The cub or the Kingdom
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Sometimes escaping is the best choice.

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Male Pregnancy

Chapter one
He felt it. The slow, but noticeable change in his energy. He smiled and placed his left hand on his stomach, trying to search for the tiny life's ki inside of his. He almost cried, when he found it. It was so little... but it was theirs. Their first cub. He had to wipe a tear, and immediately became angry at himself. Why does he crying? Shouldn't he be happy about his heir is on the way? He's honoured by bearing their first child, the future king of Vegeta-sei.

He thought about his father's reaction. He knew very well the king hated his mate, but who cares about that his father likes Kakarot or not? Oh, how the bastard would throw a tantrum again about lying with a third class and lowering himself to getting pregnant from one. He wanted to spit the truth into his face, but also wanted to wait until Kakarot cames back from his mission and tell him first... He imagined his happy face. Oh, how he would cry from joy! Someone knocked on his door, ripping him out of his dream world.

„His Highness wants to-”

One day I'll fucking snap your neck...

„Nappa, how many times I have to tell you, I don't give a shit about his orders?!”

He always knows when he has to disturb him.

„He's mad about something. I don't know exactly what is it, but-”

The taller Saiyan's words were cut off by the Prince's sarcastic voice. He wanted to reduce the time of bearing his presence as short as possible.

„He just wants to yell at me too." he said, annoyance was clearly audible in his voice. “Tell him that I'm not in the mood for it. Or suggest to shout at my brother. He won't do it, because he loves to death that little fucker. I bet it if Tarble would be stronger, he would inherit everything.”

The older prince realised that a long ago. Tarble was weak, but more like their father. The king showed he prefers his firstborn over his younger son, but between four walls everything was completely different. Their encounters were preplanned, always the same questions and answers followed eachother. Everyone seemed to slowly become distant. Or was he the one who did so?

„You miss your mate. Don't you?”

Nappa tried to initiate a conversation between them, even if he was on the other side of the door. Something inside of him wanted to get closer to the Prince, even if for a millisecond.

„You should give up trying to be intimate with me. I'll never reciprocate your feelings. Accept it, before my mate finds out and kills you.”

That voice. Always so cold and arrogant... Some evil god is enjoying his torture, he was sure of that. He was hurting. He was certain the Prince knew about that a long time ago. But as his own father said to him, life is usually not fair to everyone. He tried accept his decision, because he couldn't do anything more.

„As you wish, your Highness.”

He left with these words, leaving an awkward aura behind him. In order to distract his thoughts Vegeta tried to reach his mate through their bond. He was sure Kakarot is longing for him, and he knew he will have a rough night when he finally arrives back...


Kakarot was in his sleeping chamber, not wanting to interact with his fellow warriors. They were given a medium-sized spaceship instead of pods, which made the most of them think, and they talked a lot about it. Their chatting made his head hurt, and also there was a strange feeling which kept bugging him. Something wasn't right. The Prince's energy was weird, he felt it, even though they were far away from eachother. It seemed like something would be inside of him. He can't be sick. Could he...? Or is he.. finally...? Is it possible for them... to become a family? Maybe that's why his ki feels like that. The thought warmed the young Saiyan's heart. But he was cruelly brought back to reality...

„Hey, don't start to fap, thinkin' 'bout that fine ass!”

„I'll snap your neck one day.” he growled at Turles menacingly.

The last person he wanted to talk to was him. He was wondering on the rumours he had heard some weeks ago. People started to gossip about what happened to Paragus and his son years ago. The two disappeared a bit too suddenly…

„Oh, bite me, bitch. I dare ya.”

The other Saiyan was well-known for his big mouth and his cockyness.

„Your mouth weren't that big last night... I guess Raditz put something into it.”

Turles blushed immediately, but he was ready to retort.

„Are you jealous? You don't have to be shy. Just ask for it, and you can join anytime.”

„You are disgusting. Get out.”

Kakarot's voice was more than cold yet threatening.

„Really?” asked Turles in mid-turn. „Raditz is the one, who's fuckin' someone who looks almost exactly like his little brother.”

„I don't care about who the hell Raditz is fucking with! Go and bother him instead of me!”

Kakarot was about to stand up and show Turles out.

„Geez, man. I'm goin', you don't have to kick me out.”

„Very well, I'm not in the mood for kicking your ass.”

When Turles finally let him alone his thoughts returned to his prince. They will be a family. He imagined Vegeta with a rounded belly and found the image utterly cute. He called back the memories of their latest lovemaking, the night before he left the planet. Vegeta was even more fierce than he usually is. And he finally took his gloves off! After months of begging and talking about it. The Prince's nails left deep scratches on his back, but hell, every second of pain was worth it. Seeing the pure pleasure on his mate's face... He wanted to unburden himself but he was sure someone would interrupt him.

„Brother, does it bother you what's going on between me and Turles?” Raditz asked, sitting down next to him. „Because he looks like you?”

„I'm not interested at what do you do with him.”

„Kakarot... I'm usually a complete dick, and I know-”


„The answer is no. Before you would come up with the wrong idea.” the older brother said, scratching the back of his head. „We're from the same blood and firstly it's fuckin' disgusting and not healthy at all. I know, it's-”

„Leave.” Kakarot said. „Before I blast a goddamn hole into your chest.”

„You need sex. And you need it ASAP. We will land tomorrow to refill the tanks and shit. You should have some fun.”

„My pregnant mate is waiting for me.”

„Ah, you want to show Father, you can keep your dick in your pants, huh?” Raditz asked with a smirk.

They both know about Bardock’s one-night stand. Although it happened only once, Gine never stopped reminding her mate, when she was angry at him.

„I miss Vegeta, but I can wait until we arrive home.” Kakarot answered coldly.

His brother patted his shoulder in a familiar way. He didn’t want to annoy him too much.


„As always.”

„I bet Pica made an awful lot of food again.”

The woman was unusually big for a Saiyan female, but she used her size and her power for good reasons.

„I wish she made her famous meatballs too!”

The younger Saiyan’s mouth almost started to water from the thought of food.

„I think you miss another kind of balls, hmm?”

Raditz was shaking with laughter. The face of his little brother was priceless.

“In my opinion you don’t have anything to do with our sex life.”

“Pica wants to see you at the table too.” Turles said, standing at the door, munching on something.

„She’ll be mad, if you won’t join.”

The trio went to the table and sat down. Pica stuffed their plates with various kind of foods.

„What’s wrong, sweetie?” she asked Kakarot, trying to find out why was he so irritable in the past few days.

„Nothing extra, he'll be a daddy, and he misses his prince.” Raditz tried to say, munching on a meatball.

Pica literally screamed with joy, as she hugged Kakarot, against his protests.

„Cool! Can I be the nanny a few times? Pleeeeeease?”

„Let go of me, Pica. I’m hungry.” he said, blushing.

„Pica, you shouldn’t ask something like this. The prince won’t let you near to his cub. We’re just third-classes.” said a man in his late-twenties.

His left eye was missing, but he covered the scar with his long, black locks.

Kakarot cleared his throat.

„Excuse me, but I’m just a third-class too. And Geta is not that bad. Maybe he’s grumpy at times, but he can be nice if he wants to.”

„If he wants to.” Turles repeated, grinning.

„Shut it. Or ask Raditz to make you so.”

Both of them blushed immediately.

„You two? Pica asked surprisedly. „But I thought Raditz likes Escaro…”

The scarred man blushed too.

„Who’s the submissive one?”

„Pica!” Kakarot shouted at her, but couldn’t stop grinning.

„Turles.” Raditz answered, making the other Saiyan’s face incredibly red.

„I’ll kill you.”

„Or choke on his dick, like a bitch you are.”

Everyone was looking at Kakarot with wide eyes.

„I’ve heard more than enough last night.”

Pica and Escaro bursted out to laughter, and the newfound lovers’ face seemed to be redder then ever.

„It’s okay, guys.” Escaro said. „Make eachother happy.”

„Before anyone would start the ’Turles looks like you, so Raditz is a perv’ thing, I’m okay with that. If they want to be together, then let them be.”

Turles looked at him with thankful eyes.

„Thanks, brother.” Raditz said, patting Kakarot’s back, as he hugged him in a brotherly way.

„No prob, but you know, Father won't be okay with this...”

„Do I look like who gives a shit?”


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