I Remember You one-shot
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"Secret & Forbidden Love II" chapter twenty-four deleted scene.

Warning: yaoi content and temporary memory loss.

The characters do not belong to me, they are owned by Toriyama-san, their anime adaptations and movies are property of Toei Animation but this one-shot is from MY property.

I Remember You
Bulma was re-programming the coordinates of the time machine, the alternative timeline had been fully restored and Mirai Trunks could not wait another minute to go back home, if Shenlong had managed to revive all those who they died trying to protect themselves from the androids and Black Gokū, that also meant that their mother, their father, Mirai Gokū and the Z senshi were alive, especially his sensei Gohan, he wanted to arrive as soon as possible to hug his mother and Gohan. The lavender haired young man was about to climb up into the time machine when he felt a hand resting on his shoulder, he turned his gaze noticing that Bulma was standing behind him.
“Wait, before you go, I want to give you something” Bulma said, bringing a white box to Mirai Trunks what would that be? Had he given her another gift? the light blue haired scientist opened the box and inside it there was a considerable amount of capsules, all with numerations and labels of different colors “take this with you, pack everything you need in case a disaster like that happens again”
"Thank you, mom" the lavender haired young man thanked her, taking that box with the capsules that Bulma prepared.
"You've become very strong all this time, Trunks. I hope you continue training to protect the earth and not have to depend on anyone ever again” Gokū said who was happy for the progress of his friend “but, you know, if everything goes out of control do not hesitate to come and ask for help”
“Don’t worry, I will continue training to protect the earth and not have to bother you again” Mirai Trunks answered, he heard the sob of a girl with a few steps running towards him and knew that it was Bra, the lavender haired young man did not he had time to react because he saw how the half-saiyan girl was pouncing on him and hugging him tightly.
“Onii-chan I don’t want you to leave! please, stay!" Bra exclaimed, hiding her little face in her brother's from an alternate future chest so that he would not see her cry, Mirai Trunks felt bad for her but there was nothing he could do.
“I'm sorry, you know I'd like to stay but... there are people who need me in my timeline and I can’t leave them” Mirai Trunks replied hugging the light blue haired girl “besides” he looked at his present counterpart who looked how his sister hugged Mirai Trunks “here's your true Onii-chan and I'm sure he'll protect you”
Bra broke away from Mirai Trunks, she stared at him for a few seconds, then looked at her Onii-chan and nodded as she wiped away her tears with one of her small hands clenched into a fist. The light blue haired girl heard Gohan's footsteps approaching to Mirai Trunks, she got out of his lap and walked away from there until she arrived with her mother, who carried her in her arms, the dark haired half-saiyan held his hand to his best friend from an alternate future to help him get up and this did not reject the offer for not being impolite. As soon as they got up, they stared at each other for a few seconds, they looked away from each other and then looked at each other, both were a little nervous, because they did not know what to say and that would be the last time they would be so close to each other.
"Uh... I..." Mirai Trunks said with a knot of nerves in his voice as he held a hand to the back of his neck as his sensei Gohan used to do.
"This... I... I... I wish you good luck!" Gohan exclaimed, drawing the lavender haired young man attention “and... and I hope you will find the happiness you are looking for. Someday I would like to go check your timeline and see how many things have changed and if it does not bother you, I would like to say hello to Mirai Bulma”
“I'll tell you when I arrive and I'll see what I can do” the lavender haired young man answered laughing nervously “I also hope you're happy and make sure you take good care of myself from this timeline”
“I will do it, don’t worry about that.”
Mirai Trunks climbed upstairs to enter on the time machine, before entering he observed his friends and family for the last time, he smiled slightly, finished climbing upstairs, jumped into the machine, started the engine and the machine started to rise towards the sky while a blue light surrounded it, he heard his friends and family say goodbye to him down there, he looked towards the horizon while pressing buttons on the control panel of the machine, several memories came to his mind, among them, the moments that he had lived with his sensei Gohan when he was a child, he was glad to know that soon he would see him again.
“Thank you everyone, thanks for helping me. I hope we'll see you again soon" the lavender haired young man thought, the blue light surrounding the machine disappearing completely and this time forever.
While traveling back to his timeline, Trunks could not help thinking that soon he would see all his friends who died so long ago but most of all, he would see his sensei Gohan again, he was so anxious to hug him again, feel his strong arms and his warmth that since he was a child made him feel safe and protected, he smile at that thought but quickly he left from his dream state to see that it was not far to arrive, so he slowed down the machine and pressed a couple of buttons to activate the thrusters so the machine could descend and land. The blue light that surrounded the time machine began to fade to show a sky clear blue, there was not a single cloud in it and even a flock of birds flew not far from the glass of the machine, a smile was drawn again in the lavender haired young man face when he saw those birds fly. It had been a long time since he had seen the birds fly through the sky, he looked down to see that he had arrived to the North Capital, the city where he lived with his mother but it was completely different from what he remembered. Everything was in perfect condition: the buildings, the streets, the vehicles and even more people walking the streets. It seemed as if everything he had ever lived through would never have passed through the lives of those innocent people.
Once the time machine landed in the middle of the trees in a forest near the city, Trunks pressed the button on the side, encapsulating the machine and quickly put it in the pocket of his jean jacket. He started to walk down a path that led him to enter the city, while walking some people passing by and greeted him and he just returned the greeting smiling and raising his hand, longed to return home, greet his mother and Mai, as well he hurry and he started to run towards Capsule Corporation more animated and determined than ever. After running for several minutes, he arrived at the huge dome-shaped yellow building that he called home and without losing more time he walked towards the front garden entrance but great was his surprise when he met a man with black spiky hair in shape of a flame throwing fists and kicks against an invisible opponent... perhaps... could it possibly be his father? He came out of his thoughts when he saw a woman with long light blue hair gathered in a ponytail go out to the garden to leave a jug of lemonade and barely she did it, turned her eyes away watching the lavender haired young man standing at the facility main entrance.
"Uh?" Bulma said blinking in disbelief as she found her son standing in the Capsule Corporation main entrance. Trunks remained in his place completely astonished but immediately he shook his head to get out of his trance, he approached to his mother and hugged her tightly “T-Trunks? son, what happened? are you feel okay?”
“Mom! Mom, I'm so glad you're here" Trunks exclaimed hugging his mother, he was glad to know that she was back at his side and that she was alive “you have no idea how much I missed you”
“Trunks, seriously, are you okay? I haven’t left yet, nor am I dead yet. It's still a long time before I leave this world” Bulma answered, undoing her son's hug “what are you talking about?”
Trunks were shocked at his mother's words, he could not believe what he was hearing, did not she remember anything of what had happened? Did not she remember that he had died because of Black Gokū? Did not she remember that life on earth was on the verge of extinction?
“It's nothing important, mom. I'm just... I'm happy to see you again, that's all" Trunks said, following the flow of the light blue haired woman.
“I am also happy to see you again” the scientist said smiling, both were forced to interrupt their reunion, because a few steps were approaching them. Trunks could recognize the ki that was approaching his mother and could deduce that it was Vegeta, his father, the one who in his timeline never had the opportunity to meet. He stopped when he saw Trunks next to the light blue haired scientist, at first he was astonished but then his expression became serious and annoyed.
“Who are you? and what were you doing hugging my wife, brat?" Vegeta asked annoyed.
“Vegeta! what are you saying? how you dare to treat your son on that way?" Bulma asked, unable to believe what the saiyan prince was saying.
“My son? I don’t remember having a child, much less with you, Onna” the Saiyan Prince replied.
“My name is Bulma, how many times should I tell you so you can learn it?”
"Um... you didn’t know me before because it was probably a baby and mom told me that you had died in a battle against the androids" Trunks replied "but it's true, I'm your son, my name is Trunks."
“I don’t care what you call yourself, insect. But I will repeat it again, I didn’t have children and I don’t remember ever had one.”
Without saying another word, Vegeta pushed the lavender haired young man aside and walked inside Capsule Corporation straight to his private bathroom to take a shower after the training he had just had. Bulma sighed in frustration, bringing a hand to her forehead while gently massaging it to calm herself.
"I'm so sorry he talked to you that way, I'm probably exhausted from the training you just had and you barely know who you are, Trunks. He needs time to process the fact that he has a child he does not even know" Bulma said looking at her son once she pulled her hand away from her forehead to calm her frustration.
“I suppose I should go talk to him later to explain what happened” Trunks thought, he left his thoughts remembering something important “by the way, Mom, have you seen Gohan or do you know where he could be?”
Although the lavender haired young man liked the fact of being back home with his family, he cared more about seeing the person who had trained him since he was a kid to defeat the androids, the person who put his faith in he and that person he loved more than a simple friend.
“Why do you want to know, Trunks? Gohan is in the usual place, he is training with his father in the mountain Paozu, why do you want to go see him now? better go to your bedroom to rest, probably you must be exhausted" the long blue haired scientist suggested “I'll go talk to your father and explain him everything”


Trunks spent what remained of the rest of the day resting in his bedroom but his mind did not relax, somehow he ended up thinking about Gohan. Lying on his bed, seeing the violet-orange sky through the window, the lavender haired young man wondered if Gohan would be fine and what he would be doing, most likely he was having dinner with his family at that time, something he should he was doing but he did not have the courage to eat. His stomach was knotted by the nerves and the excitement of wanting to meet her sensei again. After a few minutes, his thoughts began to wander until he finally fell asleep in his own bed without even having changed his clothes.
The next morning, the lavender haired young man woke up early as soon as the sun's rays began to show through the window of his room. He got up from his bed, went to the closet, took the first set of clothes he found and dressed without forgetting to wear his classic jean jacket Capsule Corporation. He left his bedroom and started to walk towards the exit ready to go to mountain Paozu with the intention of visiting Gohan and maybe train together but he barely walked down the hall when he found his mother leaning against the wall with her eyes closed and a cup of coffee in her hand, she opened her blue eyes to see her son watching her as if she were some strange creature or something like that.
"Trunks, where are you going in such a hurry?" Bulma asked, looking at her son curiously.
“Uh... I... I'll go to see Gohan” Trunks said “I want to go to train with him”
“Why do you want to go see Gohan? I've already made the gravity camera work again and you can train with your father there.”
"Maybe I'll do it later, I really need to go to see Gohan and train with him. See you later, mom.”
Without wasting any more time, Trunks left his home and flew swiftly towards mountain Paozu, a smile was drawn on his face at the sensation of feeling the wind blowing hard on his face and ruffling his lavender hair. He started flying among the clouds and circling while screaming euphorically, today was the day, today he would go to see Gohan, hug him, tell him how much he had missed him all this time, spend time together and finally train with him. After flying for several minutes, the lavender haired young man got to see the house where his sensei lived, a few meters could see the man training with his father, Gokū, but his eyesight was not focused on the saiyan with noisy hair but more well in the dark haired half-saiyan who looked much younger since he was revived with the dragon spheres. Immediately he landed a few meters from the Son house to avoid attracting the attention of both saiyan, Gokū and Gohan continued to train completely oblivious to what was happening around them until they had to stop to rest.
“Impressive, Gohan. You've made a lot of progress since the last time we trained, you've become very strong, son!" Gokū commented in amazement at the skills the half-saiyan had shown during training.
“Thanks Dad. But I still don’t agree, I should continue training in order to reach the Super Saiyan II” Gohan replied although on reflection, I haven’t found reasons to get angry and increase my ki”
“Don't worry about that, Gohan. Maybe you can’t reach super saiyan II now but soon you will achieve it” Gokū said placing a hand on his son's shoulder, Gohan only smiled at him but his smile was erased when he felt a ki near them “Gohan? what's going on?”
"There's someone around here, I can feel his ki" Gohan replied, looking at the trees and bushes that surrounded the mountains where the house was located.
“Yes, I'm sorry too but I'm not known” the wild hair saiyan commented, in that, both saiyan saw a shadow come out from among the trees and as they moved towards the light, they realized that it was of a lavender haired young man. Gokū and Gohan looked at each other without deciding who would approach him first, as Gohan saw that his father showed no signs of wanting to approach, he decided to approach him first “be careful, Gohan. It could be an enemy”
“I'll have it, dad. I've already fought with the androids before, this is nothing" the dark haired half-saiyan replied. He turned his gaze away from his father and started walking towards that lavender haired young man who was standing there staring at him with a slight expression of astonishment "excuse me, are you looking for something?"
Trunks could not contain himself anymore, closed his fists tightly while retaining some tears that wanted to leave his eyes, moved his head to the side to contain his desire to mourn with only having his sensei back in front of him but it was useless. He just could not help wanting to pounce on Gohan and hug him with all his might while breaking into tears, on the other hand, the dark-haired semi-saiyan was in complete shock, did not know whether to take back the lavender haired young man sudden hug or push him away of the.
“Gohan-san, I can’t believe you're here! you have no idea how much I missed you! everything has been very difficult without you" Trunks exclaimed as he hugged Gohan, still crying with emotion.
“Eh... yes-yes, I missed you too but...” Gohan said breaking the half-saiyan apart from him as he sat up until he was sitting on the floor “there's something I don’t understand who are you? how do you know my name?”
"Who are you? who are you?"
The lavender haired half-saiyan felt those two words formulated in a question echo in his head, moved his head from side to side to stop hearing those words and saw Gohan totally incredulous.
“Gohan, don’t you recognize me? It's me! Trunks, your koibito” Trunks asked praying that at least Gohan remembered the relationship they had before #17 and #18 killed him.
“I'm sorry, I... I don’t remember anything of what I've done before, I have some blurred memories but I can’t perceive them further. Moreover, I don’t remember that we were anything more than friends or had a closer relationship than that of an apprentice and his sensei” the dark haired half-saiyan replied without noticing that those words hurt the lavender haired young man even more.
“Gohan, you have to believe me. You and I had something long before the androids killed you and you know it" Trunks said, getting up from the ground "I know your memories are there somewhere, you just have to make an effort and remember what we were before all that happened.”
“I'm really sorry but I still don’t remember how important you were to me or what was the relationship we had, Trunks” Gohan replied regretfully. Trunks was about to say something but he was interrupted by Chi-chi's voice.
“Gokū! Gohan! come to eat, lunch is ready" the dark haired woman called, picked up in an impeller at the door of the house, Gohan sat up facing Trunks.
“L-Listen, Trunks, right? I have to leave, they're calling me for lunch and I don’t want to make my mother wait for me” Gohan said “if you want to come tomorrow to train with me and with my father, I'll be waiting for you”
“But I...” Trunks said but he could not finish his sentence, because he saw how Gohan started running towards his house and his father was going with him “but I wanted us to train together only you and I like in the old days...”
He saw Gohan walking away with his father, both talking distractedly and animatedly as they laughed. For a moment, Trunks could visualize those days when he spoke with his sensei when he was a kid after a long training and lowered his head a little sad, he turned around to leave but before leaving, he looked Gohan and his father away for second time, he took a deep breath and took an upward impulse to fly away from there. He flew as fast as he could to a nearby city, once there he went to a park and went to sit in a place away from people, he did not want anyone to see him cry, imagine, he, Trunks Briefs, Z senshi, defender of life on earth crying because his first and only love did not remember him, rather, he did not remember the relationship they had had before his last battle with the androids.
The lavender haired young man quickly dried his eyes and looked a young woman (physically, mentally she’s much older than Bulma) with long dark hair to her waist, wearing a short skirt the same color as her hair with thermical socks, a white sweater with a wide neck and a green military cap. Seeing her, Trunks knew that this woman was nothing more and nothing less than his friend and former survival partner Mai.
“Mai? you... what are you doing here?" the lavender haired young man asked surprised to meet his friend in that park “the last time I saw you Black Gokū had killed you”
“I should ask you that what are you doing here?” the dark haired young woman said “I thought it was strange to see you here, I thought you would be training, what happens?”
"Um, I... I don’t know how to explain it to you" Trunks said, bringing a hand to the back of his neck, slightly embarrassed "besides, I don’t think you want to know what's happening to me, you wouldn’t understand."
“Trunks, we've been friends for a long time, don’t you trust me to tell me what's wrong with you? and... what do you mean, what are you meaning when you said that I got killed?”
Trunks realizing that his friend did not remember anything of what happened after the evil warrior arrival, he asked Mai to accompany him and they sat under a tree in the park to be able to speak more calmly. He told Mai what had happened, he told her about the #17 and #18 appearance, he told her about Black Gokū, told him how the world was almost on the verge of extinction, he told her how she had risked her life to save him, so that he could survive and travel to the past to seek help so that he could defeat the evil warrior but above all, he told her about Gohan and the relationship they had.
“You know something, Mai? Gohan was and has always been the only person I have to love because, besides you, he was always there to support me and protect me when I needed it the most. No one who wasn’t my mother had treated me so well and without realizing it... I fell in love with him” Trunks said who could not help blushing when he remembered the time he recognized that he had fallen in love with the dark haired half-saiyan, who had realized that he loved him more than a friend, rather than as a little brother he would love his older brother and more than as a simple father figure “unexpectedly, he felt the same for me and from that moment we started having a relationship secretly but one day, when we were training, the androids attacked the city, Gohan went to fight alone and when I went to look for him, it was too late. They had finished with his life”
“Wow, I didn’t... I didn’t know that” Mai said surprised by the sudden confession from her friend “I didn’t know that you and your sensei had... you know and before you knew me, I really believed that you liked me and that you wanted to have something with me”
“What? no! of course not! Mai, listen, you are a great friend and I am very grateful that you helped me along with my mother when Black Gokū attacked the earth but... even if I wanted to, I would never have eyes for you, the only person that really cares for me besides my mother is Gohan” the lavender haired young man replied “but...” he looked down as he played with their hands intertwined with each other “he doesn’t remember anything about what we had, when I went to his home this morning to train together as soon as he recognized me, it seems that he has forgotten everything we've been through, as if his memories of what he's lived with the androids have vanished or something like that”
“I think you should try to make him remember what you had, make her understand how important you were and continue to be there for him” Mai suggested “and if that doesn’t work, you could recreate new moments together, you have nothing to lose”
“Mai! what are you doing? Hurry, we must go or we will be late!" a boy called from a distance, Mai turned his gaze to the boy and then turned his gaze to Trunks.
"I have to go, my friends are waiting for me" Mai said, who got up from the floor and was about to leave but she turned back and hugged the lavender haired half-saiyan “see you later, Trunks. Good luck making Gohan remember you”
“See you later, Mai.”

That same afternoon at Capsule Corporation, Trunks was lying on the bed in his bedroom being illuminated by the sun rays that began to hide to give way to the night thinking seriously what had been talking with Mai that day in the park what if she was right? what if Gohan only had a part of his memory blocked and for that reason he could not remember what they had experienced before he faced the androids? If that was the case, then he would do everything he could to make Gohan recover his memory and remember the relationship they had. Suddenly, a fleeting idea arose in his mind, he quickly took a notepad and a pen that had kept on his desk and which never knew of his existence so far, he uncorked the pen and began to write a list of places where he had been with Gohan before the battle against the androids, maybe if he took him to those places he could make him remember him as something more than a best friend or a simple apprentice.


The lavender haired young man finished writing his list and went flying swiftly to mountain Paozu to visit the Son family but mostly to see Gohan and ask him if he wanted to go out with him as in a kind of date. As soon as he reached the house, he knocked on the door and Chi-chi, Gohan's mother, opened it and when she saw him, she could not help but be surprised and then smile.
“Trunks! Good evening" the dark haired woman said who was sitting on a disheveled bun with a smile "I didn’t expect to see you here again. what do you need?"
“What? Did she realize that I had already come here this morning? That’s not possible, unless Gohan told her that I was here?" Trunks thought afraid that Gohan had told his mother that he had seen him that morning, but above all, he was afraid that his plan would quickly fall apart “uh, good afternoon, Chi-chi. I... um... I-I'm come to see Gohan, I-I need to talk with him”
"He's taking a bath now, he's been training with his father all afternoon and he needed to take a bath" Chi-chi replied "do you want to come in and wait for him inside?" the lavender haired young man with just went inside the home while the dark haired woman was headed to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner, Trunks looked around noting that Gokū's ki was not in any corner of the house, not even outside of the house, most likely to pass through the half-saiyan mind was that he would have gone out fishing or just to look for more wood “Gohan will leave in a few minutes, I'll go to finish preparing dinner do you need something else?”
“I’m fine. I just want to talk with Gohan.”
Chi-chi smiled one last time before retiring to the kitchen to continue preparing dinner for her two men; Trunks remained seated on the sofa in the living room contemplating that room in silence. It had been a long time since the last time he was there, Chi-chi had already died a few months ago and the first attacks of Black Gokū began some time later and the deaths were increasing, as well as the number of victims.
The mountain Paozu had been devoid of animal and plant life, and the Son house had been destroyed until it was reduced to rubble so Trunks had no reason to return there, except to hang out inside of his sensei Gohan old bedroom sitting in his bed, remembering him and recalling all the moments they had spent together, from time to time he took the old bedsheets that had been unused for years and brought them closer to his nose only to be able to feel his scent that for some reason remained intact in that bed. He carefully observed all the things in the room, he was glad to know that nothing had changed, he left his thoughts when listening to a few steps downstairs, he got up from the sofa and looked out the door of the living room only to run into Gohan who had just come out of the shower already dressed up with the bottom of his orange gi but his hair was still slightly wet. Trunks could not help but bite his lower lip slightly while a slight blush appeared on his cheeks damn it! even with his hair wet after leaving the shower he could not even help thinking that Gohan looked... how to say it without sounding perverted? anyway, he looked fucking sexy, for a moment he had the overwhelming desire to get close to him and kiss him regardless if Chi-chi saw them or not.
“Hey hey! are you there?" Gohan asked, pulling the lavender haired young man out of his daydreaming state, bringing him back to the sad reality again.
“E-Eh? Yes, I'm sorry... I... I-I kept thinking about something” Trunks replied, bringing a hand to the back of his neck, slightly ashamed as his koibito used to do at a certain time, long before he lost his memory and did not remember him as anything else than a friend.
“Why did you come to see me twice the same day? do you have something to tell me?" the dark haired half-saiyan asked, Trunks was not sure what to say, opened his mouth to say a word or a phrase but it did not come out so he simply closed it again, Gohan He stared at him for an answer but seeing that nothing happened, he gave up “well, if you only came here to waste my time, I think then I'll finish dressing...”
Gohan turned and went to the stairs to go to his room to finish dressing but Trunks reacted in time, ran upstairs, he approached to Gohan who was halfway, approached his hand to his wrist and took it with strength preventing him to leave. The dark haired half-saiyan stopped his steps and turned his gaze to the lavender haired young man.
“Gohan, wait!” Trunks said but when he felt the penetrating look of his sensei on him he felt a blush reappear on his cheeks “I-I... I... go out with me tomorrow!”
“I-I know that sounds strange if you think about it from another point of view but... I want you to go out with me, and since we're friends and all that... you don’t always have to be training” Trunks replied a little nervous, he never wait he had to invite Gohan on a date, it was him who usually asked him but since he had lost his previous memories of the battle with #17 and #18, obviously the lavender haired half-saiyan had to take that important step “what do you say? would you like to go out with me tomorrow?”
“Uh... I... I-I don’t know what to say” Gohan answered. At that, the main door of the Son house get opened and Gokū entered with a smile drawn on his face, his hair and gi soaked carrying a fish that was twice its size on his shoulder, seeing Trunks holding his son’s hand (he did not see that he was holding his wrist) his smile was erased and moving to a serious face, not as serious as Vegeta but managed to intimidate the lavender haired young man.
"You are here again?" Gokū asked "and what are you doing holding my son's hand?"
"Wha-what?" Trunks looked away as he continued to hold his sensei's wrist and quickly let go “i-it isn’t what it seems, Gokū-san. I just... I came because I wanted to say something to Gohan, I-I was going out from here now”
The lavender haired young man was about to leave but the wild haired saiyan prevented this by blocking the door with his free arm and stared at him without losing his serious face, something that bothered Trunks a little, knowing Gokū, normally he did not keep an expression like that for a long time, he knew that in a matter of seconds he would be the same as always.
"Did you really think you would leave from here...?" the wild haired saiyan said without losing his serious face but then he changed to a friendly smile in a few seconds. Trunks was right after all “without staying for dinner? anyone who is Gohan’s friend is welcome to spend time with us!”
“B-but, G-Gokū-san, I didn’t mean that! I really came here because I wanted to talk with Gohan" Trunks replied a little nervous and uncomfortable, he turned his gaze to the dark haired half-saiyan who stood on the stairs laughing at the situation. Instantly, the lavender haired half-saiyan sent him a withering look that said that sooner or later he was going to kill him for not helping him out of that painful situation, he suddenly felt that the wild haired half-saiyan was pushing him again into the interior of the home and he started walking to the kitchen to tell his wife that Trunks would stay for dinner with them.
"And... Gohan, you didn’t answer what I asked before" Trunks said, drawing the dark haired half-saiyan attention "would you like to go out with me tomorrow?"
“Yeah sure. I don’t see why I wouldn’t go out with you" Gohan replied shrugging his shoulders "I guess you're right, I shouldn’t always be training”
Both half-saiyan had to leave their conversation as Chi-chi had called them to dinner with her and her husband. Gohan quickly climbed upstairs into his bedroom to finish dressing and Trunks walked straight to the dining room to wait for his sensei to finish dressing and go down to dinner with them.

That night at Capsule Corporation, Trunks had trouble sleeping. He was so excited, he would have another date with Gohan, he would have another date with Gohan! He had dreamed so long of spending time with him again and now that dream was coming true. He just hoped that his plan worked and managed to make Gohan remember him as something more than a simple best friend, something more than his apprentice or even more than a younger brother.


In the morning, Trunks went flying to the center of the city to meet Gohan at the door of a cafe, before leaving Capsule Corporation called to ask him to arrive on time because they had many things to do that day and should take advantage all the time they had to be together. While flying, Trunks looked at the buildings, the tunnels, cars and people coming and going on the street, some children walking hand in hand with their parents looked at the sky and when they saw Trunks up there they could not help but greet him, since , after all, Trunks was the warrior who saved them all from being killed by the androids and protected them relentlessly from Black Gokū, the lavender haired half-saiyan was a bit surprised but then smiled and waved at those children; however, the moment lasted little because he could see Gohan with his back resting on the frame of the door of the cafe where they agreed to meet that day. He began to descend more and more, until he managed to land a few meters from the café where Gohan was waiting for him. The dark-haired half saiyan was leaning against the frame of the cafe door and his eyes closed as his sensei Piccolo used to do when he waited for him to train together, trying to remember what his relationship with Trunks was before he had his last battle with #17 and #18 but for some reason he could not recall anything specific.
“Why? Why is it so hard for me to remember?" Gohan thought without opening his eyes and frowning in annoyance "what the hell were Trunks and I? Why do I feel I want to have him close but more than a friend?”
“Gohan Gohan!” the dark haired half-saiyan opened his eyes and looked away noticing that Trunks was coming towards him, moving his hand to get his attention, he stopped his steps to be only a few inches in front of him “you are here , for a moment I thought you wouldn’t come”
“Did you really think I would not come? In our family we never break our promises, that's something my dad taught me” Gohan answered him “do you have any idea where we'll go first?”
“I know a place where we can go to spend the time without nobody bother us or we feel uncomfortable” Trunks said “but first...” he extended his hand towards his sensei “you have to take my hand”
“I don’t know, you hear something uncomfortable having to take your hand” Gohan said looking away while pointing a hand to the back of his neck feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed “also, we can go there without having to take our hands not what do you think?”
“Gohan, if you don’t take my hand I will not be able to take you there” the lavender haired young man said with a serious tone offering his hand to the dark haired half-saiyan “so take my hand”
Gohan thought it for a short second but finally he accepted and took Trunks hand. The dark haired half-saiyan closed his eyes and concentrated on the place where he wanted to take his sensei, when he finally found the place he instantly teleported with Gohan to a desert island where a city or a village could not be seen for miles away, there was a small fishing boat, but moving away a little more from the location of both half-saiyan were there was nothing else. In front of them, a few meters from the coast, there was abundant vegetation, palm trees and volcanic mountains that had been inactive for a long time.
"Uh... I don’t understand why did you bring me here?" Gohan asked, slightly confused, looking at the beach around him and then at Trunks "could you tell me where we are?"
“We're on an island that you used to take me to train and here you trained with Piccolo before meeting...” Trunks answered but seeing the confused expression of his koibito he stopped talking “me… forget it... you probably don’t remember it, so I brought you here to spend the day together and maybe you'll be able to remember how much fun we had here”
“And what are we waiting for? let's have fun, after all, that's why we're here.”
Gohan and Trunks spent the day playing beach volleyball against each other, swimming in the sea while doing a fun race of who jumped the waves higher, from time to time, Trunks would put obstacles in Gohan's swimming cross his path make the dark haired half-saiyan fell into the water and laughed at him but he did not let himself be beaten easily and took revenge on Trunks by pulling him into the water and they started to fight against each other even if it was just a game, a game that they only knew how to enjoy as they had never done before, a game that neither of them was willing to lose.
At midday they did dive and when they finished diving they took the fishing boat and went to catch some fish and shrimp for lunch, while they were doing that activity, both half-saiyan could not avoid seeing each other accidentally. They turned their eyes, smiled shyly and saw each other again smiling at each other as they placed the seafood and fish they caught inside the boat. For a reason he did not know, Gohan felt his cheeks turn red and his heart began to beat strongly inside his chest. Why did he feel that nice but strange feeling? he did not know and he did not want to know, but why did he feel that he and Trunks were more than just friends? suddenly he left out of his thoughts when he felt cold and salty water moistening his face.
“Gohan! we have to go back to the beach and cook this fish or it will get raw!” Trunks said bringing his sensei back to reality. Gohan looked at him for a few seconds, he quickly shook his head to clear his thoughts and they immediately began sailing back to the beach.
As soon as the fishing boat touched the coast, both half-saiyan got out and began to push it together until it was stuck in the sand to prevent the water from taking it away. Trunks let go of the boat and began to walk through the dry sand, he went into the jungle to pick up a fairly large mountain of bananas, pineapples and other types of fruit on the island. Meanwhile, Gohan was not going to wait for him, so when he come back, the dark haired half-saiyan was already waiting for him with the fire ready to cook the fish and the shrimp. He had even prepared some twigs to place them while they were cooking.
"I see you've been improvising while I wasn’t here" Trunks commented as he knelt in the sand a few inches away from the fire watching Gohan prick the shrimp on the twigs and place them over the fire to cook them, although it gave him a little work because he only had one arm instead of two. After a few minutes trying, he managed to skewer the fish in the branches he found, using them as if they were skewers as he had done before with the shrimp.
Trunks watched him work, he took one of the coconuts from the pile, made a hole with his fingers and took a sip, but then remembered that Gohan had not drunk anything since morning, so he placed the coconut in the sand. He took another, made a hole with his fingers and offered it to Gohan, who stopped his work for a moment to look at him confused.
"What are you doing?" the dark haired half-saiyan asked.
“I'm offering you something to drink. do you want coconut water? maybe you’re thirsty" Trunks replied as he held the coconut in front of Gohan. Gohan did not hesitate about it and accepted the coconut that Trunks offered him, he brought the coconut to his lips and took a sip feeling the slightly bitter water of this one cool his throat, once he finished drinking, he left the coconut and raised his gaze to see Trunks.
"Thank you" Gohan said, he turned his gaze to the fish and shrimp that were placed on the fire and were almost ready to eat “we'd better eat all that before it burns.”
After having a good lunch and spending another time swimming and playing in the sea, Gohan and Trunks went to rest at the roots of some trees while looking at the horizon. The sun was already setting, the waves are lower than before and crashing gently against the coast making small splashes against the sand, both half-saiyan felt tired but happy about how fast the day and the time they had spent together. They only spent time contemplating the sun hiding in the sea in silence until Gohan decided to speak in order to break that calm atmosphere between them.
“Hey, Trunks, isn’t it?” Gohan asked when he saw that the lavender haired half-saiyan nodding “I just wanted to tell you that I had a good time with you”
"Really?!" Trunks exclaimed excitedly but then stopped himself and became serious again “I mean, really? I also had a good time and I have a lot of fun with you, Gohan”
"Yes, it had been a long time since I had so much fun with a friend" suddenly, Trunks felt a twinge in his heart when Gohan said that word "friend" that was all he meant to Gohan? only a friend? He could feel the tears begin to moisten his blue eyes and quickly he dried them with the back of his hand, he did not want Gohan to see him cry, but unfortunately, the dark haired half-saiyan noticed it “Trunks? what happened? why are you crying?”
"I don’t want you to remember me just as your friend, Gohan!" Trunks exclaimed, he get up from his place and walked towards Gohan until he knelt in front of him and took his face in his hands "I know your memories are hidden in some part. Please, Gohan, please! you have to remember what it was for you and how important you were to me" Gohan felt his head aching as Trunks words echoed in his mind, he could see some images go through his head but he could not see them clearly “you and I had a life together before the androids killed you and you know it”
"No... I can’t... I can’t remember" Gohan said as he brought his hand to his head in a desperate attempt to relief the pain he was feeling.
“Yes you can! you are denying what you feel for me! I know you love me more than a friend! and I can prove it.”
"And how do you pretend...?" Gohan could not keep talking because he could see Trunks hands clinging gently to his cheeks to prevent him from turning his gaze, the half-saiyan felt a faint blush invade his face, his eyes they crossed paths with Trunks, which shone with the tears that wanted to escape them but he did everything possible not to cry. The lavender haired half-saiyan began to move closer to Gohan, tracing furrows in the dry sand with his knees as their lips began to rub against each other, shortening the distance that break them apart...


Trunks was in Capsule Corporation reclining on the kitchen table with his head resting on his arms. Saying he was sad was little to describe how he felt, more than anything, he felt depressed. Bulma, who walked through the corridors with a cup of coffee in her hand, saw her son in that position and for some reason, her maternal instinct told her that something bad was happening to him, so she went into the kitchen, approached to him and sat down at the table and took a seat next to the lavender haired half-saiyan.
"Trunks, honey, what's wrong?" Bulma asked, placing a hand on his head "is there something bothering you? we can talk about it, you know that if something depresses you or bothers you, don’t hesitate to talk to me, I've always been here to help you”
“Mom, Gohan doesn’t remember me” Trunks said looking away from his mother “he doesn’t remember that we had a relationship beyond being just friends and he doesn’t remember how much he cares for me, I don’t know what to do to make him remind me”
Gohan could see Trunks hands clinging gently to his cheeks to prevent him from averting his gaze, the half-saiyan felt a faint blush invade his face, his eyes met Trunks ones, which shone with the tears that are escaping from them but he did everything possible to not cry. The lavender haired half-saiyan began to move closer to Gohan, tracing furrows in the dry sand with his knees as their lips began to rub against each other, shortening the distance that break them apart until both joined their lips in a soft kiss, Gohan remained with his eyes wide open in surprise, he would have expected many things but never in his life would he have expected a kiss and less from the person he remembered as his friend but ... why did he feel that it should not be like that? so as not to disappoint Trunks, he closed his eyes and take back the kiss while placing his arm around the lavender haired half-saiyan waist, again the fleeting images and memories of his moments with Trunks began to attack his mind while he kissed him.
"Agh!" Gohan exclaimed, pushing Trunks back down on the sand, bringing his hand back to his head, the stinging pain from the first time was coming back but stronger than before. When he calmed down, he saw Trunks again “why did you do that?”
“I'm sorry...” Trunks said feeling sorry for what he had just done “I ... I'm really sorry, I... I didn’t want to do it, I'm sorry!”
The lavender haired half-saiyan get up from the sand and began to run away from Gohan. The dark haired half-saiyan realized this and quickly he got up from the roots of the tree on which he was lying, he tripped over one of them and fell into the sand but knew how to affirm with his only hand, he sat up and resumes his path.
“Trunks wait! don’t go” Gohan said wanting to reach him but it was too late, Trunks had already flown away from that island leaving him completely alone. Gohan closed his eyes tightly, clenched his teeth and closed his hand tightly in a fist as he felt the tears fall uncontrollably from his eyes, he had ruined everything, he had hurt Trunks and he probably would not want to see him again for a while.

"Oh, so that's what happened?" Bulma said after hearing what her son had just told her, Trunks just nodded, what he had told to his mother was true “hmm, I can only tell you one thing, you shouldn’t force Gohan try to remember what you had before... well, you know, I can only tell you that...”
“You should let things continue as they are” both turned to see Vegeta who had just finished training a while ago and now he was listening to Bulma's conversation with Trunks “Gohan is not going to remember him from one day another, that spawn son of Kakarrot must continue with his life and let everything follow its natural course”
“Wow, Vegeta, since when do you speak so eloquently? did training in the other world with Gokū for so many years make you more intelligent?" Bulma asked with a certain tone of mockery and sarcasm in her voice.
“I'm just saying what I should do, Onna. Trunks have to leave Gohan alone, he may remember him eventually, or maybe not" the saiyan replied indifferently.


The days that followed, Trunks did not go to visit Gohan, he would follow the advice his father gave him and let things take their natural course. Who knows? perhaps, over time, Gohan would recover his memory completely.
On the other hand, Gohan continued with his memory equal or worse, now, whenever he had a moment of rest and relaxation after his training, fleeting images came to his mind of the moments he had lived with Trunks before he died but for some reason he could not process that information clearly and this made his headache grow more and more to the point of believing that he was going crazy. During those days when Trunks did not come to visit him, he spent much of his time training with his father or his former sensei, Piccolo, whom he had missed all these years and with whom he had been training in the other world with Krillin, Vegeta and the other Z senshi.
Not only he spend his time training, Gohan also spent time with his mother, either going shopping, helping her with her tissues or with housework. She was happy to have him back as well as her husband, Gokū, who despite having been dead all those years, his behavior had not changed in the least, he was still the same man with the attitude of a child with whom she get married and she was happy that once again the joy and happiness had returned home, as she had felt very lonely after losing her husband and her son, the only person who visited her often was her father, Ox- Satan, but after he died, Chi-chi had felt alone again, not even Bulma or Trunks had visited her again after Gohan's death.

One afternoon, after many days and weeks without seeing each other, Gohan was walking with Trunks in North Capital downtown. They had met there by chance after Trunks had been sent by his mother to buy some things, but in reality there were other intentions under that order, what Bulma wanted most was for her son to go out for a few hours. She was already tired of seeing him locked in his bedroom complaining about what he had done, so she decided that the best thing she could do for him was to ask him to go to the city to buy some things, Trunks agreed and went flying to the city promising to his mother that he would come back soon.
Arriving to the city, Trunks began to walk around the streets looking for the things that his mother had ordered but while he was walking, he saw Gohan who had no bag in his only hand, apparently he was just walking, Chi-chi had not asked him to go to buy things. As soon as he saw it, Trunks dropped the shopping bag in his hand and began to move it to get the attention of his koibito.
"Gohan, Gohan!" Trunks exclaimed, the dark haired half-saiyan looked up at Trunks a few feet away from him, a smile immediately appeared on his face and he came running towards him until they were only a few inches away from each other.
“Hey, Trunks! I didn’t expect to see you today... what a pleasant surprise!" Gohan commented with a nervous smile, he really did not want to see Trunks that day, he was still confused about... well, you know “what are you doing here?”
"My mother asked me to buy some things she left on this list" Trunks said, showing him the list he took from his jacket to Gohan. The dark haired half-saiyan took the paper to see what was written but found nothing.
"Trunks, there is nothing written on the paper" Gohan told him again showing the list to the lavender haired half-saiyan, he took the paper off his koibito and realized that there was nothing written.
"You're right, there's nothing written here" Trunks replied "If I had known that my mother would cheat me, I wouldn’t have left my bedroom."
"Don’t worry about that, and... now that we're both here, do you want us to have a walk?" Gohan asked, wanting to be kind with his apprentice, Trunks felt his heart beat hard inside his chest as a slight blush appeared on his cheeks “Trunks, you have your red face, do you feel okay?”
“Y-Yes, I’m fine... it's nothing” the lavender haired half-saiyan said, looking away to hide his blush.
Now both half-saiyan walked quietly through the streets of the city. From time to time, Trunks would sneak his gaze away to see Gohan and see how the skin of his face and hair shone in the afternoon sunlight. Little by little, his eyes were lost from the features of his face to his lips, from his lips to his neck and continued lowering a little more to reach his hand, for a second he had the idea to hold his hand with Gohan’s one and intertwine his fingers with his own but when he felt his koibito’s look on him, he quickly discarded the idea and pretended that he had not moved from his place. When he noticed that Gohan let his guard down again, Trunks took the opportunity to bring his hand back and take the hand of the dark haired half saiyan, but he went forward and took his hand, intertwining his fingers firmly with his own. Trunks smiled like a fool in love thinking that Gohan had finally taken his hand. That... maybe that meant they were making a progress?
"Does it bother you to take your hand?" Gohan asked, pulling the lavender haired half-saiyan out of his thoughts.
“What? n-no, it doesn’t bother me... n-not at all, i-in fact... I think I like it” Trunks answered smiling at Gohan, he returned the smile without hesitation. Both half-saiyan stayed most of the ride holding hands, exchanging positions and smiles as if it were the first time they did something like that, until Gohan remembered that kiss on the island that had been distracting him for weeks and had it extremely confused and needed to talk to Trunks about what happened that day.
“Hey, Trunks. I've been thinking about this for weeks since the last time we saw each other and I think we should talk about what happened that day we were on the island” Gohan said trying to break the tension between them, more than anything else, the dark haired half-saiyan one.
"What do you mean by that, Gohan?" Trunks asked, not understanding what he was talking about.
“You know, I think we should talk about the kissing. I mean, we can’t evade this issue forever and sooner or later we'll have to talk about it.
“Yes I know. With regard to what happened on the island, I think I owe you an apology" Trunks replied distressed by what had happened that day "I'm so sorry to have kissed you, Gohan. It was something unexpected and I didn’t want to do it, I thought that this way you would be able to remember me, rather, remember what we have”
“I know I shouldn’t have done it and if I scared you, I'm really sorry.”
“I think it would be better for both of us to forget what happened and...”
"Trunks!" Gohan exclaimed, interrupting the lavender haired half-saiyan tired of being interrupted when he tried to speak to him in the first place.
"What?!" Trunks exclaimed in the same voice tone stunning Gohan.
"Maybe the kiss took me by surprise but... if I have to be honest with you... I must admit that I liked it" the half-saiyan told him muttering the last word under his breath so Trunks could not hear it clearly.
“What did you say before, Gohan? I couldn’t hear you.”
“I said that I liked the kiss, okay? is that what you wanted to hear?" the dark haired half-saiyan replied with a slight blush coloring his cheeks “and... and... I know this sounds strange coming from me but I would like to repeat it”
“And what are you waiting for?” Trunks stopped his steps and positioned himself so that he was facing Gohan, he placed a hand on his shoulder shortening the distance between them, the dark haired half-saiyan could feel his heart beat with strength inside his chest due to the closeness “do it”
"H-here and now?" Gohan said with a knot of nerves in his voice, feeling his blush increase further and if it continued that way, someone would probably mistake him for an apple.
“Yes, what happen? don’t you want to kiss me? or are you regretting?" Trunks asked provocatively making Gohan blush more, sweat began to fall down his nerves and his heart beat faster inside his chest. He could feel his fist-shaped hand trembling, he breathed deeply and without losing a second more, he put his hand abruptly to Trunks neck jacket and pulled him towards him surprisingly joining his lips in a kiss, the lavender haired half-saiyan keep in shock at first but then relaxed and take back his koibito’s kiss by placing his arms around his neck wanting to deepen the kiss.
Some people stopped their walk to approach and look that half-saiyan couple kissing in the middle of the public walk street, something that most of them think that they were adorable but others were repulsed and simply turned around to leave from there. Instantly, the memories that were blocked in Gohan's mind came back but this time with more clarity, he opened his eyes once they break apart to breathe leaving a thin thread of saliva connecting their mouths. Both half-saiyan breathed raggedly without stopping to see each other, Trunks slowly put his hands apart and placed them in Gohan’s face, he took Trunks left hand with the only one he had without looking at him through the eyes.
"Now I remember it..." Gohan said squeezing the lavender haired young man gently "I remember everything, I remember who you were for me, Trunks. You were my koibito, my aisuru, you and I had a life together...” he paused a moment before what he had said and then smiled tenderly “and we continue having a life together”
Trunks break apart from Gohan feeling tears moisten his eyes, but unlike those that had arisen weeks ago, these were tears of happiness. Not caring that people were watching them, he pounced on Gohan and put his arms around his neck to hug him tightly and not let him go. The dark haired half-saiyan take back his aisuru’s hug under the gaze of hundreds of people watching the tender scene and excitedly applauded the half-saiyan couple and many were happy to know that Gohan had recovered his memory completely.


The sun shone brightly that morning at Capsule Corporation. Gohan carried the last bag on his shoulder and when he was in front of the compartment of the flying vehicle that Bulma gave him and Trunks, he threw the bag inside the compartment and closed the door firmly with his only hand. Trunks left his home putting on his old jean jacket that he used when he traveled to the past to seek help and defeat Black Gokū.
"Is everything ready?" Trunks asked as he finished buttoning his jacket as he walked toward Gohan "are you sure we don’t forget anything?"
“Yes, everything was inside the vehicle. I don’t forget anything, we have everything we need for our trip, Gohan replied. Suddenly, both half-saiyan heard some steps to the outside, their turned their eyes and could see Bulma and Vegeta who were standing in front of them, outside Capsule Corporation main door, Trunks looked at Gohan, who only made a movement with his head and walked towards his parents. Trunks, Bulma and Vegeta looked at each other without knowing what to say until the lavender haired half-saiyan spoke to break that tense atmosphere.
“Well... I guess it's time to go” Trunks said seeing his parents.
“I know, Trunks... it's just that...” Bulma said trying to contain the tears that were showing through her blue eyes “this place is going to be a bit empty without you” she began to cry and quickly restrained herself “I’m sorry, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry today”
“Mom, don’t worry. I'll be fine” Trunks said comforting her “after all, Gohan is going to be with me.”
"I'm going to miss you so much!" Bulma said as she hugged her son, Trunks was surprised but he take back his mother’s hug. Vegeta simply ignored that sentimental scene and approached towards Gohan who was standing there by the vehicle waiting for Trunks.
"V-Vegeta-san!" Gohan exclaimed as soon as he noticed him “before you say anything about this, you don’t have to worry about us, we have everything we need and I promise we will return from this trip very soon”
“That isn’t what I care most” the saiyan prince said who approached until he face Gohan “listen to me, brat, you better take good care of Trunks or you'll end up paying dearly for hurting him”
"I will!" Gohan said in affirmation. Vegeta only nodded knowing that Kakarrot's spawn was going to keep his promise and began to walk back to Capsule Corporation, Gohan sighed in relief, for a moment he thought Vegeta was going to threaten him but it was not like that, maybe train so much time in the other world made him change his way of behavior. He turned his gaze to Trunks, who was still comforting his mother who kept crying "Trunks! hurry up! it's time to leave”
"Yes, I'm coming!" Trunks exclaimed, he break apart from his mother and took her by the shoulders, looking her straight in the eyes "I must go, Mom. I'll see you soon”
"Take care of yourself, Trunks" the light blue haired scientist said. The lavender haired young man smiled at him, turned around and walked towards Gohan, but before they could get into the vehicle, Bulma remembered something important that she had left in her laboratory “guys, guys! wait! don’t leave” both half-saiyan stopped and looked at Bulma “there's something I have to give them back right away!" the light blue haired scientist went back to Capsule Corporation and a few minutes later returned with what appeared to be a silver box with Capsule Corporation logo printed on the lid “here it is! I found it!” she approached to Gohan “Gohan, I know I should have given you this a long time ago, but... after you died and after what happened with Black Gokū, I... I completely forgot to give it to you”
"What's inside?" Gohan asked as he placed his left hand in the silver box.
“It's something that's going to be really useful for when you have to train” Bulma said with a smile and a spark in her eyes “come on, open the box, I'm sure you'll love that”
Gohan placed his thumb in the slot of the box lid with a bit of doubt and fear at the same time but despite everything, he trusted Bulma and if she said that what was inside would help him to train then everything was well, isn’t it? decided, he opened the lid and inside the box rested what appeared to be a prosthetic arm, with the only difference that it was robotic.
“Bulma, I-I... no... I don’t know what to say...” Gohan murmured surprised as the tears appeared in their dark orbs.
"You do not have to say anything" the light blue haired scientist replied, she deposited the box on the floor and removed the robotic prosthesis from it "now stay still and let me put this on you" Bulma approached Gohan once she removed the prosthesis from the box. He held the prosthesis under his arm while running the sleeve of his gi revealing a horrible scar result from the amputation he received in the battle against the androids in the amusement park. She placed the prosthesis in a hole that was left of the scar that was already completely healthy thanks to his hard work taking care of his injuries with Trunks when he was just thirteen years old, once she placed the prosthesis, she secured it with some elastic straps around from his left shoulder under his gi, Gohan shuddered at the touch of the cold cloth but then relaxed when Bulma finished buckling the straps on his back to keep the prosthesis from falling off “what do you say, Gohan?”
“What do I say? what do I say? I say that... I love it!" Gohan exclaimed, hugging the light blue haired scientist, it felt so good to be able to hold her again with both arms even if one of them was fake “thank you very much, Bulma! you're right, this will be very useful when I have to train”
"You’re welcome, I knew you were going to like it" Bulma commented, she turned her gaze to the vehicle and noticed that Trunks had been waiting for Gohan for more than a while and was already getting bored “you'd better go, you wouldn’t want make your love wait longer, right?”
“Eh?” Gohan blushed slightly and looked at Trunks who was inside the vehicle with an expression of being bored for waiting so long “I'm sorry, I guess I didn’t see when he got into the vehicle...” he started walking towards the vehicle where the lavender haired half-saiyan was waiting for him “see you soon, Bulma-san!”
Gohan went straight to the flying vehicle; he opened the glass door on the left side and entered inside of it. Trunks reacted and jumped out of his seat when he saw Gohan inside the vehicle sitting in the co-pilot's seat.
"You took a long time" Trunks said, looking at his koibito "what were you doing out there?"
“I'm sorry, your mother had to give me something” Gohan replied a little embarrassed, he moved his right arm to show his robotic prosthesis to Trunks “what do you think about this?”
“I think... I think it looks very good, of course, if you agree with that” Trunks said looking at his koibito’s robotic arm for a few seconds and looked away to start turning on the engines and controls of the flying vehicle “Gohan...”
“Are you... are you happy using a robotic arm?”
“Of course I am, after all it's a gift from your mother” Gohan replied “now that I have two arms it will be easier to train with you”
“Great...” Trunks replied not so animated, Gohan realized that and began to feel bad for his aisuru.
“Trunks, don’t get mad. If you don’t want me to wear this, I can take it off" Gohan said as he tried to reach for the elastic straps and tried to unbuckle them, but the lavender haired half-saiyan stopped him.
“No! don’t take it off!" Trunks said as he placed a hand on Gohan's shoulder "I like it, I really like it... you don’t have to do that for me”
Gohan just smiled at him, he approached towards Trunks and joined his lips in a soft kiss. When they parted, he went back to his seat and buckled his seatbelt around his waist.
"Okay, let's go!" Gohan exclaimed. Trunks just smiled and laughed softly, he pressed the buttons and in just a few seconds, the vehicle began to take off from the ground and float a couple of meters from the floor. Below them, they could see Bulma screaming and wishing them good luck on their trip, the half-saiyans said goodbye to her with their hands and the flying vehicle began to fly away from Capsule Corporation.
When they saw that they were far from the city and now crossed a field, Trunks placed the automatic pilot and turned his gaze to Gohan without leaving his seat, Gohan noticed his koibito’s look on him and quickly turned on his seat facing him.
"Hey, Gohan, where do you want to go first?" Trunks asked, seeing his aisuru with curiosity.
“I don’t know, I don’t care where we go. While you and I are together, any place is good for me.”


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