Kissing Cold Lips of Dead Man
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This is the third One-shot that I write from the anime saga "Dragon Ball", I had to wait a little longer to start writing it but I couldn’t resist, I saw a fanart made by MSprinkleZ on deviantart (weezajin on Pixiv) that had caught my attention and made me want to do a One-shot based on that and also inspired by a drabble that I read from the same website written by my friend Rio-Phoenix-1970.

I hope you like it; I did my best effort to make it as original as possible. Well, the "Dragon Ball" saga and the manga do not belong to me, all that is owned by Akira Toriyama, the films and anime adaptation are owned by Toei Animation but the One-shot is from MY property.

I guess I do not have anything left to say so... Let’s get start it!

Kissing the Cold lips of Dead man
Trunks opened his eyes, he looked around to see where he was but there was nothing there except clouds, white clouds, light and fluffy, the sunset or rather the sunrise peeked over the horizon, painting the clouds with beautiful shades of rose, dark orange, golden and finally crowned with a shade of light red quite charming. The lavender haired boy did not understand very well what was going on.

“This is not possible... Could it be... in heaven?” he thought to himself but immediately dismissed that thought “no, it's silly of me to think about that”

He decided to walk a little, meeting some people and faces he could not identify because he did not know any of those people who were there with big white wings covered with feathers and golden auras on their heads, they were flying around that peaceful environment. The child avoided talking or seeing those people, until he heard a voice calling him and in the distance he could make out the figure of a little girl waving a hand at him to come closer.

"Gomen... but who are you?" Trunks asked, extending a hand slowly to touch her shoulder to get her attention but the little girl just moved away from him.

“Come with me, there is someone important for you who want to see you” the girl answered who started to take flight but seeing that the lilac hair did not follow her stopped and turned to see it “what are you waiting for? Come on, you do not want to miss this opportunity, do you?”

Trunks did not answer and just followed the girl, walking for a few minutes while the girl was flying close to him until he stopped in front of what appeared to be a tree that was a few inches away from them, they could see a shadow standing in that tree, that shadow was looking towards the horizon just in front of the sun that was about to hide... the young lavender haired teen was not quite sure of the exact position of the sun but for some reason that shadow was known, unlike all the people he had seen in that place. The girl moved away from there flying again leaving Trunks completely alone with that shadow under the tree, she advanced slowly towards the figure and when she saw that she was a few centimeters away from her, she remained standing in silence, studying his movements and actions, then saw how that figure extended a hand to him, looked at his hand carefully before deciding whether to take it or not, could notice that it did not carry wings like the girl who had accompanied him there, without hesitation even; He put his small hand on him as his fingers closed around him, intertwining.

The younger boy for a second felt as if he were really in heaven at the pleasant contact of that hand on his own, he felt safe but... if he really were in heaven, in true heaven, that did not mean that he had died? He quickly dismissed that thought as almost impossible, he could not be dead, he still had to fight and be able to defeat the androids, those who had killed his sensei Gohan and If he was dead, that meant he had failed in his attempt to avenge his death, maybe... maybe he was dreaming, it was that, he was just dreaming.

He did not know what to say, he felt that the words were superfluous at that moment, his body was surrounded by the arm of that person who was next to him bringing him closer to his own body, the closeness was so tight that he could constantly hear the rhythmic beat of his heart, Trunks felt a blush appear on his face, that sound was nice for him, he did not know if what he did was by impulse or by simple will of his own but he wrapped his arms around the waist of the man who was holding him tight against him, He could feel that his heart was pounding harder than ever, he looked up with dark eyes that looked at him with what would be affection? tenderness? That didn’t matter now; he could recognize those dark eyes that, although they were lost among others, the young lavender haired boy would find them instantly.

"G-Gohan-san?" Trunks asked incredulously, Gohan only smiled at him.

"Trunks, hey, I'm glad to see you again, kid" Gohan replied as his smile grew a little.

“Gohan, I don't understand what's happening. What am I doing here? Could you at least tell me why I am in this place at this precise moment?”

“That couldn't explain it because I don't know what you're doing here but... the only thing I can tell you is that I missed you and I wanted to see you again” Gohan replied moving the hand that was placed correctly on the younger teen's back and lifted it up so he could place his thumb under his chin.

Trunks felt that his eyes burned with tears, he had to admit that he had also missed Gohan, too, it had only been a few months since his death and from that day he felt completely lost without him, he did not know what to do, he had tried everything to stop the androids but his attempts were in vain, he need Gohan, he need his support, his warmth but most of all he need his love.

“G-Gohan, I... I miss you too” Trunks said trying to contain the tears that threatened to come out of his eyes “you have no idea how much I miss you, I need you to be with me”

“Don't cry now, I need you to keep strong and be brave, my koibito. You must defeat the androids for me" Gohan said weeping the tears that fell down his cheeks "now that I’m gone, you have to take my place and continue to protect the earth and all the people who live in it"

Those words made Trunks smile, who nodded, could not speak, could not move, could not do anything else but was happy and relieved, was happy that his sensei was there with him, the young man bowed He kissed the younger and kissed him, Trunks shuddered at the touch as the first time Gohan kissed him, closed his eyes by placing his arms around his sensei's neck to deepen the kiss. They were like this for a few minutes, with their lips pressed lightly, as if they had been made to be together and be one, nothing, absolutely NOTHING could ruin that perfect moment, that moment where only Gohan and Trunks exist, that moment in which there was no one else around, where no sound could be heard.

The lavender haired boy felt that Gohan's lips were cold and then he could understand that he was kissing the cold lips of a dead man, not only of a dead man, but of someone who meant and still meant a lot to him, finally they separated slowly in order to recover the air, his face now had a slight blush like Gohan's.

“It's time for you to wake up, chibi” Gohan smiled.

Trunks was confused, he did not understand what Gohan was talking about, waking up? why? No! He did not want to leave!

“No, no, Gohan. I don’t want to wake up, I don’t want to wake up...”Trunks hugged Gohan tightly “I don’t want to leave, I want to stay here with you”

The young man just lowered his head to see the child hugging him; with his free hand he ran some strands of his hair from his face.

“Trunks, I know you don’t want to leave but you must do it. Don’t worry, we'll be together again soon but now you have to wake up.”

"I cannot, you don’t know how many nights I cry for you, tears fall for my love for you, Gohan-san, without you I'm nothing" Trunks said, Gohan pulled him away from him and placed his hands on her small shoulders holding them firmly while I did it.

“I promise that sooner or later we will be together, remember that I will always be there for you and I will always protect you, take my place, defeat the androids; I count with you, chibi.”

His lips pressed gently against the child's in a soft and tender kiss, a kiss goodbye, a kiss that did not say a simple "goodbye" but said something like "I will see you soon" that would be the last time they would kiss before the body of Trunks and everything around him, including Gohan, disappear.

“I'm going to train and I will become stronger to defeat the androids, I promise I will not let you down, Gohan.”


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