Defined by Our Past Lives
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The Dragon Ball manga was already over. Everything that happened there happened, but now the Dragon Ball cast are reborn into the bodies of regular people and left to live their lives in peace...until the Shonen Jump Awakening phenomenon begins to happen. All over the world, teenagers start claiming they're anime characters reincarnated and show off their impossible power as proof. Governments begin collecting and searching for these Awakened people for their own means, and Estevan Vega, reincarnation of the Elite Saiyan Prince Vegeta, narrowly escapes that fate. Pulled by a sudden feeling, he goes to look for Goku's reincarnation as well as the others...and finds him in the body of Sora Sonozaki. From now on, it's fighting against with strange inky monsters, awakening the rest of their friends and family and keep their abilities hidden from the government!

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Graphic Violence

Jump Spirit Awaken! The Iconic Warriors Reunite Once More!
“Tch. Figures I have to deal with this crap by myself.”

An auburn haired boy with dark eyes looked over the horizon of Dragon Falls. He didn’t look that unusual, other than the strangely spiked hair that seemed to defy gravity, the overly muscular body and the great amount of power he had. If one could sense his soul, they would notice a strange blue pulse beating inside him.

It was two years since he gained awareness of himself. Two years since he realized he was reborn into a (weak) human body, with memories of both his life back at home and his human life here. Estevan Vega. A delinquent with a nasty temper rivaling his own, who couldn’t control his anger nor any other strong emotion. Not really a good person in any form. His spirit was strong enough to fight against him for the control of his own body, but humans weren’t able to stand up to his might. Much less win their struggle.

He forcibly took over his body and mind. Estevan was snuffed out, and all that remained was him. Vegeta.

An Override.

He supposed he should’ve felt bad that he technically killed a human after decades of defending Planet Earth, but he couldn’t bring himself to at the moment. This body was much better off with his influence, and he had better things to do. Such as find the rest of those idiots.

Initially, he was rather shocked and angry that he was cursed into an existence as a teenage human boy, before he realized that some of his abilities were coming back to him. His strength remained intact, he had a much higher awareness of ki, and so on so forth. It also seemed that more he pushed this body to do his bidding for him, the more of his abilities were brought back. Especially when the metal cuff materialized on his left wrist, with a pulsing blue gem at the middle of it. That seemingly useless piece of jewelry was brought him back to his original body, but only if his stamina allowed him to.

It was a shock, but maybe Estevan could do more than Vegeta realized. And so he pushed this body to its limits as much as he could.

Another feeling he got when he awoke was the sudden need to find the others. Despite being a distant man during his past life, he felt the need to find the others. He could sense them, albeit they were all in different bodies, but he could feel his friends and family slowly becoming aware. And it wasn’t just him that this was happening to. Multiple others as well.

He came across a man a year ago in town, who was looking for a person named ‘Naruto’. He was around the same age as well, with dark hair, deathly pale skin and red eyes. Vegeta narrowly avoided fighting the bastard after their little chat, but it seemed that people were awakening into their true selves all over the world. A strange phenomenon that the public deemed the ‘Shonen Jump Awakenings’. They thought them crazy for believing that they were ‘anime characters’ reincarnated, until some of the awakened ones showed off powers not possible in real life. Governments around the world were making sure to find and capture these individuals for themselves, leading to teenagers and children ripped from their homes, and a slew of people (Awakeneds, as they dubbed themselves) searching for people they knew for some sort of familiarity and protection.

It’s what led to Vegeta immediately ditching home, away from the shitty orphanage that housed him for a multitude of fifteen years. The Mexican government were one of the ones closely watching out for any Shonen Jump Awakenings, and seeing that he, Vegeta, was a rather well-known character in his home country….

Well, he had to leave. Leave and hopefully run across Kakarot or any of his human friends and family on the way. And so, he tracked down what could be Kakarot’s energy out of Mexico.

He hated being this helpless, but his control over his abilities weren’t fully developed yet. He needed help if he was going to survive this crapsack world.

Crossing the border was an easy affair. He had the strength, speed and durability to keep the people he paid to cross him and the patrol off of his ass. It was only navigating the US and the constant monster trailing him that made it difficult. And having no legal papers.

Luckily, he came across someone willing to help him on that front.

A man by the name of Jason Rogers helped him fabricate papers to cement his identity in the country. It took intimidation and showing off his transformation to get the sniveling guy to do what he asked for, as well as keep his mouth shut about his existence. He didn’t need the fucking government after his ass.

And of course, intimidate him into giving quite a stack of money. Too bad the poor man died via a ki-blast to the heart. Vegeta couldn’t be too sure that he would really keep his mouth shut about his identity.

But while he knew that his past life was well-known in Mexico, Vegeta came into another shock when he found how the people knew him. His life was all a comic and a cartoon show made by some guy in Japan. Caused a bit of an identity crisis for a few days, but Vegeta had to get over that fact quick. He couldn’t be wasting any time in mulling over stupid things such as comics and cartoons. But for shits and giggles (and maybe because it would prove useful), he bought a few volumes of the manga himself.

Now here he was, after weeks of tracking down Kakarot’s slowly awakening spirit. At the top of a hill looking down at a town called Dragon Falls. Vegeta could see a few people walking to and fro from places, and he scowled. He felt some slowly awakening spirits of Kakarot’s friends and family, and it was only time until they could all reunite and figure out what to do with the big threat.

Vegeta smirked. Finally, something was going right for him once.

“Jesus, Sora! Quit breaking the doors! This is the fifth time this week!”

“Heh, sorry!”

The dark haired, honey eyed boy smiled sheepishly, and rubbed a hand behind his head. “Sometimes I don’t know my own strength, ma!”

His mother, Natsuki, sighed in exasperation, and turned back towards the kitchen. “Just go, Sora.”

“Right!” he exclaimed, and rushed out of the door. “Bye, ma!”

Natsuki shook her head in exasperation, and looked at the broken door with annoyance. “Once again, I have to call someone in to fix it…”

Dragon Falls was a rather small town. Small enough that its inhabitants usually opted to walk around to get to places. There weren’t many places that teenagers like Sora could hang around at, being that it was such a small and boring town, so he usually just opted to buy a burger and hang around the Space Burger. Which where he was heading to with his younger twin brothers.

He caught up with them, who looked at him with both curiosity and annoyance respectively. “You broke the door again, didn’t you?” remarked Naoki, the oldest of the two, “We’ve heard it from a block away.”

“I kind of slammed it a bit too hard…” Sora remarked sheepishly, walking alongside them.

“Slammed a ‘bit’ too hard?” asked Riku, the youngest, “You slammed it a lot too hard!”

“Again, I’m sorry…”

The family resemblance between them was strong, being all boys with pale skin, dark hair and honey eyes. The only difference that bystanders could tell, where their hair in different messy hairstyles (Sora had it shaggy and reaching almost to the base of his neck, but Naoki and Riku had cut theirs to the nape of their necks) and Naoki wearing glasses.

The twins rolled their eyes in exasperation. Sometimes, their older brother’s cluelessness and stupidity was endearing during times like these, but not this time. For the past two weeks, Sora gained a sort of super strength only seen in superhero movies and in anime. It was cool to see Sora lift up cars with little to no problem, but not so much when he kept breaking things with just a little pressure.

It was quickly becoming a burden. And becoming rather worrying. The cases of the Shonen Jump Awakenings were broadcasted often on TV, and often people were encouraged to turn in someone Awakened to the government for hefty sums of money. Their mother and father grimaced at the news of a teenager turned in unwillingly by friends and family, and looked at Sora in sadness as the news persisted.

If things got bad, someone would notice and would turn Sora in. Or worse, be forced to turn Sora in.

“Wonder what kind of anime hero our brother would be?” Riku muttered to Naoki.

The older twin shrugged. “Who knows. There’s a lot of characters with super strength.”

“I hope he’s something cool!” Riku exclaimed, “Or that we get powers as well!”

“Don’t wish for us to have a fate like those kids on TV,” Naoki muttered, “We’re having problems hiding Sora’s powers from the others.”

Sora, having walked ahead of the pair, turned to the two younger boys in question. “What are you two talking about?”


Sora looked at them curiously, and kept walking ahead. At some point during the walk, he reached towards the Space Burger first. A little playground was outside the fast food restaurant, as well as some tables. He saw his friends outside, but not at the tables.

“Hey!” his best friend Gan exclaimed, “Sora’s here!”

The three of them were sitting above the small playground’s netting, looking straight at Sora’s arrival. The lanky boy crossed over the brick fence enclosing the outside dining area and the playground, and looked up at his three friends. “Hey, how come you three haven’t gotten in trouble being up there yet?”

A girl with long, messy dark hair guffawed. “Sora, you know that the staff here are so used to our stupidity that they just let us up here.”

A boy with a yellow and green cap on added, “Also, I may or may not have scared the main guy yelling at us.”

Gan laughed, “Yeah, you should’ve seen it!” he exclaimed, “Dude was so scared shitless that he nearly peed his pants! Thank Tengfei for that!”

Meanwhile, while Sora was talking to his friends outside, Naoki and Riku walked inside the Space Burger for a bite. They placed their usual order (ten burgers each, much to the shock of the new guy working there), and sat at a front table to wait. It wouldn’t be until a moment later when an auburn haired teenager with incredibly defined muscles came walking in.

Riku briefly looked up from his phone to catch a glimpse of him. Honey eyes widened in shock, and he nudged at Naoki to get his attention. “Look at that guy!” he hissed, “He’s jacked as all hell!”

Naoki turned towards where his brother was pointing at, and his eyes widened in response. “Wow. He’s”

“Understatement of the year!”

Vegeta felt getting a bite after having gone searching for the others. The cashier in front looked like he was going to get a heart attack once he ordered twenty burgers (just a snack, nothing much), and he had to scowl at the weakness of humans. God, they seemed to get shocked over every single little thing, didn’t they?

He also noticed two pairs of eyes looking at him as well. He turned to look at them. Both dark haired boys looked away from him bashfully, and resumed looking down at their phones. Vegeta narrowed his eyes at the two, until he sensed a pulse from both boys.

Green for the stupid one, and a dark blue for the one with glasses.

‘The brats as well, huh?’ he thought, before several other pulses were sensed by him. ‘Wait…’

Different colors. Another green one, a rather sunny yellow-orange one, a forest green….and an orange one he recognized all too well.


He was nearby. Actually…

Vegeta looked outside, and saw the colors pulsing within the four teenagers outside. He smirked, and headed outside, letting the beleaguered cashier stare at him in fear after he rung up his order. Naoki and Riku stared after him as well, before rushing after him.

He wasn’t going to try a stir a fight with Sora, would he?!

Vegeta slammed the door outside, staring down at the shaggy haired teenager as he walked outside. The other three looked at him in surprise, and Vegeta ignored them. His focus was only in Kakarot’s meat sack. His spirit seemed to be stronger than the rest of them. Not in power level, but like he was slowly rising from the bed when his shit friends were still laying and rolling around in the sheets.

God, when it came to power level, they were so pathetic. Not even Kakarot’s meat sack would be able to stand up against him at his current level.

“Whoa…” he heard the short one remark to the girl next to him, “He’s jacked.”

“You’d think he would be in a gang or something?” she hissed, turning to their friend with the cap.

“He looks like it…” he answered.

“Hey, doesn’t that hairstyle remind me of someone? I can’t put my finger into it, though…” Kakarot began to mutter.

“Oi,” Vegeta called out, “Quit it with the backtalk.”

The group then went silent, and Vegeta continued, “I need to borrow your stupid friend for a moment. I’d suggest the lot of you don’t try messing with me, or else someone’s ending up as a paste on the floor.”

“Wow, you’re a fucking asshole, aren’t you?!” the girl remarked, her forest green pulse burning brighter. “We barely meet for five minutes, and now you’re threatening us?!”

He smirked, and added, “It isn’t a threat. It’s a promise.” He grabbed Sora’s wrist, and pulled him inside for a talk, much to the ire of both his friends and brothers. Vegeta came across the angry looking twins, before pushing them away with little to no force. “Out of the way.” He dragged the two of them towards the back of the store, where he released the other harshly.

Sora could only turn to him with a slightly nervous expression.

“Don’t you think you went a little too far there?” he asked, “You didn’t need to threaten everyone…” The hairs of his neck began rising with his sudden meeting with Vegeta, but his body was overwhelmingly relaxed for some reason. It was like...he met this person before. Like he’d known him for years.

“Tch. I don’t need to be nice to everyone here,” he answered, “You should already know this, Kakarot.”

The boy raised an eyebrow in question. “Kakarot…?” he questioned.

“Yes, Kakarot,” Vegeta stressed, “But I suppose Son Goku would be more familiar, wouldn’t it?”

Sora’s honey eyes widened. The sound of him calling him ‘Kakarot’ still echoed inside his mind. It didn’t click inside his mind until he referred to him as Goku. Wait, what? Why would he refer to him as an anime character? He didn’t look like Goku in the slightest, so why he did he refer to him as ‘Kakarot’ or ‘Goku’...? It was a long time ago since he watched DBZ with his little brothers, but the new kid referring to him like that was so weird...

Oh, now that he mentioned it….the boy in front of him did resemble Vegeta quite a bit, didn’t he? Apart from the dark auburn hair, he looked just like a Vegeta in real life. Could he have been such a big fan that he deliberately styled himself after him? It wouldn’t be that out of the norm to think so…

“Wait, Goku?” Sora asked, “My name’s Sora Sonozaki! I’m no Goku!”

“That’s your meat sack’s name,” Vegeta stressed, “You’re the present reincarnation of Kakarot, also known as Son Goku on Earth.”

“Goku’s an anime character!” Sora yelled, feeling a strange pulse inside him, “We’re in real life! There’s no way that what you’re saying is possible, and no way I’m Goku in real life!” He felt queasy for a moment, before pointing out, “And don’t think I’ve noticed you trying to look like Vegeta. That hair, that really look up to him, huh?”

He smirked. “Look up to him?” He lifted a hand, and began creating a ki ball. “I am him.”

Sora blinked at the sudden appearance of the ki ball, before looking towards it and Estevan in shock. “H-how do you-?”

“You’ve heard of the Shonen Jump Awakenings, don’t you?” he answered, “Well, not everybody is stupid enough to get into the hands of the government. It took me a lot to find you and your lot of friends, and I’m going to get all of you to wake up, willingly or not.”

Sora paled. So that sudden burst of strength that surfaced the last two weeks...was that his Awakening? Was he going to lose his mind and think himself as an anime character? Or display powers that end up hurting people?

“You say that I’m Goku, right?” he asked with hesitance, “How do you know?”

The shorter rolled his eyes. “I can feel you. I don’t know how to explain it right, but essentially I can feel the spirit of each and every one of you inside you. You aren’t the only one who is just like me.”

Sora looked confused.

“You’d be surprised how many of your friends are just like you,” he explained. “You aren’t the only one.”

Suddenly, the two teenage boys heard a sudden growling. Sora and Vegeta turned towards the origin of the sound, and Sora was both surprised and scared at the appearance of it. Vegeta narrowed his eyes at it, and dissipated the ki ball in favor of bracing himself for a fight.

“Those little shits again…” he hissed, “They’re always trailing behind me…”

It was some sort of inky creature heading towards him. Beady red eyes narrowed at the two teenage boys, and huffed out a puff of black smoke from its nostrils. It made Sora incredibly unsettled by its appearance, and he fought the urge to hide behind Estevan.

“W-what do you mean ‘always trailing behind you’?!” Sora exclaimed, “You seen these before?!”

“They’re always behind the ass of someone Awakened,” Estevan explained, “They’re usually little like this, but I once had to fight a big one with two other Awakened people like me. If I remember correctly, it was two other boys claiming they’re a ‘Pegasus Seiya’ and a ‘Ichigo Kurosaki’...”

Vegeta crossed his arms into an X in front of him. The blue gem at the middle of it began to glow, and Sora noticed the silver cuff at his left hand’s wrist.

“What is that…?”

Vegeta looked at him. “The one thing that will save your ass from one of these things. You have one of those, too, see?” Sora immediately felt a sudden weight on his right hand, and noticed the sudden thick silver cuff appearing on his wrist. Instead of his gem being blue like Vegeta’s, it was a bright orange, pulsing with a sudden fervor.

“I’m gonna mention something…” Sora said distracted by the cuff’s appearance, “But that monster isn’t little! That looks like the size of a German Shepherd!”

Vegeta rolled his eyes. “Quit your whining, Kakarot. There’s bigger ones like this.” He looked towards the taller boy, and instructed, “Cross your arms like I do.”


“Cross your arms into an X, numbskull! I don’t need to be repeating this again!”

Sora gulped, and crossed his arms. He turned his head towards Vegeta for more instruction.

“This is going to be embarrassing,” he remarked, “But make an X-motion with your arms while calling out ‘Jump Spirit, Awaken’.”

“Oh, like we’re some sort of magical boys?”

“Whatever! Just do it!” Vegeta yelled, “I’ll even do it with you!” The monster was approaching them steadily, and Sora nodded rapidly before closing his eyes. With slight red tinting on their cheeks, both boys crossed their arms in front of them in an X-motion. “JUMP SPIRIT, AWAKEN!

In a flash, both boys transformed. In place of Vegeta’s previous form and Sora, stood a pair of iconic warriors. Vegeta, now back again in his familiar body, briefly shook his head out of disorientation, while Goku looked at himself in confusion. He examined his blue wristbands, his orange gi, and briefly looked at himself at a nearby puddle.

Dark eyes widened at the sight of himself. The person looking at him wasn’t him anymore. It was Goku’s familiar visage, with black spiky hair at all directions, darker brown eyes, and defined muscles not unlike a bodybuilder. Yet, somehow, despite the drastic change in appearance, this body felt very familiar.

“Quit ogling yourself,” Vegeta instructed, “We’ve got something to kill.”

Goku looked up from the puddle, and stared straight at the snarling monster. Where fear was before, a sudden giddiness and excitement erupted, and Goku couldn’t help but to grin at the impending challenge ahead of him.

“All right, let’s do this!”


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