped to rescue his partner, when he was a few inches away from him, he extended his arm and Chat Noir grabbed it tightly while Lordbug covered his eyes to keep snowflakes out "hold on tight!"
Quickly he throw the extreme of his yo-yo to one of the sliders sleds and they began to be pulled through the air at full speed as Lordbug held his partner by the arm.
"Want to go for a nice sleigh ride, my disgraceful elves?" the akumatized villain asked leaning out of the side of his sleigh "alright!" he turned his eyes ahead and grabbed his reindeer's reins "hold on tight, here we go!"
He pulled on the reins of his reindeer and the sleigh began to fly through the air at full speed, spinning around and jolting a bit with the aim of making the heroes loose and fall to the ground but Lordbug was determined not to fall off the sleigh and Chat Noir was doing his best to hold on tightly to his partner's arm so he would not fall down and the latter would have to go and save him... again.
"Don't you need a driver's license to drive one of those?" Chat Noir asked without letting go of his lavender-haired partner's arm without being pulled by the sleigh.
"Time to open gifts, kids!" Santa Claws cried who pulled more boxes from his sleigh and threw them at Lordbug and Chat Noir who were left dangling in the air, both trying to dodge the attacks as best they could.
"I'll try to stop the sleigh, you take care of stopping Santa Claws!" the lavender-haired hero ordered to his feline partner. Using his strength and his only free arm, Lordbug threw Chat Noir into the air, he landed on the sleigh with a somersault, then pulled out a kusarigama from his silver wristband, he got into attack position and then jumped to fight against the villain but he defended himself with a gift box which exploded and from inside came out a katana of the same color as the box, without putting much strength, Santa Claus pushed Chat Noir making him sit on the front seat of the sleigh and began to attack him with his katana but the feline hero evaded the blows directed at him. Lordbug propelled himself into the air flipping and jumping onto one of the terrifying reindeer pulling the sleigh; however, when he felt the lavender-haired hero on its back they became upset and began to pull the sleigh swiftly.
"Whoa stop! slow down!" Santa Claws commanded his reindeer; but due to a jolt of the sleigh, the akumatized villain fell out of it so Chat Noir went over to help him, he grabbed him by the arm before he plummeted to the ground and began to pull him carefully to get him back on his sleigh, Santa Claws looked at the hero not before giving him a smile full of sharp teeth "thank you so much!"
Chat Noir returned the smile; however, that moment was short lived as the akumatized villain grabbed him forcefully by his arm and threw him out of the sleigh.
"Lordbug, help!" the feline hero cried out getting his partner's attention as he fell to the ground, again.
"Ough not again!" the lavender-haired hero complained letting out a small snort at the naivety of his feline partner, he jumped down from the reindeer he was riding and jumped towards his partner to save him by taking him by the arm again, he threw his yo-yo tangling it in a light post that was near where they were and with an impulse he threw themselves, landing squarely on the balcony of Goten's house, just as Goten was capturing the battle with his tablet to later post it on his website, the wild-haired boy turned to see both heroes on the living room floor of his house with tired expressions and their costumes covered with a light layer of snow.
"Lordbug and Chat Noir? at my home? whoa! now that's worthy of an exclusive interview!" Goten cried excitedly while still recording the heroes with his tablet and his entire family there "do you guys want to dedicate a message to your followers on my website?"
"Th-this is not what it looks like!" Lordbug replied pushing his feline partner off his back as he smiled nervously at the tablet's camera. Goten reacted as he heard the sound of a propeller, he as well as Lordbug and Chat Noir went back out to the balcony to see what was going on, Chat Noir was about to go out again to confront Santa Claws but his lavender haired partner grabbed him by the end of his suit "no wait! confronting him won't do any good, Lucky Charm!" he threw his yo-yo into the air, a white light came out of it along with hundreds of ladybugs revealing the object he should use to stop the villain: an office supply kit.
"I hope that's not trying to tell us that we should look for another job" Chat Noir commented jokingly while Goten was still recording with his tablet, Lordbug started looking at the kit and looked around the wild-haired boy's house having an idea of what he should do to stop Santa Claws, he immediately ran into the house followed by Goten and Chat Noir.
"Attention everyone! I need you to bring me a cardboard box fast!" the lavender-haired hero said looking through the house's furniture "do you have any empty boxes?"
"Yes, there's one over there!" Goten's mom replied pointing to a cabinet, Lordbug opened the cabinet finding a cardboard box considerably sized, at least for either of the two heroes to fit in, he looked at the box along with the office supply kit, a pair of scissors, a notepad and some pens Goten's niece handed to him. He immediately got to work on the trap they would set for the gloomy version of Santa Claus in order to de-akumatize him back to his old self, he wrote a few words on the notepad, ripped off the paper and handed it to Chat Noir.
"This is my Christmas list, I need you to go to Capsule Corporation and borrow this item" Lordbug ordered his feline partner, he looked at the note and nodded "when you get what I asked for, wait for me at the Tokyo Tower observatory I'll explain the whole plan there!" he looked away towards a curtain and with a tug he tore off the fabric since it would be useful for his plan.
"I always dreamed to be your Santa's helper, my Lord" Chat Noir commented he jumped off the house's balcony, as soon as his partner was gone, the lavender-haired hero resumed his work.
"Don't worry, Christmas will be back to normal soon!" Lordbug exclaimed, stuffing everything he needed inside the curtain fabric to form a makeshift bag, he threw his yo-yo off the balcony and hurriedly transported himself to Tokyo Tower to execute his plan once and for all.
"Go and stop the villain, Santa bug!" Goten exclaimed excitedly from his home's balcony as he and his family looked on as the hero disappeared into the distance.
Santa Claws went through Tokyo streets spreading chaos and fear on that Christmas night but he slowed down his sleigh when he saw some fireworks coming out of the city tower observatory, guessing that his adversaries were in that place, he pulled the reins of his reindeer and directed the sleigh straight to the observatory. He circled around it with his sleigh seeing that there was a huge gift box wrapped in midnight blue and gold paper with a ribbon of the same color decorating the top of the box hanging in one of the corners of the observatory, he pulled out a huge mace and was about to destroy the box but it flipped over showing a picture of himself.
"Huh? It's me! what's going on here?" Santa Claws asked confused when he saw the portrait of himself stuck on that gift box.
"Santa, you're the winner, we stand down and surrender" the akumatized villain looked down as he saw Chat Noir singing near one of the observatory windows, behind him was Lordbug wearing a Christmas hat or that is what he saw from afar since it was actually a cardboard silhouette that Chat Noir took from Capsule Corporation following the lavender-haired hero's request "we fear you have defeated us, so we give you our Miraculous. But beforehand, here is a gift for you. 'Cause on Christmas, even you have a right to that, too" Santa Claws moved his gaze from Chat Noir to see the gift box in front of him again "even though you may have caused unhappiness, at Christmas you deserve that and much more"
"A gift? For me? Are you serious?" the akumatized villain asked with his eyes shining with excitement, he prepared his mace to break the box but was stopped by Dark Butterfly who still controlled his akuma.
"No, don't listen to him! It must be a trap!" the dark-haired villain exclaimed from her hiding place trying to stop him, but clearly Santa Claws would not listen to reasons as he was being mesmerized by the feline hero's words and song.
"Rebel with a cause, you give us so much fright! we all have the right to a gift on Christmas night" Chat Noir sang, slightly moved by his words and the gift in front of his eyes, Santa Claws prepared his mace to break the box and see what was inside but as he was about to do it, a trembling shook the box along with the entire observatory plus Lordbug cardboard silhouette, the box opened and out an explosion of confetti the lavender haired hero came out.
"Merry Christmas!" Lordbug exclaimed, he threw his yo-yo catching the villain and give a somersault in the air to tangle the rope around the sleigh and immobilize it, Chat Noir smiled and closed his left hand into a fist with determination, his time to act had finally come.
"Cataclysm!" Chat Noir raised his left hand causing a sphere of black energy to emerge from it, he closed his hand tightly and the energy surrounded his hand and wristband. He ran across the observatory's crystallized roof, jumped high and with his hand containing the cataclysm touched Santa Claws hat turning completely black, quickly he gave another jump passing close to his lavender-haired partner who took the hat and Chat Noir landed back on Tokyo Tower's observatory roof "Merry Christmas, my lord!"
"Thank you, feline!" Lordbug replied from the sleigh with a smile on his face, he gave a blow to the hat which turned into dust, the butterfly came out from the cloud of black dust and flew away from there "you caused a lot of trouble today, akuma" he opened his yo-yo releasing the net of light that would trap the cursed butterfly to purify it "it's time to rid you from evil! with his free arm he threw his yo-yo to capture the akuma and then pulled it towards him "gotcha!" he pressed the secret button that opened his yo-yo releasing the now white butterfly "goodbye, little butterfly!" he took the office supply kit and threw it into the night sky with strength "miraculous Lordbug!"
The kit vanished turning into thousands of ladybugs that flew all over Tokyo and the rest of the world undoing all the chaos and terror caused by Santa Claws, the villain's transformation was undone along with his sleigh bringing him back to his original appearance, he was about to crash into the snow but the ladybugs took care of putting him and his horse-driven sleigh back on the ground, Chat Noir jumped down from Tokyo Tower and landed on his feet next to his partner in the sleigh, both standing behind the confused old man who did not understand what had just happened.
"Mission accomplished" both heroes exclaimed in unison as they bumped their fists in celebration of their victory.
"Lordbug, Chat Noir, you'd better enjoy the festivities while you can" Dark Butterfly said angrily from her hiding place as she saw that her plan had been thwarted and she did not get the heroes' miraculous that she longed for as a Christmas gift "but we'll see who receives a gift next Christmas!"


Later at Son's house, Gohan was in his mom's bedroom who was sitting on the bed with her back to him and her eyes fixed on the framed photograph of his dad, he noticed how she was clenching her hands in a sign of worry and uneasiness, Yamcha, on the other hand, was standing outside the bedroom next to the door to prevent anyone from entering to see the conversation that mother and child were about to have at that moment.
"Gohan, you have to understand that you can't run away like this" Chi-chi said without looking at him and without leaving her place on the bed. Gohan looked down, he could not help but feel a little guilty but it was his mom who had unwittingly led him to make that decision "you know I could not bear to lose you"
"Yes, I understand, mom" the dark-haired teenager muttered in a low voice, at that, someone rang the house doorbell, Yamcha's office phone rang and he ran downstairs to answer it, a few seconds later, he heard footsteps running to the bedroom, the wild-haired man opened the door and turned his gaze towards Gohan.
"There are people outside who want to see you" Yamcha said, Gohan looked at him arching an eyebrow in confusion and turned his gaze to his mom who was still sitting on the bed without moving from her place. Minutes later, both went to the door that led to the corridor next to Yamcha, he opened the door and stepped aside to let in whoever was waiting outside "I told all his classmates that Gohan was at home, ma'am. They were worried sick about him"
Gohan approached to the door and the expression on his face changed to one of happiness when he saw all his classmates with their families and that old man disguised as Santa Claus that he met at the mall standing there at his home's entrance, they were all carrying something to eat, some gifts or they were just going to enjoy each other's company. The dark-haired teenager did not know how to react to that surprise and turned his gaze to his mom who was looking at all those people slightly astonished.
"Can they spend Christmas with us? please, Mom. It's Christmas" Gohan begged with pleading eyes.
"Yes, as you wish, let them come in, I don't see why not" Chi-chi replied with a shrug, giving her son's friends permission to enter to the house.
"Merry Christmas, Gohan" Yamcha said who discreetly winked at Gohan making him to understand that he was the one who had planned everything. Once they greeted each other properly, they all went to the house huge and elegant dining room and set the table to share a delicious Christmas dinner together (although it was unnecessary since it was almost dawn).
"Merry Christmas to everyone~!" all the people gathered at that long table sang, making Gohan smile, who without thinking twice, but slyly, turned his eyes to the big family photo that was hanging on the dining room wall, he could not help smiling a little, turning his eyes towards his dad, holding him in his arms when he was a little kid.
"Merry Christmas, Otōsan. Wherever you are, I hope you are okay" Gohan said looking at that framed photograph.


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