The Nexus Of Time
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Gohan! Trapped with in the depths of time! Now, Trunks needs to save Gohan and allow him his three years of training… for yet unknown to both of them, Gohan is the future savior of Earth! But how can Trunks save somebody whom he doesn't know needs saving.

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Chapter 01
As they waved goodbye to the man who had saved them from Frieza, Gohan watched in awe. Strong, this man was so strong… He wondered more about this mysterious man. Part of him wanted to know more. Like who was he? How did he become a super Saiyajin? Where was he from?

And his feet, they had a mind of their own. The crept forward – step by step – quietly answering to his curiosity. That is, before a blow hit the back of his head. When Gohan glanced backwards, he could see that it was Krillin’s elbow. Accidental…

Weak… he was weak. And sick. His stomach… it was churning. The world, it was spinning, and Krillin’s form was blurring.

And why? Why did he seem like he was staring at the other for minutes? Why? Why did it feel like it would take him hours to reach the ground as he fell?

And why? Why did it feel like his body was being ripped apart?


When he awoke, the first thing he noticed was the smell. First and foremost, he could smell vomit. Next, dust. That old… stale dust. And burning. Smoke... and when he opened his eyes, the ground beneath him was filled with rubble.

Where am I?

Gohan pushed himself up, rubbing his eyes and looked around.

His eyes widened at the sight that he was greeted with.

What…What had happened? His neck snapped around frantically. The whole city was destroyed, fires burning around him. Cars were crashed into one another, into walls and the ground, long abandoned… and… was that blood under him?

(He was about to check himself, but realised that it was old. Dried and caked on.)

He was not in the desert where Frieza landed, nor near the crater his father landed in when he came home. Cautiously, Gohan wandered through the ruined city, searching for any sort of life. It seemed that this place had suffered a recent attack and… ones before. Yet, nobody was around, except very weak ki’s – even compared to a normal human.

“Boy!” A low, cautious voice hissed at him and Gohan turned in response. “What are you doing? It’s dangerous out there! Come in! Come in!”

There was an old lady frantically gesturing him in. However there was the calculated way that her eyes would shift to the sides – almost paranoid.

Gohan could not sense any malice in her ki, and so he followed her in. He needed to know what happened anyway. When he entered her crudely made shelter (it was just a pile of rubble cleverly camouflaged) he sat down on a chair offered. “I am sorry to intrude.” He said softly, looking down at his folded hands. “But… may I ask what happened here?”

“Oh boy, have you lost your memory? Did those abominations make you hit your head too hard?” She asked before letting her hand brush over his head.

Gohan hissed as her fingers pressed into the bruise Krillin left on his head.

“My poor dear. It seems that you have.”

Gohan looked up at the woman in a clueless manner. “But–”

“But I suppose that is for the best… nobody can remember the good days anymore, when the world ran peacefully and normally. When the worst of our worries were humans running around with guns or poverty. Not even King Piccolo caused the world to be this bad.”

Gohan’s eyes widened. He remembered the story of King Piccolo. He was the father of his mentor, Piccolo, and he was evil, pure evil. His mentor, however, was completely different. “What… What happened?” Gohan asked cautiously. Perhaps it was best if he played amnesiac, that was until he was sure what was going on. Something bad had happened while he was out. It wasn’t nice to lie, and even though he wasn’t really lying, he was letting the old woman believe something that wasn’t true. Yet, it seemed better to… and what she believed wasn’t far off from the truth. He didn’t remember because he didn’t know what was going on, and perhaps he really did have amnesia but didn’t really know it, but it only blocked his most recent memories. He couldn’t remember how he got here and what happened.

“Think of it as a blessing that you don’t remember young lad.” The old woman said with a worn smile and ruffled his head. “Just stay with me and it’ll all be fine. Oh, would you happen to remember your name?”

Gohan frowned slightly but forced it away. “My name is Gohan.”

The old lady’s smile quivered and fell, a soft longing in her eyes. “So your parents named you after that tragic hero? He must have saved their lives… oh it’s a pity that he had to die so young…”

Gohan’s eyes widened. What..? What’s going on? I was named after my great-grandfather… and he died as an old man. “Um…” The child murmured.

“You probably wouldn’t even know him, even if you had your memory, would you? You would just be a wee little lad when he died. It was four years ago since that tragic day in this city. Why! You even look like him.” She said with another worn smile. “He was our hope in this desolate Earth. He fought off those monsters, yet they always seemed to overpower him. He was our strongest fighter. His hair would turn gold – just as the sun, his eyes would turn the blue-green of the seas. He would hold off the monsters as we would run away to safety...”

Gohan’s eyes widened even further. Super Saiyajin? There’s… there’s only one Gohan who can do that, only one Gohan with the Saiyajin heritage… None of this was making sense. The amount of damage that had been done… (Even if he had been out for months it certainly couldn’t amount to what had been going on here… and four years? Gohan looked down at his body. He couldn’t have been unconscious for that long… There… there really was only one other option, and even that was reaching at straws… but...

“Wh-What age is it?”

“Age 784 dear.” The old lady said as she took a spot on a chair near him.

Twenty years… Twenty years.


He was twenty years into the future…What was going on?! Gohan tried to concentrate on all of the information: There were monsters, abominations, something threatening Earth and they’ve been terrorizing the world for years. Something that even a Super Saiyajin could not defeat. There was only one fighter – and that was him, an older him, a him where he grew up in this land, fighting those creatures. That meant, his dad, Krillin, Vegeta, everybody was dead! Even Piccolo, and with Piccolo dead, the dragon balls were useless! And now, with Gohan’s other self dead… there were no fighters left for Earth. Earth was doomed…

“Oh dear, did I scare you? Maybe this is enough for the day. How about we get something to eat?” The old lady smiled. “And you may call me Lodi.” She said. There was something off about her smiles…. they never truly smiled...

Gohan gave a weak smile. “Thank you Grandmother Lodi.” He said. Something told him that he had to solve the mystery, but he didn’t know what to do. Maybe, once he was sure that Grandmother Lodi would be fine on her own, he would head home. Hopefully his mother was still alive…


“Trunks! So how did it go?” Bulma said as she ran out to greet her son.

Trunks smiled. “I gave Goku the medication and gave him a warning. I uh… kinda changed time a bit too much though.” Trunks said with a slight laughter. “I killed Frieza because I didn’t know Goku knew instant transmission.”

“Well, Frieza died in the end, didn’t he?” Bulma said with a smile. “But Goku will survive, and then the world will be saved. Isn’t that great?”

Trunks nodded. “Mother, do you think I can go back, on the day that the androids attack… I, I just want to make sure.”

“Hmm, well… let me see the tanks.” Bulma said as she looked at the energy levels before letting out a whistle. “It’ll take awhile to charge the machine, but I don’t see why not. Just,” Bulma said and shook a wrench at her son, “don’t go dying on me, you hear? You’re our only hope in this timeline.”

Trunk gave a sad smile. “I know that Mother, I won’t.”

“Now, I made some supper, you go on and eat it. I’ll start charging this thing right away. The sooner it starts, the sooner you can go.”

Earth’s only warrior chuckled. “Alright Mother.” He said before entering the house and walked over to the kitchen. As he walked in, a memory surged of when Gohan had told him that before – before the androids attacked – people would remove their shoes upon entering a house. People did a lot of things differently in fact. The memory made him smile, as it prompted others. Of Gohan teaching him etiquette and manners… Back then, huh?

His trip to the past had many things that he didn’t expect. He saw his father – the man whom he never got to meet, he met Goku, Krillin, all of the other fighters that Gohan had told him about. He even got to meet his young mother. There was Gohan’s mentor – Piccolo, and even Gohan himself, at the tender age of seven.

He wanted to make the world safe for that boy; he didn’t want him to grow up like he had in this time. He wanted Gohan to live a happy life, never having to fight an enemy he could never defeat over and over. He didn’t want Gohan to lose a limb and almost his sight, to lose his father, his friends, his mentor, and even his life. Then, there was his unborn self, a person yet to be. He wanted that Trunks to live in a world of freedom and peace, one where he didn’t have to look at every corner twice, one where he knew his father. He wanted his mother to live happily with his father. He wanted his father to live. And yet, all of this depended on a simple medicine and a warning. Goku was the strongest man alive, the first to achieve the state of Super Saiyajin. If he couldn’t destroy the androids…

No, Goku would, Goku could. There was no doubting that.


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