I Love You
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Gohan remembers his lost love.

I’ll always love you…

Gohan watched, silent, the first flake of snow dance across his window. Curled up upon the window seat, a dark green blanket wrapped around his shoulders, he placed his forehead gently against the cold window and sighed. A puff of smoke appeared on the glass and disappeared as quickly as it came.

It was always so cold now without his body against mine, Gohan thought.

You’re so cold…
Let me start a fire, Gohan-san…

Gohan watched the second flake of white pass him by. In the distance, in his mind, Gohan could hear the crackle of a fire burning gently to embers. Soft murmured voices joined, almost blending with the warmth of a fire. Turning his head around, Gohan watched his empty fireplace come alive and two forms sat before it. The two shadows leaned in…kissed…

Gohan gave a heavy sigh.

I never was good with poetry…
So I guess I’ll have to say it the old fashioned way…

Looking back out the window, the snow had grown by the dozen. Droplets of white filled the air, moving around to a crazy dance to where music was unheard. The music had stopped for Gohan a long time ago. Now there was just silence, everywhere he went. Words that were spoken were nothing but the rush of the wind. The dishes that clinked when they were washed were on mute. The music that was suppose to heal brought nothing but empty pain. The magic of poetry had lost its touch.

The day when his love had died.

I love you…

It had been silent ever since then. Neither word nor song could reach Gohan’s ears…except his love’s voice. Day after day, hour after hour…again would those whispered notes come to his ear…only then would he be comforted…and filled with pain. For he wasn’t really there, was he? Living in the past, where everything was still okay…

Gohan couldn’t face the future.


Gohan slowly closed his eyes and was greeted with the rush of cool spring air. Smiling slightly, he opened his eyes and looked at his love. He smiled back and they walked, hand in hand, down the walk in the park. Trees overhead gave them shade from the cloudless sky and the wind gave a gentle touch to the serenity the park gave.

Gohan had never felt more at peace before.

Behind him, Gohan heard a faint quarrel as they left the shade of trees and into the bright, shining sun. Heat waved from the sidewalk but the wind kept the two lovers cool in their walk together. Children far off laughed and cheered. Mothers talked on the bench about their husbands and latest fashions. Gohan smiled yet again and moved closer to his mate, their shoulders brushing pressing together. Gently, he laid his head upon love’s shoulder. He looked down and smiled kindly, giving his hand a small squeeze. Gohan returned the smile.


The sound of gun firing filled the air and pigeons flew from ground where they ate. Startled, Gohan lifted his head but as soon as he did, his lover made a gasping sound. Turning his head back to him, he gave his mate a questioning look and opened his mouth to speak…and gasped himself.

Red liquid was slowly spreading across his lover’s chest.

A whimpering sound escaped his love’s lips and his eyes slowly began to slide close. His mate started to fall forward.

“ Go…Gohan…”

“ TRUNKS!!!” Gohan cried, white glistening tears already cascading down his cheeks. Gohan caught his beloved before he hit the ground. And gave a cry of anguish.

Gohan slowly opened his eyes from his nightmare, trembling greatly, as if cold. But this thought would be quickly swept away as tears of pain slowly filled the young man’s eyes. Closing his eyes again, the tears escaped and fell down his cheeks. Choked sobs were heard from the throat that was trying to keep it all inside. More tears fell.

No matter what his father and his friends had told him, no one could make Gohan feel better. Giving up, they had moved away and left Gohan alone to die in his sorrow and regret. His love was gone and no matter how hard he cried, Trunks was never going to come back to him.

No matter how hard he imagined he was there with him, it was an illusion. And therefore he cried. Every single day. Being swallowed up his agony and his heart causing greater pain then any flesh wound.

Oh Trunks…

I love you…

“ I love you…so. Much,” Gohan sobbed and hung his head as the tears grew harder and his shoulder quaked more. And no matter how many times he said ‘ I love you’…Trunks was never, ever going to hear him.


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