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This is the second One-Shot that I write from "Dragon Ball" saga and it is also based on a doujinshi called Tentekomai, among one of the stories I found one that I thought it was nice but I did not like how it ended, the end It seemed very sad so I take the freedom to pass the dialogue of the doujinshi to One-Shot version but unlike the original ending, I wanted to do something different...

Anyway, I will not make more spoilers, "Dragon Ball" anime saga, mangas and films do not belong to me, all belongs to Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation. Tentekomai doujinshi belongs to its respective artist and the alternate ending to the story is from MY property.

Mirai Trunks was standing at the door of the house in Paozu Mountain where Goku, Chi-chi and Gohan lived, he was a little nervous, how could he not be? He had gone there for a very good reason and after much thinking he decided that he would tell the child what he felt for him.

“Well, you're here. There is no turning back, today is the day...” Trunks thought closing his right hand like a fist “today I will confess to Gohan what I feel for him”

The lavender haired teen took a deep breath to calm his nerves, knocked on the door and it opened by itself as if nothing happened, he decided to enter to the house.

“Uh, excuse me but... Is Gohan...?” Trunks asked but he could not finish his question, apparently neither Goku or Gohan were alone, in the house were the other Z senshi: Krillin, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, all of them spoke between them and they laughed at who whatever knows... even Vegeta was there! That’s so uncomfortable…

“Oh, are you here? I'm glad you came here so you can do this, Trunks” said Goku “come on, sit down with us hahahaha”

The lavender haired teen agreed and went to sit on the floor next to the other Z senshi, Goku approached him a small glass of glass to drink sake with them. For a second his eyes wandered to see little Gohan who was standing there listening to what his friends were saying with a tender smile drawn on his face, seeing the boy that way made him blush faintly and his heart began to beat.

“I knew, this was a bad idea... wanting to confess to Gohan my feelings, it's something presumptuous of me” Trunks thought holding the small glass that had been given, he pretended to drink although he knew already it was empty, Goku saw him realizing what happened.

“Gohan!” said the saiyan calling the boy who reacted immediately “go serve Trunks some sake; he came here after all...”

“Ah, it's okay!” Gohan obeyed his father and went with the bottle of sake where his best friend of the future was sitting, began to serve the drink in the small glass.

“Here you are, Trunks.”

The lavender haired teen felt that just hearing his beautiful voice was going to drive him crazy, a slight blush appeared on his face and his heart began to beat strongly. He tried to calm down searching the right words to tell his feelings to the child.


"Yes! It's now or never, do it!" His conscience told him motivating him to tell Gohan what he felt for him.

“, Gohan...” Trunks said, the younger boy looked at him without understanding what he was trying to say, he felt a hand lean on his shoulder “I...I... I'm in love with you.”

“Ha...” Gohan said but immediately laughed thinking that what his friend said was a joke or was probably the effect of alcohol that one of his friends had given him as an experimental phase “hahahaha again, again, again hahahaha, you're very funny, Trunks!”

The lavender haired teen released the grip he applied on Gohan's shoulder, he was surprised at his reaction and as he laughed at what he had said, he did not see the fun on that, he was being serious with him; he supported both hands on the shoulders of the child who did not stop laughing.

“Gohan, this is not a joke. What I'm saying is really serious, I'm really in love with you" the lavender haired teen said staring into his eyes.

The boy suddenly stopped laughing, he remained silent looking at his best friend of the future and his expression changed from amused to one of fear, he did not know what to do, he did not know what to answer, he closed his eyes tightly, lowering his head, a slight blush seized his face; He turned away from Trunks and ran to the door to get out flying far away from that place.

“Gohan! Where are you going?" Chi-chi asked seeing that her son had run to the door, Gohan did not answered, he was not used to disobey his parents, much less his mother but had to leave there, quickly opened the door and flew away, the other warriors Z saw what happened but did not know very well because the child had fled like that, the black haired woman remained static for a second but then reacted and stared at Goku “Goku! I need you to go look for Gohan”

The saiyan was going to look for the child, he should not be outside and he should find him before Chi-chi became more worried and angry.

“Don't worry, I'll go look for him.” Trunks said.

“Why should you do it? Listen, I don’t know what you told Gohan to make him run away like that but you better not spoil the situation anymore" Vegeta said.

“I understand that I was the one who scared him but I want to try to fix things with him” Trunks replied, he got up from his place, went to the door and left from there flying. Chi-chi, Goku and the other Z senshi saw him go away while the dark haired woman waited and begged for the young man of the future to find the child soon.

Meanwhile, Gohan had been flying for a long time until he came to a leafy part of the forest, he assumed that they would not find him there but just in case he tried to hide his ki but it was useless, he breathed agitatedly and his eyes focused on the night sky, which was barely concealed by the trees, felt her eyes fill with tears, a slight blush returned to his face.

"I don’t understand... I cannot understand" Gohan thought "Why did Trunks say something like that? I thought he was just playing with me but it was not like that way, and what if... and what if he was really in love with me?”

He was confused about it, indeed, he was not quite sure what he and the lilac felt for each other, for a long time he became suspicious as Trunks acted strangely with him, he was a little more affectionate and always wanted to protect him or be with him most part of the day, he found it uncomfortable although on the other hand he couldn’t deny that he felt a warm sensation in his belly when he looked at him... Gods! This was bad, very bad but… For how long was he going to keep hiding that he was also in love with him?

Trunks flew through that forest looking for the younger boy, he knew that he was going to come to that place, he was looking in the less leafy area believing that Gohan could be there but he could not find him; he was beginning to regret, he knew it had been a bad idea to have told the dark-haired boy that he was in love with him but after considering it a little he realized that both the younger boy and Mirai Gohan were the same person so there was no problem with it. He continued flying until he reached the most leafy part of the forest and stopped there looking around.

It was evident that the child would be scared at his confession, he supposed it was normal for him, after all he was only eleven years old, he remembered that he had also gone through the same situation when his sensei, Mirai Gohan had confessed his feelings for him , the only difference was that he was one year younger than the Gohan of that time line, it was true that at first he had been scared but after a while he managed to accept that he felt the same for him and his feelings were taken back.

*Flashback *

Gohan could not keep hiding him any longer, he had to do it, he had to tell Trunks what he felt for him, he did not know when he would have an opportunity like that to confess to the child his feelings, and he did not know what his reaction would be. He would feel in the same way? He would reject it? He would be afraid? He would hate him and perhaps would not want to see him again? The last option discarded right away, Trunks wouldn´t hate him, he would never do that, most likely would not want to talk to him again for a while, his thoughts were erased to see that he was only a few inches in front of the child, he walked with a little of nervousness made him feel like a slight heat invaded his face, specifically his cheeks, dyeing them a slight red color.


"What's wrong, Gohan-san?" The younger boy asked.

“Ah, there are some things that I want to talk to you about ... I've been thinking a lot about that and in fact, I should tell you, I think...”

“You have something to tell me? What is it?”

"Honestly, I think you'd be really shocked... but what I'm going to say I mean it. Trunks, I like you" Gohan confessed, patiently waiting for the answer of the young man with the lilac hair or at least giving a small reaction of disgust or rejection but nothing happened.

"Huh?" Trunks said, his reaction was different from what Gohan had been assuming a few moments ago, he looked stunned? No, that was not possible, his reaction... it seemed that he would be about to cry at any moment.

“Trunks? What's going on? Did I say something wrong?” Gohan asked, wanted to approach the child but he just left him and without saying a word ran away from there “Trunks, wait!”

*Flashback end*

"Gohan, where are you?"
Trunks thought, his thoughts erased as he felt the younger boy's ki not far away from him “I found you!”

Without losing more time he flew down to the tree where the child was, landed a few meters away so as not to frighten the child again. He started to walk towards the tree where Gohan was sitting, stopped only a few inches and could see how the child hugged his knees and rested his head on them, moved a little closer and rested his hand on the boy's shoulder, Gohan jumped with that touch and looked away to find the blue orbs of a certain lavender haired boy from the future.

“T-Trunks? What are you doing here?" Gohan said, moving away a little "How did you find me?"

“I could feel your ki and I knew you would be hiding in this place” said Trunks sitting next to the boy, Gohan looked at him for a second but then moved closer to him, there was a brief moment of silence until the lilac decided to break it “listen, Gohan, I... I'm sorry for what I said a while ago”

“You mean that you're in love with me?

“Yes, I just came to tell you that I'm very sorry, I did not want to scare you with my confession, you know what? Better forget that something had happened, I understand if you don’t feel the same for me... we can still be friends.”

“Why are you apologizing for?” Gohan said without looking at his friend from the future “Trunks... I... I don’t know when all this started, I'm not sure when I started having this kind of feelings towards you but...”

The lavender haired teen was silent listening carefully to the child's words. Was he going to tell him what he thought he was going to tell him?

“But, I think like you. No, that's not enough, not only do I like you, Trunks, I feel the same thing you feel for me... I... I'm also in love with you.”

Trunks could not believe what he was hearing, he felt his heart beat with happiness at the words spoken by that child, that adorable child that made him so much reminiscent of his sensei, he was not dreaming or imagining things, right? Because of being a dream he never wanted to wake up, he felt happy and safe in him.

“Gohan... you're really in love with me?"Trunks asked, still doubting if that was a simple fantasy of him or reality. The boy laughed to himself when he heard that obviously silly question on the part of the lavender haired teen, he calmed down a bit and stared at him with his dark eyes.

“I already said it a few seconds ago; at first I might not be sure what I felt for you. I thought it was just physical attraction and nothing else but as time passed and the days, I began to suspect that lately you behaved very strange to me, you never wanted to leave me alone, I felt uncomfortable but at the same time I liked that you were stay so long with me. After thinking about it, I start to consider the possibility that I like you and that I'm really in love with you, Trunks.”

The lavender haired teen smiled knowing that his feelings were taken back, he did not know if it was an impulse or a decision of his own, he only knew that he attracted the younger boy towards him joining him in a warm and comforting hug, Gohan blushed slightly but let himself go and returned the hug of his best friend from the future. Three or four minutes passed in which neither of them said anything until they finally parted to meet each other's eyes, both could see reflected a connection with their souls as if they had been made to be together since the beginning of time but that would be too much to ask, Trunks took one of his hands to Gohan's right cheek caressing it tenderly, the younger one just smiled and laughed a little, that touch tickled him, he felt as the lavender haired teen surrounded the small waist of the child to lift it and be able to fit it in his lap.

"Gohan?" Trunks said, making him look at him without being able to hide his growing blush.


“Gohan, I love you.”

“I know, Trunks. I love you too, I love you very much" replied the younger boy, their faces were a few inches apart and could feel the warm breathing of the other, Gohan closed his eyes as the lavender haired teen came closer to him to cut the distance that separated them with a sweet and tender kiss.

The child felt in the clouds, he was receiving a kiss from the person he loved the most even though it was from a completely different timeline than his own, little by little the kiss intensified, at the beginning it cost him a little to take back but as the seconds passed he was able to follow the rhythm of the kiss normally. First they were relaxed kisses; however, Trunks was not satisfied with just that, he wanted more, he brushed his tongue with Gohan's lower lip causing him to open his mouth a bit to give way to that wet intruder allowing him to go all inside him at the same time, his little tongue sought to have contact with the lavender haired teen’s and emitted drowned moans within the kiss, after a few seconds their tongues began to play and intertwine out of their mouths, continued like that for a while longer until they had to break apart to breathe.

Gohan was the first to cut that kiss, but not abruptly, he break apart leaving small kisses on the face and lips of the lavender haired teen when he finished they smiled at each other. In that fact, Trunks taking advantage of the child who was distracted, he left a kiss near the child’s ear and continued leaving a short path of kisses down his cheek while a hand ran a bit the shirt that Gohan was wearing barely discovering his shoulder; his kisses came down to his little neck where he began to kiss, lick and suck it taking care not to leave marks, taking some sighs from the child but when he reached his shoulder he could not contain himself, he gave a slight bite making Gohan to moan slightly.

“T-Trunks, I-I think we should stop for now...”

The lavender haired teen reacted to the child's words; it was true what he said! They had to stop; they could not go any further now and less knowing that Chi-chi was worried about them, especially because of the child with dark hair.

“Y-You're right, I think we should leave it like that for now...” Trunks said pushing Gohan off his lap, he got up and helped the boy get up too “it's better to come back; your mother must be very worried about you”

Gohan just nodded and they were flying back home where Chi-chi, Goku and the other Z senshi were waiting for them.

Upon arriving, the black-haired woman hugged her son; she was happy knowing that he was well and that Trunks had managed to find him.

“Thank you, Trunks. I was so worried, I was afraid that something had happened to Gohan” Chi-chi said who stopped hugging the child to see him straight in the eyes “could you talk to him?”

“Of course, yes, mom. We fixed everything..." Gohan replied, glancing surreptitiously at the young man of the future, giving him a tender but warm smile which Trunks replied to that gesture with another smile directed to the child.


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