Not Quite Grown
by ThatKanraGirl     More by this Writer
The indirect sequel to Paradise. Gohan still hangs on every word Trunks says and concludes maybe some things haven't changed after all.

Though he wasn’t quite asleep, Gohan’s eyes were firmly shut as he relaxed against the wooden crates that were scattered in Bulma’s lab. The night was silent, save for the soft, strong voice of Trunks as he read aloud, and he listened with rapt attention.

“I taught you to fight and to fly. What more could there be? There is so much more. What? What else is there?”

Gohan smiled as Trunks inflicted his voice to annunciate between Peter and Wendy. Peter Pan had always been Trunks’s favorite story growing up, he recalled having read it to him more times than he could count, so many times that he could recite the story by heart. He peeked an eye open and watched Trunks’s lips form the words on the page, his blue eyes scanning over them with a practiced ease. There was something akin to peace in his little prince’s voice, a smile that reminded Gohan of the small, optimistic boy he used to be. He was glad that he was still in there under all the suffering he had endured.

When there was a pause in the words Gohan opened his other eye to find that Trunks was looking out at the stars. Absently, he mused the similarities between the other half-saiyan and the hero that was Peter Pan. The hand cradling his head reached up, and he tugged on the ankle of his pants, gently drawing his attention downwards.

“Lost in a thought?” he inquired. Trunks’s eyes trailed down to meet his gaze and he closed the book, a smile forming on his lips.

“It’s funny,” he started, and he slid down the wall he had propped himself against, his fingers tangling around Gohan’s own, “You taught me to fly and taught me to fight…” He trailed off, busying himself with examining their interlocked hands. Bringing them to his lips, Gohan kissed his knuckles, smiling happily and he found himself getting lost in starry blue of Trunks’s eyes.

“What else is there?” He asked. Trunks shook his head with a quiet laugh, the sound striking Gohan right in his stomach. He would never tire of the butterflies that flitted through his gut when Trunks laughed or did anything really.

“That’s something you learn when you grow up,” he started, he leaned closer, pulling him upright and brushing his lips over his, “but I think it starts with a best friend and a kiss.” Gohan smirked against his lips and hugged him close.

“I think that’s a good start.”


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