Miraculous Dragon Ball: Behind Scenes
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Since I finally finished my exams-expositions for art school, I decided that I'm going to start working on a very special project. This project is inspired by the French series "Miraculous Ladybug" and is also based on my AU from this series fused with "Dragon Ball" universe, "Miraculous Dragon Ball", I got inspired on this series for the name of this AU.

For now, this fanfic will be set in "Miraculous Ladybug" first season and when I have a free space I will work in the second season. But not only will it be exclusively about that, I will also incorporate special chapters, dialogues that will be developed in my head as I work with the chapters, humor and romance, you know, everything that arises in the world of entertainment.

"Dragon Ball" does not belong to me but to Toriyama-san and Toei Animation. "Miraculous Ladybug" is owned by Thomas Astruc, ZAG Toons and Toei Animation, but this fanfic and this AU are MY property.

I clarify that the main couple will be Trunks x Gohan or Truhan, I will be putting random ship as I work with the fanfic and there may also be a bit of out of character. I am also warning that some characters are NOT related, for example: Bra and Trunks are not brother and sister, although in the original anime they are, regardless from what timeline they come from.

Well, I guess I have nothing else to say, so... let’s get start it!

Main Actors and Character Introductions
Trunks Briefs/Lordbug: he is the main actor of the series and he is thirteen years old. His mother is Bulma Briefs and because he was raised by her, he acquired a great part of her personality, he is an intelligent, helpful and creative boy and when he wants to fulfill his goals he has a lot of determination.

He has lavender hair; blue eyes inherited from his mother and slightly tanned skin. In "Miraculous Dragon Ball" he plays a character under his own name, who is the ladybug miraculous owner and has his kwami as a company and is the one who helps him to transform, also plays the hero Lordbug who owns a secret weapon, the "Lucky Charm" and a sword that he occasionally uses to fight his enemies. He is in love with Gohan although he is already engaged with Videl outside the show.

Son Gohan / Chat Noir: he is one of the co main characters of the series and he is eighteen years old. His mother is Ox Satan Chi-chi and his father Son Gokū (who is in a coma in the series so he does not have much participation), when he was a child he showed great potential to be a martial arts fighter before began acting but as he grew up he surpassed that phase and now he acts in "Miraculous Dragon Ball" series playing a sixteen year old student under his name, the feline hero Chat Noir and he is the black cat miraculous owner, which contains destruction power called "Cataclysm" and a silver wristband from which he brought all his weapons and communicates with Lordbug through it. His kwami is a black cat with bright green eyes called Plagg that accompanies him everywhere and helps him to transform. His super best friend (and fiancee outside the series) is Videl Satan and the only one he had all these years when he was a little boy and his mother would not let him go out to play, she was the only girl who visited him frequently. Outside the series he begins to develop feelings for Trunks to the point of falling in love for him and losing all interest in his fiancee.

Gohan has black hair on ends with a small tuft falling on his forehead and when it’s Chat Noir a long strand covers his left eye, bright black eyes and a sweet and kind smile.

Son Goten/Lord WiFi/Kitsune: He is one of the secondary actors of the series, he is Gohan’s younger brother, he is fourteen years old and he plays a high school student under the same name who on the first day of classes becomes a Trunks friend.

Goten has an enthusiastic personality, he is very astute as a fox and very intelligent, he usually documents the events of his favorite hero, Lordbug, with his tablet and post them on his website that contains the most recent news of the mentioned. When he is not busy with his website, he usually helps Trunks giving him advice to try to make Gohan fall in love for him, fight against Videl and overcome what he intends to do.

Goten has long hair up to the shoulders, black, eyes of the same color, pale skin and a lovely smile that faints all his fans.

Bra Briefs/Balloon Girl/Kame-Midori: She is one of the secondary actresses of the series, in "Miraculous Dragon Ball" she is Gohan’s first true friend that he has in a long time. She is fifteen years old, she have an active, unruly and cheerful personality as if she were a little girl, she is always in a good mood and she likes to help her friend, Gohan to know more about the outside world and to learn to deal with other people.

She has light blue hair that collects with a red headband, a pale and thin body and beautiful blue eyes, for a time she had a crush on Trunks but then she realized that she had more things in common with Goten than with him so after seeing how compatible they were they decide to become boyfriends inside and outside the series. Outside the series, she knows that Trunks is in love with Gohan and with Goten she does everything possible to make them keep together.

Satan Videl/Nega-bug/Queen Bee/Queen Wasp: She is one of the main antagonists of the series, she is eighteen years old. She plays an upper class high school student under her own name who is the daughter of Tokyo governor and famous martial arts fighter Mark Satan. Inside and outside the series Videl is extremely selfish, spoiled, arrogant, presumptuous and snob, she thinks that everything involves around her and that everyone loves her just for being Tokyo governor’s daughter, oftenly she mistreat people, especially Trunks and her best friend Erasa whom she considers her personal servant. She has been in love with Gohan since childhood but he does not seem to show the slightest interest in her or to see her beyond being just his super best friend.

She has long dark hair pulled back in two ponytails and light blue eyes, she is Gohan's fiancee outside the series but after a while she starts to cheat him and this makes Gohan decide to break his engagement with her. She keeps a strong rivalry with Trunks in both his characters and as co-workers.

Bulma Briefs: She is Trunks mother and one of the secondary actresses of "Miraculous Dragon Ball" series, unlike Chi-chi, Bulma is a loving and affectionate mother with her son Trunks. In the series, she plays a scientist who works in an important Japanese technology industry called "Capsule Corporation" where Trunks usually helps her with her projects and to suggest new ideas and designs for the company's logo.
She has long light blue hair gathered in a ponytail, white skin and eyes of the same color.

Ox Satan Chi-chi/Dark Butterfly/The collector: She is the main antagonist of the series, a popular martial artist fighter, designer, actress and Gohan’s mother, she is a strict, orthodox and very overprotective woman with her son, which she has been forced to keep him in his home since his birth to his teen years until she allows him to go to school with Yamcha and his personal driver. In "Miraculous Dragon Ball" she plays Dark Butterfly the moth miraculous owner that gives her the power to akumatize victims and the power to take revenge against those who hurt them and turn them into her loyal servants, whom she normally uses to obtain Lordbug and Chat Noir miraculous and grant her greatest wish. The kwami that accompanies her resembles a lavenderi butterfly named Nooroo, who despite being under the control of a negative soul; he has to obey Chi-chi's orders without questioning her.

She has black hair pulled back in a bun, slightly pink skin, soft red lips and eyes of the same color.

Mark Satan/ Satan-man: He is one of the less important supporting minor characters of the series, he is an actor, a martial arts fighter, Gohan's ex father-in-law (outside series) and Videl's father. In "Miraculous Dragon Ball" he plays Tokyo governor under his own name and later the akumatized villain "Satan-man" who was negatively influenced by Dark Butterfly after being despised by his daughter and his wife, Miguel Satan and being considered a pathetic and weak man.
His personality is hard, accessible and manipulative, although sometimes he tends to make mistakes due to his clumsiness as Tokyo leader, he usually gets angry when someone hurts his life or his daughter’s life but then calms down thanks to the love he has for her doing that sometimes he spoils her too much. He reaches hasty conclusions about situations and demands that people act against the law, but when he realizes his mistakes, he tries to learn from them, justify his actions and make peace with the people he hurt.
He has a black curly hair combed in an afro style, blue eyes almost reaching gray and a long mustache that runs along the upper part of his lips, his skin is white mestizo.

Yamcha/Catalyst/Kujaku: He is an actor and another of the antagonists from the series. In "Miraculous Dragon Ball" he plays Chi-chi’s assistant, he is the one who deals with organizing schedules, contracts, events and taking care of Gohan constantly. His personality in the series is serious, cold, distant and formal, although outside of this is the opposite and he is very diligent when it comes to doing his job as Chi-chi’s assistant, to whom he has a certain respect and admiration.
He has long, ruffled black hair, tanned skin and a cross-shaped scar on his cheek. He is akumatized in Catalyst, a villain with the mission to increase Dark Butterfly powers. Later on he takes over the peacock's miraculous (owned by Gokū), turning himself into Kujaku, a villain with the power of create allies for the akumatized villains who obey Dark Butterfly, for which he uses pieces of his fan as if they were darts to establish a mental link with a person who is going through great despair; very similar to Dark Butterfly with akumas.

More characters will appear as I write the chapters.


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