Dragon Ball NG: Cell's revenge
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It's been a few months since I finished writing my "Secret & Forbidden Love" saga and as you can see this would be like a kind of sequel of that fanfic.
Many people in wattpad and in "Dragon Ball" Amino app community have been asking me if I was going to write a third part of "Secret & Forbbiden Love" but unfortunately I am forced to inform you that the project has already over and I’m so sorry but I will not do a third part, so, to compensate the lack of the third part... I will do this sequel that I have been planning since I finished writing "Secret & Forbbiden Love II".
I have been warning you that there may be references to books, fanfics and light spoilers of "Dragon Ball" doujinshis, from which I got ideas to work on this fanfic.
Anyway, the sleeves of "Dragon Ball" don’t belong to me but they belong to Toriyama-san, their anime adaptations like it’s independent sequel "Dragon Ball GT" (which will appear in this fanfic) and it’s films are property of Toei Animation but this fanfic is from MY property.
Graphic Violence Deathfic

Chapter one
Oh! Before I forget it, the ages of my fanfic characters and those of "Dragon Ball GT" will be a bit different (only for a couple of ciphers), here's the list:
Gokū: 54 years old
Vegeta: 59 years old
Bulma: 54 years old
Chi-chi: 51 years old
Gohan: 33 years old
Goten: 25 years
Trunks: 26 years old
Bura / Bra: 17 years
Kyuri: 13 years old

Ages in "Dragon Ball GT":

Gokū: 53 years old
Vegeta: 57 years old
Bulma: 54 years old
Chi-chi: 52 years old
Gohan: 33 years old
Pan: 10 years old
Videl: 32 years old
Goten: 22 years old
Trunks: 24 years old
Bura / Bra: 10 years old
Kyuri: 13 years old


There was a lot of noise that afternoon in Capsule Corporation; Bulma was going from one place to other bringing towels, surgery instruments and a hot water container to the nursing area. Why did she take all those things to the nursing area? Simple, her son Trunks was there laying anesthetized on one of the nursery beds and the light blue haired scientist was preparing to receive who would become her greatdaughter, that is, the baby that Trunks and Gohan had been waiting for almost three months it was a girl and Bulma could not be happier to know that she would have a greatdaughter, Vegeta, on the other hand, just waited for that girl to be a good warrior to protect earth from future threats. When everything was ready in the nursing area, Bulma prepared to begin the work of taking the baby out of her child's belly, it would take a hard job because she had never done anything like that, of course, if she counted that time she had to help Chi-chi with Goten’s birth but that was a case apart, she could not afford to take Trunks to a hospital to help him with his daughter’s birth, because the doctors could ask many questions and among them, how it was possible that a child at his age had become pregnant and that was a risk she could not run.
On the other side, Gohan walked down the corridor that led to the nursing area a little nervous and worried, he begged gods of destruction and Kamisama that his daughter was born healthy and strong. The first weeks that he was taking care of Trunks, he could feel that her ki was growing more and more, he was almost sure that she would be very powerful when she grows up, he left his thoughts feeling two ki approaching flying to Capsule Corporation, run to the door looked out over the garden and he saw his father, Gokū and his younger brother, Goten, landing in Capsule Corporation’s garden. When he saw them, Gohan almost came running towards them.
“Dad! Goten! what are you doing here?" Gohan asked once he stood in front of his father and his little brother.
"How is everything there, Gohan?" Gokū asked.
“I don’t know, dad. Bulma still not let me come inside to see Trunks; I guess she must be busy with our daughter’s birth" Gohan replied.
“When are we going to meet her? I can’t wait any longer, onii-chan I'm anxious to meet my niece!" Goten exclaimed enthusiastically, suddenly the three saiyan looked away when they heard a false cough and they could see Bulma standing in the doorway, with her light blue hair slightly messy and the suit that was put on for the surgery stained with a some blood and amniotic fluid.
“Excuse me to bother you but...” Bulma said who turned her gaze to see Gohan “Gohan do you want to go meet your daughter?”
Gohan was slightly surprised without being able to believe what he was hearing, it was obvious that Bulma would invite him to meet his daughter first, after all, he was her father, he looked at his father and Goten who beckoned him to go with Bulma. The dark haired half-saiyan wiped his tears with the back of his hand and looked away at the light blue haired scientist, Gokū's best friend for a long time.
“Yes, I want to go” Gohan answered decided.
“Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go…”
“But, my father and Goten must go with me, they also want to meet her” Gohan interrupted her, putting that one condition, Bulma was going to say something but she only nodded, after all, Gokū and Goten had the privilege of going to meet the little girl. Then the light blue haired scientist led Gokū, Gohan and Goten to the nursing area, she opened the door with a silver magnetic card that had Capsule Corporation’s logo and invited his best friend and his sons to come inside, Gohan was the first to come inside, he barely took a few steps and stopped to find Trunks resting in one of the nursery area beds, beside him was a small improvised crib that was empty, the dark haired half-saiyan noticed that his mate carried a bulge wrapped in a pale pink blanket on his arms. He felt a hand resting on his shoulder, he looked away to find his father standing behind him, Gohan looked at him without understanding what he wanted and why he simply rested his hand on his shoulder.
"Go there, Gohan, you deserve to know your daughter before us" the wild haired saiyan said smiling.
Gohan nodded, he walked a few steps to face the bed where Trunks was resting with the baby in his arms, he sat down carefully on the bed but barely did it, the lavender half-saiyan slowly opened his eyes seeing everything blurry at first so he closed his eyes and when he opened them he turned his gaze into Gohan who was sitting next to him in that hospital bed, he could not do anything but smile like the time they heard the news that he was waiting for a girl.
"Gohan..." Trunks said weakly, it was all he could say, he was still a bit sore from the stitches they had to give him in his belly to close the opening they did when his daughter was take out of there.
"Hello, Trunks, how are you feeling?" Gohan asked, bringing a hand to his mate's head, stroking his lavender hair.
“I hurts down here...” Trunks answered looking at his belly which was covered by the blankets and sheets on the bed “but don’t worry, I'm fine... look, I want you to meet someone who wants to see you”
The lavender haired half-saiyan accommodated his daughter as he could and approached Gohan to take her, he was surprised, it would be the second time he would carry a baby, the first baby he ever carried in his life was Goten, he reacted, he put his arms around the small bulge wrapped in the pale pink blanket and cradled it in his arms so it would not fall. Something fearful like the first time he carried Goten when he was a baby, he put his fingers on the pink blanket and slowly discovered his little daughter’s face, who was sleeping soundly inside that pink blanket, the little baby squeezed her eyes tightly because of the light bothering her, she opened her eyes slowly seeing everything blurry at the beginning when her sight managed to get used to the light and perceive the objects and people around her, the baby found her father’s face, who was smiling and some tears came out of his eyes, she just watched him without understanding very well what was happening.
“Hello little girl...” Gohan greeting with some joy in his voice to see that the baby had woken up “how are you? welcome to earth, my name is Gohan and I am your dad” the half-saiyan accommodated the little girl so that she could see Trunks “he is Trunks, he is your daddy so to speak”
“I'm rather her mom but it doesn’t matter, she could call me as she wants when she grows up” the lavender haired half-saiyan said, Gohan laughed slightly, he turned to see his father and his little brother as he approached the baby to them.
“They are Gokū and Goten, your grandfather and your uncle” Gohan told him introducing his other two relatives, the little girl looked at them and she could not help laughing as she extended her little arms towards Gokū, the wild haired saiyan put a light expression of confusion because he did not understand what she wanted “she wants you to carry her, dad”
Gokū approached to them, he took the girl holding her with his hands and then placed her in his strong arms, Goten flew towards the girl to see her better.
“Aw, it's really cute” Goten commented seeing his niece in his father's arms “is very similar to Trunks but her nose is the same as Gohan's”
"You're right, Goten and she also has her father's eyes" the wild haired saiyan said watching the little girl, who laughed at what her grandfather. Gokū stopped seeing her for a second to see Gohan and Trunks, he approached the baby to them and handed to them “hey, did you think how are they going to call her?”
Gohan and Trunks looked at each other without knowing what to say, they had never imagined that they would have a half-saiyan girl, in fact, during the course of her pregnancy both had been looking for baby names but in case it became a boy, they never thought that it would be a girl, they did not want to know the baby’s sex until they went to do a check-up in Capsule Corporation.
“The truth is that we hadn’t thought about it, dad” Gohan answered a bit embarrassed “in fact, we thought that the baby was going to be a boy and we only chose boy names, we never thought it would be a girl”
"Well, you'd have to choose a name for her, don’t you think about it?" Goten asked "after all, you are her parents and you must decide how you are going to call her from now on."
"Hey, Gohan, how about we call her Kyuri?" Trunks asked, looking at Gohan.
“Kyuri? are you sure you want to call her that, Trunks? I don’t think it's a good name for a girl” Gohan answered a little unsure of his mate's sudden decision.
“Kyuri is a nice name, I like it” the lavender haired half-saiyan answered, he heard a little scream and saw the baby smile “and I think she also likes it, I guess we won in number in this vote”
“I also want her to be called Kyuri, that name isn’t bad and I think the same as Trunks, it's a nice name for a girl” Goten said excitedly, Gohan remained silent looking at his little brother, then turned his gaze towards Trunks and his daughter, he sighed acknowledging that he had been defeated (again).
“All right, we'll call her Kyuri.”


Twelve years later… (Year 790)

Today was a special day for the Z senshi, but most of all, for the Son and Briefs families, because that day would be the thirteenth birthday of Son Briefs Kyuri, Gohan and Trunks daughter. Bulma would take care of making her a surprise party at Capsule Corporation, the best birthday party the preteen had ever had, there was a lot of work to do, apart from organizing the preparations for the party that day, Bulma was developing a new invention with help of her father, who had planned to give his great-greatdaughter as a birthday gift. Bulma's mother, Panchy Briefs, was busy preparing Kyuri's birthday cake, everything was going according to the plan, outside, in the garden, Gohan, Trunks, Bra and Goten were taking care of the decoration and preparing everything for the party but... something was missing, I mean, someone very important and that someone was the host of the party, where she could be? No one had seen Kyuri since very early in the morning and Trunks was beginning to worry so he put aside his work and entered in the dome-shaped building, he walked down the corridor meeting his mother going to the kitchen, barely she saw him, the light blue haired scientist stopped standing in front of her son.
“Trunks! don’t appear like that! you know I don’t like you to do that" Bulma exclaimed, annoyed at the sudden appearance of her son.
“I'm sorry” Trunks apologized, Bulma was going to continue her way but the lavender haired young man took her by the wrist preventing her from leaving “mom, do you know where Kyuri can be? her birthday party will start in a few minutes and she can’t be late”
"No, I have no idea where she could be" Bulma replied "I haven’t seen her since you came here. Why don’t ask your father? he should know where she is”
“Well, I'll try. Thanks Mom.”
Trunks continued his way to the gravity room, he opened the door using the code that his mother gave him a long time ago, he opened the door meeting his father, Vegeta training hard as he used to do every day.
"Dad" Trunks called him entering on the gravity room, but the saiyan prince was not listening, he was concentrating on dodging the robots that came out of the floodgates installed on the walls “dad!”
“Uh?” for neglecting, Vegeta was hit by one of the robot lasers in the arm and automatically the training concluded “what do you want, brat? I'm training!”
“Dad, have you seen Kyuri? I've been looking for her since this morning and I haven’t seen her anywhere” Trunks said.
"I haven’t seen that little brat all day and that's something I shouldn’t worry about" Vegeta replied "instead of wasting time organizing a party for Kyuri, you should be training, let's be in peace, don’t mean that we shouldn’t become strong to defeat future enemies”


Meanwhile, on a hidden beach far away from nearby city, a long black haired girl with lavender tips falling down to her waist was training hard near the sea, the wind was blowing slightly in that place, ruffling her hair a bit. That girl was Kyuri, she had run away from the house of her maternal grandparents for a while and now she was back at home training to become stronger and more powerful, as her grandfather Gokū had told her, Kyuri had been sending fists for a long time, kicks and bursts of ki against an invisible opponent until she got tired, she took a jump and went flying into space to train freely, dodging asteroids, destroying them with her ki blasts and suddenly she found an asteroid that was perfect to improve her combat skills. She flew to the asteroid and with all the strength she possessed, she pushed it straight to the ground, causing him to crash in the beach sand where his house was located, creating a great cloud of dust and sand.
When the cloud of dust and sand dissipated slowly, Kyuri withdrew her arm from her eyes only to find a mysterious shadow walking towards her through the dense layer of dust, fearing the worst, quickly got up and put himself in attack position while standing on the asteroid but her fear became relief when she saw that it was only Goten, who was standing in front of her with his arms crossed, seeing her like that, she remembered her "mommy" when he got angry at her for getting into trouble and he crossed his arms like that.
“Hehehe... H-Hello, uncle Goten” Kyuri said laughing a bit embarrassed.
“What are you doing here? they're all worried about you, they're looking for you, and you run away to come here and train?" Goten said annoyed by what his little niece had done.
“I'm sorry, uncle Goten. But I was bored and needed to go train, I promised my grandad Gokū that I would train to be strong, powerful and help him fight with new enemies someday.”
“I know you promised your grandfather to train every day to be stronger but you should also rest a little. It's your birthday today, remember?" Goten said, Kyuri froze for a few seconds and then hit her forehead with her own hand, damn it! How could she forget that today was her birthday? “from the expression you put on you can tell that you forgot, in that you already look a lot like your grandfather. We'd better go to Capsule Corporation, I'm sure your parents and the others are waiting for us”
"Okay, just wait for me to change my clothes” Kyuri said, who flew away to her house to change the light pink gi and the boots she was wearing for more suitable clothing to go to Capsule Corporation.


Minutes later, Goten and Kyuri landed on the door that led to the Capsule Corporation's garden. Kyuri had changed her light pink gi into a dark violet dress with a bun of the same color stuck in the middle that her dad Gohan had bought especially for her for her birthday and white sandals, her eyes were covered by a bandage but she could feel her uncle taking her hand and taking her with him to the huge dome-shaped building. Inside Capsule Corporation, Bulma was finishing placing the last decorations that were part of the decoration of the party but as soon as she looked away at the glass of the door that opened onto the garden she saw Kyuri and Goten walking towards the party.
“Hey, guys, hide soon Kyuri and Goten are coming here!” Bulma told them from her place.
The Z senshi start looking for hiding places to come out suddenly and thus surprise Kyuri, everyone was hiding except Vegeta who was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed watching the ridiculous scene in which his "friends" participated. Bra and Marron hid behind some plants, #18, Krillin and Yamcha behind the TV, Bulma hid behind the sofa next to the living room wall and Gokū, seeing that he had run out of options to hide, he had to go to hide in the kitchen with Trunks and Gohan, there were also Bulma's parents who were waiting for their daughter to call them to bring the birthday cake for Kyuri to the party. When everyone settled into their hiding places, Bulma leaned out and signaled for them to keep quiet, the door opened and everyone could hear the footsteps of Goten and Kyuri, the girl walked slowly because her eyes were blindfolded and Goten guided her putting his hands on her small shoulders, when Goten saw that they were a few inches away from the door, he took the bandage off his niece.
"Uh?" Kyuri said as soon as his uncle removed the blindfold from his eyes, looked around but could not see anything “uncle Goten, why is the room so dark? and where are my mom and dad? I can feel their ki but I can’t see them”
Suddenly, the Capsule Corporation lights came on, dazzling the little saiyan, who narrowed her eyes for a moment, blinked and when she opened her eyes, she saw all her family and friends who came out of their hiding to greet her for her birthday.
“Oh gods! This isn’t happening, is this all for me?" Kyuri covered her mouth with her hands trying to contain the surprise and the desire to cry for happiness.
“Of course yes, honey. Today is your birthday you have to have a little fun” Gohan said putting a hand on his daughter's shoulder, Kyuri looked away to his father and placed her little hand on his one.
“Thank you, really thank you mom and dad” Kyuri said hugging Gohan and Trunks, who take back their daughter's hugs, when they broke apart, the younger saiyan looked away towards Bulma “and thanks to you too, Grandma Bulma-
“You’re welcome, in fact, if it weren’t for the help of your parents, I couldn’t have finished organizing this party for you” Bulma said smiling “and what are we waiting for? let the fun begin!”


The party lasted until afternoon, the Z senshi and Bulma talked entertained and laughed remembering all the adventures and battles experienced during all those years. Goten and Bra danced in the garden, although Goten occasionally tripped up making the light blue haired girl laugh. She elbowed him in a friendly way, although Kyuri did not think her uncle and aunt were anything but friends, she believed that they had something more but they were not ready to admit it yet. Gohan and Trunks were sitting at a table talking with a few glasses of cider; the dark haired half-saiyan whispered something in his mate’s ear making him push it slightly while laughing uncontrollably. Vegeta, as always, was away from all the noise and fuss of the party, sitting cross-legged on the edge of the Capsule Corporation garden pond, with his arms folded and eyes closed. Kyuri and Gokū were playing a game that the younger saiyan had invented: the wild haired saiyan had to throw ki blasts and she had to catch them or simply kick them back to her grandfather, if one of them could not catch the ki blasts in time, they lost the game.
Finally, almost at nightfall, the moment came when Kyuri had to turn off the candles on the birthday cake that her grandmother and great grandmother had prepared for her and all the guests at the party. When cutting the cake, Bulma left for a second the party to go to his laboratory where his father was still perfecting the birthday gift for his great-granddaughter.
"Dad, the party is almost over, we're serving the cake, is the gift for Kyuri ready?" Bulma asked from the laboratory door.
"No, it's not finished yet, I still have to adjust the mechanism and I don’t think it will over on time" Bulma's father, Dr. Briefs, said.
“It was supposed that the gift must be finished for today, what will we do now?” Bulma said a little worried and disappointed that her greatdaughter would not have the birthday gift she promised her.
“Don't worry, Bulma. we can give her the gift another day" her father said, suddenly they heard footsteps walking down the hall and quickly covered Kyuri's birthday present with a blanket that was there, they could not allow anyone to see what they had been working on, not even Kyuri. Upon leaving the laboratory, Bulma walked down the corrridor and there was her greatdaughter at halfway, who was standing there looking at her with a confused expression on her face.
“Kyuri, I... I didn’t expect to see you here, I thought you were at the party” Bulma said trying to hide her worry and nervousness with a forced smile, luckily, Kyuri did not get to guess what was happening.
“I... I left the party to go to the bathroom” Kyuri said “do you know where it is, grandma Bulma?”
"It's passing the lab, near your aunt's bedroom" Bulma replied, pointing the way.
“Okay, thank you, grandma Bulma.”
Kyuri walked away from there like Bulma with the only difference that the light blue hair scientist was heading to the garden where all his friends and family were. The younger saiyan looked at the rooms in that hall looking for the bathroom but instead, she ran into her grandmother's laboratory, apparently she had left the door open and this small carelessness gave her the opportunity to enter to explore the place, When she was a little girl and went with her parents to visit her aunt, her grandparents and her great-grandparents in Capsule Corporation, Bulma never let her enter to the laboratory because, according to her, it was a dangerous place for a little girl. But Kyuri was no longer a little girl, although she did not show it physically and mentally, she put her hand on a switch, turned on the light and went into the laboratory, she walked around looking the room, it did not seem as dangerous as her grandmother had told her, she stopped when she ran into a hidden object under a blanket, the saiyan was curious to know what her grandmother was hiding under the blanket, slowly she reached for the blanket but then she stopped when she heard a voice whispering, she turned her gaze towards the laboratory door that led to the corridor but she saw nothing, not even a shadow approaching to her. She closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened her eyes, grabbed her hand to the blanket that covered that object and pulled it revealing what was under the blanket: it was a kind of medium-sized spaceship silver with blue and light pink details, on the side of the glass dome the Capsule Corporation logo was engraved in dark metallic gray.
"What will this be?" Kyuri thought as she looked around the ship, looking at it closely, she put her hand to the door and she placed her hand on a scanner there, in doing so, the light on the scanner's screen changed from red to green and the door opened automatically.
The little saiyan put one foot on the ladder that had been installed in the door of the ship, went up and entered, the interior of the ship was not very spacious, in fact, there was enough space for a single person to enter on, it had a blue and gray cushioned seat, a large control panel, a folding bed and a small refrigerator that when opened was full of soft drinks, sweets and snacks. Suddenly, a green light from the control panel went on and began scanning the interior of that spaceship, the light was so incandescent that forced Kyuri to close her eyes for a brief second and in that brief second the light went out and came out a hologram of her grandmother.
“Welcome, Kyuri. I hope you enjoyed the birthday gift that your great-grandfather and I did for you” Bulma hologram projected on the control panel of that ship spoke, Kyuri approached slowly and took a seat in front of the hologram.
“G-Grandma Bulma, what the hell is this? how is it a birthday present?" Kyuri asked a little confused.
“As you can see, this isn’t an ordinary spaceship, it’s a time machine” Bulma's hologram said “in front of you we have installed an easy access control panel so you can learn to move the machine and once you have mastered the controls you can start with the most difficult controls. We hope you have a nice adventure for the past, the present and the future, but listen to me well, whatever you do or say could have serious consequences for your current timeline, you can disappear or... maybe you are just going to create another alternate timeline, I'm not sure, that will only be decided by destiny, good luck! have fun exploring the timelines!”
After saying that, Bulma's hologram was switched off and the time machine lights automatically turned on, just like the buttons and switches on the control panel. Kyuri looked carefully at the buttons on the control panel, she saw an orange one that closed the time machine door and a key that if she turned it on she would turn on the engine of the machine. Kyuri put her hand towards the key to turn on the engine of the machine but she stopped suddenly when she heard a voice calling her.
“Kyuri!” Gohan was walking down Capsule Corporation corridor looking for his daughter “Kyuri! where are you? It's getting dark and we have to go home”
The little saiyan was startled to hear her father’s voice and in doing so, she stumbled over a wire protruding from the control panel causing her to put her hand on the key that when turned, accidentally she turned on the engine of the time machine.
“W-Wait! what's going on?" Kyuri said, she began to press random buttons on the control panel thinking she could turn off the machine but nothing happened “mom! daddy! help me!”
"Kyuri?" Gohan stopped when he heard his daughter's voice close to him, waited a few seconds and he heard that she was calling him again “Kyuri!”
"Gohan?" Trunks came running, the dark-haired semi-saiyan shifted his gaze to his partner, who was running as fast as he could towards him-Gohan, here you are, did you find Kyuri?
"I didn’t find her but I heard her screams, they came from Bulma's laboratory" Gohan replied.
“Let's go right now to look for her.”
Both half-saiyan entered on the laboratory and took the biggest surprise of their lives, in front of them floated a kind of spaceship that apparently had not been finished to build, because the engine was turned off and turned on every two seconds trying to keep the weight and balance of the structure. Gohan and Trunks could see their daughter through the windowpane.
"Kyuri!" both half-saiyan shouted at the same time as they saw their little girl inside the machine.
“Mom! daddy!" Kyuri yelled inside the time machine "help me! please, get me out of here, do something!”
"What's going on here?" Bulma asked, running into her laboratory followed by the Z senshi, her mother and her daughter Bra “Kyuri! what are you doing there? get out now!”
“I can’t! I don’t know how to stop this, Grandma Bulma!" the dark haired saiyan exclaimed, pressing buttons at random and suddenly a white light, blue and pink, surrounded the time machine.
“What are you doing standing there, Kakarrot? Help her!" Vegeta said, looking at the wild haired saiyan.
“Why should I do it? you also come to help me, it's also your greatdaughter after all" Gokū replied, Vegeta had no choice but to give up and help his worst enemy stop the time machine. Both saiyan went flying towards the time machine with the intention of getting Kyuri away from there but an intense light aura completely surrounded the machine and caused them to back away while they closed their eyes because of the incandescence of the light, by the moment they opened the eyes, the time machine was no longer there, then Goku and Vegeta flew down and landed in front of the others.
“Father! Vegeta-san! are you okay? what happened up there? could you get Kyuri out of the time machine?" Gohan asked worriedly.
“I'm sorry, Gohan, when we arrived it was too late” Gokū answered bringing a hand to the nape of his neck with a little sadness.
“Oh gods, this is very bad... I just hope that Kyuri is fine” Gohan said, he felt a hand on his shoulder, he looked away meeting with Trunks behind him.
“Don't worry, wherever she is, I'm sure she'll be fine” Trunks answered “until then, all we can do is wait for her to come back”

Meanwhile, Kyuri was on board the time machine traveling through the clouds. The wind blew with force shaking the machine inside and outside, the saiyan girl desperately pressed buttons randomly with the purpose of stopping the machine but she could not do it, she turned her eyes downwards to find a forest landscape in the middle of the night, the engine went off and the machine plummeted, hitting the tree branches, which scratched the metal and removed part of the paint, Kyuri closed her eyes tightly, there was a strong crash to the ground and after that everything became complete darkness.


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