GOKU, a Shrek Parody
by Ouji-Chan     More by this Writer
It's a parody of Shrek, read the title! I changed a few things, read for the details and as always it's yaoi, don't like don't read. ^-^

The saiya-jin take the place of the fairytale creatures, they have different power levels, but they can’t use ki, they just have increased strength and endurance. So, for instance, Goku is ssj level 4 in my fic, but he doesn’t use ki and he can’t fly, he has extreme levels of strength and endurance though. Where as Radditz, only has strength that is slightly more than that of three humans. Understand? No? oh well.Oh yes, and Brolli is an ultimate, so his power level is above the others, he Can fly and use ki that resembles fire. Hey it’s my fic I can screw it up however I want to! Mwahahaha!

Chapter 01
Author's Note : The cast is as follows…


Princess Fiona~Vegeta



Lord Farquad~Bulma

Thelonious~Mr. Sataan, Hercule for the dubbies

Gingerbread man~Pan

Robin Hood~Saiyaman (Gohan)


Captain of the Guard~Juunanagou




Other characters like people of Duloc,renamed Capsule, or the fairytale cast will be just ordinary people or saiya-jins.


Goku sat with a small book in his lap, he amusedly read the lines to himself. “Once upon a time there was a lovely prince, but he had an enchantment on him of a fearful sort. Which could only be broken by loves first kiss. He was locked away in a castle, guarded by a terrible fire breathing monster. Many brave knights had attempted to free him from this dreadful prison, but none prevailed. He waited in the dragons keep. In the highest room of the tallest tower. For his true love, and true loves first kiss.” The furry saiya-jin let out a snorting laugh as he ripped the rest of the book out to use as toilet paper. “Like that’s ever gonna happen! Oh lordy.” He exclaimed as he stepped out of the outhouse to do his daily activities. Goku took a quick bath in the cleaner water of the swamp by his house, painted himself a beautifully terrifying ‘no tresspassing’ sign, and caught himself a fish for dinner. Meanwhile, in the town near his swamp, the people were gathered together in the town square, plotting on catching a certain hairy, pink saiya-jin.

Goku had just sat down to his dinner when he heard strange noises outside his home, sounds like booted feet and hushed whispers. He quietly sneaked out his back door and crept up behind the unsuspecting lot of villagers. “It’s in there, all right let’s get it!” One of them cried, running out towards the house, but he was yanked back by another man. “Hold on, do you know what that thing could do to you?” A thrid villager spoke up. “Yeah, it’ll grind your bones for its bread.” Their laughter was cut short as Gokus rumbling chortle resounded in their ears. He smirked at their surprised, frightened faces. “Yes, actually, that would be an Ice- jin. Now Saiya-jin, oh they’re much worse, they’ll make a soup in your freshly peeled skin, they’ll shave your liver, squeeze the jelly from your eyes!” He stopped his advance on the retreating men to place his hand on his chin and remark in a thoughtful manner. “Actually, it’s quite good on toast.” He raised an eyebrow as one man waved a lighted torch at him. “Back! Back beast! Back! I warn ya!” The bold fool cried. Goku licked his fingers and put out the fire on the torch, he and the villagers shared smiles, one calm, the others nervous. The once bold man now shook slightly as his grin faultered. “Right.” He squeaked out. Goku took a deep breath and roared for all he was worth at the puny humans, who screamed as though they were five year old girls and not strong village men. After he had finished yelling, Goku wipped his mouth and whispered to the petrified men. “This is the part where you, run away.” In no time at all, his swamp was empty save a dust cloud and a small piece of paper that floated down to the ground unnoticed by the laughing Saiya-jin. “And stay out!” Goku took a step forward and heard something crunch bellow him, he reached down and lifted a crumpled paper into the light trailing from his window. A picture of a Saiya-jins’ face and his tail curled off to the side near his head was shown above bold, black letters. ‘WANTED, SAIYA-JINS ALL POWER LEVELS, REWARDS WILL VARY’

He shook his head and dropped the paper back to the ground, heading inside his home to finish his meal in peace.


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