The cub or the Kingdom
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Sometimes escaping is the best choice.

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Male Pregnancy

Chapter two
“Do I look like who gives a shit? And don’t tell me father never had a quickie with Toma...”

“You’re sick...”

“Am I? I wasn’t the one who...”

“I don’t care! Fuck off!”

“Someone needs a dick... or two...”

“Stop bugging him.” Raditz said. “If you need anything I’m here.”

“I need your everything.”Turles answered, licking his lips.

“In your room, guys.”Escaro said, wiping his tears away. “We’re ok with
your relationship, but do your things in the bedroom, ok?”

“Can’t I be gay out of the room? My mountain of a boyfriend will be sad.”

Pica tried to change the topic, but failed miserably.

“Let them be.” Kakarot said.

“But I bet your brother is getting the hots when you wear lesser clothes.... Just-”

Escaro was interrupted by an angry look.

“Can’t you talk about something else?! Yes, my brother mated with someone who looks like me. And NO, I’m not joining. I’m faithful to my pregnant mate. Thank you for your attention.”


Vegeta woke up to sound of knocking.

“Brother, are you awake?”

“I am…” he growled.

“May I come in?”

“Do as you want…”

“Sorry for waking you up this early.” Tarble said, as he plopped himself down to the sofa. “We got news.”

Vegeta wasn’t able to hide his worry.

“Is Kakarot alright?” he asked.

“They all are.” the younger prince said with a small smile.“Turles and Raditz got together.”

The older prince just looked at his little brother with wide eyes.

“They will reach their destination soon. Kakarot sent a message to you.”

Tarble gave a box and small piece of paper to his brother’s hand.

“Open it, when you are alone. It’s something…private. And before you would go mad at me, your mate wasn’t there when I talked to the others. Father told me to check on them because he had an important conference and all the commanders were involved.”


He wanted to see the package immediately.

“I’ll come back later. Have fun.”

Tarble walked out with a grin and closedthe door after him. Vegeta opened the letter curiously.

My dear Prince,

Raditz told me I can send something to you from here because we won’t stop again until we reach our destination. I miss you. I really do. So I bought you this little present until I get home. I hope you are doing well and you went to the doctor to check onthe cub. I know!!! And I’m so excited!!!

Take care of yourself and the little one.

See you soon.

The signature was messed up but he still cherished the letter and wept a little. As he opened his gift he immediately blushed.


Usually the nights were silent on the spaceship. But not with two Saiyans in heat. Everyone felt the smell of their pheromones but mostly they weren’t interested in any of them. Kakarot had Vegeta, Pica wasn’t into neither men nor women and only Escaro had a little crush on Raditz but he let it go when he realised Raditz didn’t think more of him as a friend.

But thatnight they haven’t got much sleep. Turles was screaming and moaning as loudly as he could. The thin wall which separated them from Kakarot’s room, wasn’t helping the problem at all.He plannedto storm into their room and stop them but then he remembered what his father told him. If he interrupts the mating it could break the bond if it’s not sealed yet… So he decided to tell them they should be less noisy tomorrow. He tossed and turned for a good twenty minutes but right before he could fall asleep again, he felt a wave of embarrassment. His mate received his gift… With a smirk on his face, he closed his eyes and let sleep overcome him.

“Fuckin’ idiot, you knocked me up!”

That was the first thing Kakarot heard, as he woke up.


Raditz sounded shocked but happy as well.

“You know, they won’t let you fight if they realise…”

“They don’t have to know.” Turles whispered.“I can fight until my stomach doesn’t grow too big.”

“Too late.” Kakarot said, knocking on the wall.

Both of them swore heavily.

“Tell Turles the cub drains his energy and if it happens in the middle of a fight, he can die! And you have to be with him!”
Raditz was growling disappointedly.

“You have to protect him.”

They went to eat breakfast and soon everyone got to know. Turles wasn’t happy about it, but he couldn’t do much. Pica tried to cheer him up.

“Look. Maybe you can’t fight now but you’ll have your mate by your side. You two should go home and get the necessary examinations done.”

Turles frowned at her. Raditz tried to soothe him by hugging him and purring to his ear. Escaro smiled at them.

“If Saiya exists she made them for each other.”

“I think she does. Someone has to create us. Take a good look at any Saiyan. We are made to fight and our personalities match for that.”

Turles growled a little. It was rather like a purr. Raditz fed him from his plate.

“You’re such a softie.”

“But you like it.” the long haired Saiyan said with a bright smile.
Kakarot took a piece of meat and placed it to his plate but a minute later he fell off from his chair.

“BROTHER!” Raditz yelled and immediately ran to check his vital signs.

“Thank Saiya, he’s alive...”

In the next moment Kakarot headbutted him and threw his body to the other side of the spaceship.

“Hey, I know he’s annoying at times but you shouldn’t hit him that hard. Turles feels his pain...”

“You all are so pathetic. Weak excuses of the Saiyan race and I will get rid of you.”

His voice was deeper than usual as he spoke.

“Don’t look at me like that! I know, the truth always hurts. But not for much longer.”

“Kakarot, what the fuck?!”Turles yelled at him.

He was next to his unconscious mate, who presumably had some broken bones.

“You are different. But you threw everything away for a weakling. What a waste of your skills.”

“Kakarot do you hear yourself?!”

Pica didn’t understand but she wanted to do something.

“I should blow you up but I don’t wanna swim in your fat and intensies.”

Turles lost his temper and attacked him with full force, knocking him down and hitting his head to the ground multiple times.

“You fuckin’ bastard!! I will kill you!!”

Laughter was the only answer.

“You all are the same. Not even worth for the food you eat.”

“It’s not him.”Escaro said, thinking. “I was in a mission a few years ago and that happened to our commander as well. He started to act strange and reacting the opposite way as he used to do.”

“Nice little story, but I don’t have the time for this.”

He wanted to blast a hole through Turles’ chest but he hit his head hard making him blackout for a little.

“That’s some parasite. It lives on Kakarot’s energy. As far as I know if they ‘visit’ enough bodies and collect as much information as possible they can form a body or use one for themselves.”

Pica told Turles to release Kakarot and they put him in a cage.

“If he’s lucky the parasite will leave his body. If not...”Escaro held a little pause. “We have to kill him.”

Raditz moaned something as he got back his consciousness. Turles hushed him and helped him to get up and walk to their room.

“What happened to him...?”

“We don’t know. Escaro says something possessed his body. I don’t believe in such things, but he’s getting weaker and weaker. Something drains his energy pretty quickly.”

Raditz closed his eyes and sighed.

“Father told me something.”

He panted and tried to lay down.

“He said... If I ever see something like this... Oh, shiiiit!”

As he sat down to his bed he felt like fire would have been burning inside of his body. Turles seemed concerned.

“If it stays that way... Death will be the only thing which can end his suffering.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes until Turles checked his body for broken bones.

“You’re freaking lucky. You have just a few bruises.”

"Then why does every movement hurt?"

"I hope your tail..."

I feel like it would be burning my whole back.

Then they heard a familiar voice.


“His mighty Assholeness is itching again.”Turles said, grinning.

“They haven’t seen eachother in weeks. In his place you’d be itching as well.” the long haired Saiyan responded with a little smirk on his face.

“True. I’m gonna talk to him. Try to have a rest.Ill send Pica here to take care of you.

Raditz growled disappointedly but nodded.

“I’ll bring food and maybe you’ll get some dessert as well.”

“You tease...”

The dark-skinned Saiyan just laughed and walked out.
“Is he still there?”

Escaro nodded and Turles went to the controller room.

“Saiya bless-”

Vegeta cut him off.

“If you know anything about this, I’m listening.”

The prince seemed worried.

“Did Escaro told-”

“Tell him to come here right now!”

Turles went back to his mate a bit piqued. The other Saiyan told everything that he knew, but it seemed the information made Vegeta more concerned about his mate’s well-being.

“Show him via your scouter.”

“He’s in a cage right now.”


“He’s too dangerous.”

“Gave him your scouter.”

Escaro walked to the cage where Kakarot was kept in.

“Take it. Tell your mate that you became a monster.”

“Geta, get me out of here! I’m so hungry! I miss you...”

The voice was Kakarot’s but both Saiyans knew it wasn’t him.

“For a second you almost fooled me. But I know what you are. A coward. A parasite who has no identity.”

“Geta, it’s me...”

“Don’t dare to call me that, you worm.” the prince growled. “Get that thing out of him!”

“We can’t force it. He can die if we do.”Escaro said a little sadly.

Vegeta disappeared from the screen.

“It’s always funny when the loved ones can’t kill me...”
The dark-skinned Saiyan left his mate alone for a little. He went to ask Escaro what they can do.

“Is it possible to kill that... Thing without hurting him too much or killing him?”

“It’s close to zero.”

“You say close. So it’s not totally zero.”

The other man looked at Turles suspiciously.

“Did you hit your head?”Escaro asked.

“I became family. And I know it’s strange but I have a heart as well.”

“We have to get the fruit... Of the tree of might.”

Turles’ eyes grew wide.

“Cook it until the soup becomes blood red and force him to drink it. He will resist. These worms know the smell of it.”

“We have to find a planet which has nutritious soil for planting the tree.

“You still have seeds of it... Unbelievable.”Escaro snorted.

“I kept a few for times like this.”


“Call me that once again and you won’t see the moon again.”Turles growled at him. “You should be thankful for saving our time. That fucking worm is--"

He wasnt able to finish. Smoke filled the air and the computers were making horrifying noises.

Go back to your mate and use the double pod! We will follow you soon! Alert Pica as well! Ill take care of Kakarot!

Turles froze for a second but then he thought of their future.Hes with a cub and Raditz cannot fight in his state. He nodded with a small frown. As he entered their chamber his mood lightened up a little. Raditz was fast asleep and he was snoring a little, which he found adorable but he had to wake him up.

"The fuck is going on? Did we got hit by an asteroid?" Raditz asked but then he realised. The smoke...

"Asteroids does not have pilots. The dickhead hit us on purpose I think. Turles spoke as he helped his mate to get up and walk towards the escape pods. Ill be back soon. If anything explodes near to you then go without me."


The answer was simple but Turles felt the anger behind it.

"You are the one whos with a cub!”

Raditz was raging.

“If one of us has to die it will be me! What the fuck will I do anyways if the damage is permanent? I wont live in a fucking wheelchair for the rest of my life! At least giveme the semblance of an honoroable death!”

Both of them heard someone snorting.

Guys, noone will die, if you two will stop arguing and leave this hellhole immediately. Escaro knows what he is doing.

They took their leave, hoping Pica was right...


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