The cub or the Kingdom
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Sometimes escaping is the best choice.

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Male Pregnancy

Chapter three
The pair landed on a weird planet which barely had any form of life except large forests and some wild animals. Turles went out to see if there's any danger for them and came back a little later.

"Come on, big guy. I will help."

Raditz moaned a little as his mate pulled him out of the pod. Pica arrived a few minutes later.

"Are you okay?"

The long-haired Saiyan gave her a painful look but then nodded.

"Did you see them?"

"Not yet." Turles answered, looking up at the sky.

Their ship was burning. Smoke filled the area after it landed with a loud crash. Escaro crawled out and fainted immediately.

"I can't sense my brother... KAKAROT!!"

Raditz wanted to go to the ship and search for him.



Raditz felt like he could cry. His brother.. he can't... he can't be dead... Tears rolled down on his cheeks. He remained unusually quiet for the rest of the day. He promised their mother...

She gave a stuffed bag to his hand.

"Share this with your brother."

"You're the best, mom. I gotta go I don't want to be late."

"Look after Kakarot! You know he's like your father..."

The woman gave a small peck on his left cheek, making him blush.


"Do what you have to do. And come back alive."

Pica hugged him, but she let him go when she heard Turles growling.

"I can take care of my mate, fuck you very much."

"Hey. Stop growling at me."

"I'll catch something to eat." Turles said annoyed, and went to the nearby woods. Raditz tried to hide his tears but he wasn't able to. The woman tried to say calming words but she knew it worth noting at that moment.

"Whatever possessed his body, he's still my brother..."

"I know. You did what you could. Don't blame yourself."

"Will he survive?" Raditz asked, looking at Escaro.

"Don't know yet. But I'm positive. Try to have a rest."

"I can't..."

"Look, I don't want to be rude, but if he's dead by now you can't do anything with it. If he's still alive then hopefully he will defeat what has possessed him."

Turles came back covered in bruises but he was carrying a large four legged animal.

"Make fire. I need to cook this bitch. It almost killed me."

They shared the meat and tried to make a place to sleep after. Turles tried to keep his mate warm with his body. Raditz purred lightly and caressed his sub's tummy.

"Not now." he whispered.

"I want you..."

Turles sighed and kissed him.


"Vegeta, are you here?" Tarble asked for the fifth time.

"What is it?" he snapped at him.

"You missed breakfast and lunch. I'm getting worried, brother."

"I appreciate your care, but I'm fine."

"You have bags under your eyes. Your skin is getting paler than snow. Sounds definitely 'fine' for me."

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?" he yelled, raising his power level.


Vegeta panted as he finished and almost fall back to his chair.

"I'm not weak..."

"None told that you are. Father is concerned as well."

"I don't care... I want him back..."

Tarble put a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"You're not alone, Vegeta.If you need anything, just say it.”

“I want my mate.”

“You have to eat. The cub needs energy to grow and if you don’t have it…”

Tarble commanded the royal chefs to cook his brother’s favourite foods.

“I will be back in a bit.”

Vegeta felt the waves of panic rushing over him, but he tried to hide his anxiety in front of his brother. He ignored Tarble’s pleas and walked away towards the docking bay. The royal guards tried to stop him, but he punched and kicked them off from himself, stealing a pod, not even thinking about that he didn’t know where his mate was. He typed in the coordinates of a .nearby planet, to buy some time. He planned to land there, get some food and other supplies and start his search for Kakarot.

Many hours passed until he reached his destination. The prince felt a bit tired but still was enthusiastic. He bought the necessary items and took off again, thinking about where to find his mate.

“I am really disappointed in you, son.” the king said via the radio. “You decided to run after him like your life would have depended on it."

"Actually, it does, since he is my mate! And I will find him no matter what!"

The king snorted.

"You have two days to come back or you know what will happen."

The prince didn't answer. He was so tired. His lids felt heavy. He soon fell asleep.


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