Prove Thyself a Man
by Nonserviam95     More by this Writer
Based on the idea of Lord Truhan

Vegeta and Bulma are fed up by Trunks wasting his life and potential. And they have a plan to shake him up.

Chapter 01: Wake up
Trunks woke up in the end of an alleyway, in a makeshift tent and still thought it was just a bad dream. His mother will come to apologize and take him back to the warmth and safety that Capsule Corporation can offer. But deep down he knew, it's not going to happen. Gohan's warm body made him feel somewhat calmer, his arm around his waist felt like nothing could separate them. But he was also aware that the other was free to leave and never look back.

"Morning, love." The older Son brother purred in a low voice, caressing his lover's abdomen.

Trunks let out a small displeased moan as a cold metallic bracelet touched his skin. He had the exact same thing on, a cruel reminder of what they have done and why are they sleeping on the street.

"I would gladly fetch you a nice cup of steaming hot and offensively expensive coffee with almond milk, but I think our financial situation is not exceeding at this moment."

"How can you talk like a professor so early in the morning..." the lavender haired half-Saiyan yawned, pulling his coat tighter in order to save some warmth.

Trunks felt dirty and he would have sold his soul to the devil himself for a bathroom and a shower to clean himself properly. Maybe if he pinches his arm he will wake up from this extremely realistic nightmare… But something told him it won't be so easy.

The cold, the dirt, the loud noises and his stressed state weren’t the best combo to start the day with. His sleepy words made Gohan laugh bitterly. They both already knew this would be hard for both of them. Chichi wasn't pleased to know her son's plan to put his studies on hold and stay with his friend and live on the street like hobos, but wanted to trust Gohan that he knows what he's doing.

The older Son brother shook his head, trying to stop this train of thought. He was only worried about the safety of his mother and brother, his father was probably training as usual.

"Because I am one, in case you forgot."

"Yeah. And I'm just a good-for-nothing spoiled brat, according to my parents."

Trunks’ words were drenched in cynicism, but still, Gohan felt something behind them: the betrayal of the one his boyfriend loved the most: his mother. He wanted to tell Trunks it is more complicated than that, but he knew it's way too early. His boyfriend is still disappointed and frustrated about not being good enough, and feels that his punishment is way too unfair.

"We should get up and do something. At least get food and clean water."

"I will absolutely not beg for anything!" the lavender haired half-Saiyan spat in a disgusted tone.

He was so much like his father. The Prince definitely passed down his pride and quick temper. Even his facial expressions resembled Vegeta's when he was angry or serious… Gohan was well aware of the fact that Vegeta’s trust only can be earned through hard work and showing their real strength, and it will take a while to get it back… Which was probably one of the most frustrating things for his mate to deal with.

"I meant a job. We don't have the luxury of unlimited business cards."

Trunks eyes dilated in solid shock. He has never had a real job before. His mother often gave credit to him for small things in her projects, but he didn't really have any real responsibility in them. Yes, he was smart, a genius, just like Bulma, and he understood what they were doing, but he didn’t care about it much.

"I… I haven't…"

Gohan nodded while smiling at him, assuming his thoughts. Of course he hasn't. Bulma and Vegeta provided him everything he could wish for.

“I will help you. Just please let me. I know a few restaurants in this area, they probably look for dishwashers, cleaners or something like that.”

Trunks grimaced thinking about doing actual work for being able to afford some scraps of food. The mere idea was foreign to him. He got used to getting whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, even if it was expensive, no one dared to say no to his parents.

Gohan patted his back and spoke up:

“We will work this out together and show them you are much more than anyone thinks. You have Vegeta’s stubbornness and Bulma’s brains. Who can stop you?”

“You’re a sweet summer child, Gohan… Always thinking that everything is going to be alright...”

The other demi-Saiyan just sighed. Here comes the headstrong personality he was already worried about. This will cause a few problems… But they had more important things to care about.

“Even if I don’t agree with your parents’ methods of teaching you that money is not a solution to everything – especially for neglecting your responsibilities – we both have to admit that they have some truth in their words.”

Trunks frowned hearing these words. Yes, he failed to attend an important meeting which led Capsule Corporation to lose an important investor with lots of funds for their projects, but more importantly, to see the disappointment in his father’s eyes was just… devastating. He felt like everything he did in his life was demolished in that very split second of the Prince’s glance. His look said it all. He’s a failure. A good-for-nothing…

“Stop… I almost hear your thoughts. Spiralling down to the pit of self-doubt never leads anywhere. Been there, done that. Believe me.”

Gohan so wanted to help and prevent Trunks from doing something stupid in a fit of rage. The older half-Saiyan asked his lover to look at him, and pulled him into a kiss. The lavender-haired demi slowly relaxed in his arms.

Trunks felt like crying, but he was too proud to let Gohan see it. He rested his head on his lover’s chest. This will be a tough ride, tougher than he prepared for. Maybe it will bring him to the breaking point, but he has to stand up and keep pushing further. He's the son of a prince, god damnit! Where's that Saiyan pride his father is always talking about?

Gohan gently caressed his back and gave him a little kiss on the nose. He chose to be with Trunks until the end, no matter how long it will take. He was the one he entrusted his life with, and promised he will stay true to his word.

"We will do it together. It is my fault as well. I should have remembered that you told me about that meeting… But I was too horny to think."

The older Son brother blushed a little, but pulled his lover into a hug, purring softly. He couldn’t forget Vegeta’s and Bulma’s eyes… The disappointment was clearly written on their faces. On the other hand, he understood their point clearly. Trunks needs to learn responsibility. But was this the right way to teach him?

"Think of it as training for survival. Even if we are just half-breeds, we have what it takes to be a Saiyan. The will to fight and survive."

They spent a few more minutes silently hugging before getting up. Gohan had a determined look on his face, helping Trunks get back on his feet with an encouraging smile.

The alleyway was smelly but not extremely dirty. Gohan took care to choose a somewhat clean spot, the trash cans were on the other end of the street. Looking around, their little tent looked really miserable. A stronger wind or rain would destroy it all...

"Chin up, there will be something. If not today, then we will keep trying tomorrow."

The first place they visited was a small sandwich bar. The owner was an old lady who told them she isn't looking for staff, but gave them two sandwiches and a cup of orange juice, smiling as she looked at their bracelets.

"You don't have to tell me anything. I know it's hard when you are all alone and your family doesn't want to help, just because you have made a decision that wasn't to their liking."

Gohan thanked her kindness, and asked if there's anything they can help with.

"I'm fine, honey. I hope you and your quiet friend will find a job soon."

"We will try our best."

The old lady just smiled and watched them leave.

"It won't always be like this." Trunks said with a sour face. "I have a very bad feeling…"

Gohan stepped closer, putting his left arm around the other demi's waist, which made Trunks blush a little. He wasn't ashamed of himself or his boyfriend, but the opinion of people around him...

"We are in this together. Never forget that. This whole ordeal is as much as my fault as yours."

'I will find a way to remove these annoying ki blockers…' Trunks thought, but he immediately remembered his mother telling him to prepare for an electric shock if he tries to do anything funny with the bracelets.


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