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Our story today begins in the north central district of New West City. The setting is the home of one ‘Son Gohan’. A shy, unassuming man, still in the prime of his youth who started a travel in The Dragonball Zone…

Author’s Notes: This is a series of one-shots, operating in the “Dragonball Zone” – conspired upon with Lord Truhan. This episode was provided by Peekapika.

Master Roshi: Our story today begins in the north central district of New West City. The setting is the home of one ‘Son Gohan’. A shy, unassuming man, still in the prime of his youth (heh heh, just like yours’ truly ladies!); we discover he is inside the Dragonball Zone…

Gohan watched with rapt attention as Trunks poured him a drink. This was just what he needed after a long day of working on his latest manuscript. He had discovered over time that being a world famous author did have it’s perks, even if it wasn’t as glamorous as being a martial arts champion. Though his publishing house called it science fiction, it was really just the story of his life, with only a few tweaks here and there. Gohan stared into the flames of the fireplace as he grinned, thinking of those “adjustments”…

Trunks turned to him, drink in hand, and sat down on the couch, closer than he probably should have… That twinkling light in Trunks’ intelligent blue eyes couldn’t be denied though, and Gohan slipped his arm around him as he took the drink; placing a kiss on the side of his neck.

From the pathway that lead around the garage and into the house, the whole scene was clearly visible to Videl as she walked by the window of Gohan’s office. Shock covered her face, but was quickly replaced by her normal hard-ass exterior in no time. Very few people could go from sweet to bitch in as little time as she, except for maybe Chichi. When she stormed into the house, she found the door to Gohan’s study locked, and began banging on in incessantly.

Gohan heard the front door opening and Videls’ angry footsteps approaching, and sighed out loud. Trunks looked dejected, the light falling from his face.

“Please don’t make me go” he said earnestly.

“What choice do I have?” Gohan replied sadly, rising from the sofa. Trunks tugged at his own jacket in consternation.

“What are you so afraid of?” he dared to venture… Gohan made an exasperated sound, rubbing his forehead.

“It’s just the way it has to be, you know that… I’m sorry.”

Videl was red in the face and looking for blood when he finally opened the door for her a moment later.

“Hey babe, how was the movie?” Gohan asked her normally, “Is something wrong? I didn’t think you’d be back from girls night so early.” She didn’t answer him right away, simply pushing her way into the room since she couldn’t see the interloper from the hallway. Once she was in though, no other presence was forthcoming… She looked around suspiciously as Gohan tried to ask her about her day.

“Oh, no, I’m just fine,” she replied absently, eying the huge tri-fold rice paper screen that adorned the space opposite Gohan’s desk. She marched over to it, pushing it aside roughly.

“What are you doing babe?” Gohan asked with concern, “That was a gift…”

Videl spun to confront him.

“I’m looking for something” she said as she glared. Gohan began to feel a bit nervous.

“Oh, really? What did you lose? I’ll help you look for it” Gohan offered hopefully.

“Apparently my husbands’ fidelity” she said through gritted teeth, “I saw him, Gohan, I saw you with Trunks’ just now, so cut the act.”

“Oh” Gohan paled, “It’s not what you think Videl-” he started.

“Not what I think? You were practically latched onto each other, you were KISSING HIS NECK Gohan, tell me how that’s ‘not what I think’?” she interrupted.

“Just let me explain-”

“Ha! I wonder how Trunks’ explains those hickeys to Vegeta? Hmm? Maybe we should call and ask him” she said as she headed for the phone on the wall. Gohan cut her off, stopping her abruptly with his hand on her wrist as she reached for the receiver.

“No. Now just calm down for a minute and let me explain, will you?” he said more forcefully. Videl couldn’t have broken the grip on her arm if her life had depended on it, so she decided to bide her time and pull back a bit for now.

“Fine. Let’s hear whatever ridiculous nonsense you’ve got to defend yourself with.”

Gohan guided her over to one of the chairs that faced the sofa, and sat her down calmly. He took a step back and pondered where to begin for a moment as she sat there fully expecting a crock of shit. She knew what she had seen…goddamn lying cheating scumbag- Gohan’s voice broke through her internal rant.

“Do you remember my novel, The Guardian of Time?” he asked seriously.

“What the hell does that have to do with you cheating on me?” Videl responded.

“Do you remember it?” he said again.

“God Gohan, yes I remember it.”

“Good, now do you remember the main character in it, Alaster?” he pushed her further.

“I remember how much you bitched about the actor they chose for him in the movie adaptation, does that count?” she said sarcastically. Gohan decided to let that pass…

“Ok, well – first off, you know that book was actually based off of real events, and the people in it were real too. Secondly, do you remember how I’ve told you that sometimes two people who watch the same car accident will have two different versions of how it happened?”

“Oh come on Gohan, stop stalling and trying to change the subject-”

“But I’m not, this is the subject” he interrupted her. She stood and started heading for the door.

“Videl! Where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m going to call my lawyer” she said.

“Will you just listen to me for half a minute? I’m trying to explain!” he said as he pulled her back to the chair.

“Look, just hear me out on this – you know how sometimes you see things so strongly in a certain way, that the concept almost takes on a life of it’s own? Well that’s what happened with the version of Trunks in my story. The character came alive, Videl! With his own force of will and feelings and everything!”

She stared at him angrily, and then slapped him in the face.

“I’m done listening to this” she said, “you and Trunks can both go to hell!”

“But he’s not Trunks, Videl, not the one you know – that’s what I’m trying to explain” Gohan replied, rubbing the side of his face in surprise. Not that it had actually hurt.

“What the hell are you talking about? You mean the other one came back from the future without telling anyone?”

“No, no, I mean this is a totally separate version of him – he is the one from my story. I don’t know how or why, but one day when I started dictating his description into the recorder, he was suddenly standing there beside me!”

Anger, disbelief, and horror warred for supremacy on Videl’s face… he had looked so serious when he said that…

“And later I realized that anyone I describe well enough can be created that way! So many of my creations have walked through that door, sat down and talked to me, real flesh and blood; you have to believe me!” Gohan implored, seeing that he was losing her.

“You’re insane if you expect me to believe that. I don’t know how he got out of here without me seeing, but that was definitely Trunks – stop insulting my intelligence with this stupid game you’re playing Gohan.”

“It’s not a game,” he said in frustration, “look, if I show you how he got out of here, will you believe me?”

She most certainly would not, but she did want to see what kind of secret door or passage he had rigged up in here…

“Fine, whatever Gohan.” she said with her hands on her temples, as if to keep her head from exploding.

He walked over to the drawer of his desk, and pulled out a pair of scissors. He turned to her with them, gesturing at the tape recorder.

“I told you he got in here by my describing him on the tape… Well, he didn’t crawl out the window or jump behind a wall, I cut him out.”

He pulled an ‘imaginary’ piece of tape off the machine, and sharply snipped it in the air with his scissors.

“After that you just toss the section that has the recording on it into the flames, and poof! instantly they disappear, uncreated in a flash.”

Videl’s mouth was slightly agape. She broke out of her trance though, and fumed at him.

“You’ve got some nerve asshole, thinking you can pull this condescending bullshit with me! I’m not a 5 year old you can swindle into believing some ridiculous crap like that!” She stormed by him as she yelled, heading for the door again. Gohan beat her to it, locking it and removing the key before she could take off.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she screamed into his too calm face.

“I’m going to show you” he said. Videl rolled her eyes and gave an exasperated shout.


“I can see now that nothing less than that will pacify you… And I want you to understand the truth, Videl” he remarked as he went back to his desk. Picking up the microphone, he began to speak into it as it started recording.

“His name is Trunks Briefs, and he comes from a future we no longer share. He is 5 foot 10 and physically fit, a trained martial artist. His hair is a shade of lavender that none would dare call pink, and his cerulean eyes burn with intelligence and compassion. He is a quiet, self-confident man, who has seen great sorrow and great joy, and learned to appreciate what is truly important because of it. He is sitting on my sofa as we speak.”

When Trunks looked up at Videl, she fainted.

Gohan caught her, and Trunks jumped up so he could lay her on the couch. As she came to, she could hear them arguing beside her.

“Is that why you brought me here?” Trunks asked.

“I know,” Gohan replied, “It’s not right, and it’s not your fault – but I have no choice.”

Videl opened her eyes to see them staring at each other morosely.

“No!” she said, shaking herself as she sat up, “No, you must be using instant transmission, that’s it!”

“It’s not IT Videl, I told you – he appeared because I created him there” Gohan said, sounding a little put-off.

“You-… God! This is horrific Gohan, really, the lengths you’re going to with this – it’s, it’s insane – I’m going to have you committed if you don’t stop this right now!” Videl warned.

“I’m not making it up Videl! I told you!” Gohan argued with her ineffectually.

“Stop, just stop already with this ridiculous charade!” Videl shouted back.

Trunks stood quietly to the side, but he knew where this was going.

“Are you really going to make me do it Videl?” Gohan asked.

“He just got here, and you’re going to make me make him leave?”

“I’ve had enough of this shit Gohan, unlock the door right now” she demanded.

“Gohan?” Trunks got his attention with a hand on his shoulder. He smiled, but his eyes were sad as he spoke.

“I know how it has to be… it’s ok… just… just don’t bring me back again this time, ok? I don’t think I can handle having to keep saying goodbye…”

“…she’s my wife…” Gohan said apologetically.

“Not for long you psycho” Videl spat at him. Gohan huffed angrily and turned to her.

“You’ve forced my hand here Videl, I don’t want to do this, he doesn’t deserve this, but now I have to.”

Videl turned and began trying to kick down the door, but found it was too solidly reinforced for her human strength to best.

“HEY!” Gohan yelled at her… he never yelled at her…

“You turn around and you watch goddammit! You look at him while he gets unmade!” Gohan shouted as he lost his composure.

“Trunks, forgive me…” he breathed as he crumpled the tape up and tossed it in the flames. Instantly Trunks vanished from the room, the sadness of his smile left behind.

“That proves nothing, having your boyfriend IT out of here on cue… HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK I AM GOHAN?” Videl screamed as she totally lost it. She went over to the drink cart and began throwing the glasses and bottles, some at the locked door, some at him, but they were easily dodged. When there weren’t any left she threw the entire cart at him as well. He didn’t even duck, just caught it out of the air and set it down beside him. He walked over and stopped her when she started pulling books of his shelf.

“You still don’t believe me? You still think this is some sort of IT trick? Well how about I show you something that can’t IT away? Hmm? Sit down and stop acting like a child” he said as he forcefully sat her down on the sofa. He didn’t realize she had slipped the key out of his pocket while he tried to reason with her. As soon as he turned to walk back to his desk, she quickly went for the door and unlocked it. He turned at the “click” it made, microphone already in hand. Instead of going after her, he began to speak.

“There is a large, carnivorous dinosaur standing in the hall, blocking her way!” he said angrily.

Videl screamed as enormous fangs snapped closed about a foot from her face. She backed up quickly as the monsters’ roar shook every window in the house. She slammed the door to the study closed behind her, and the sound of home décor being obliterated started coming from the other side.


“Yes Videl?”

“You get that thing out of my house right now, or so help me!…”

“Will you stay if I do?” A huge crash and a shudder from the walls told of the structural damage being done now.

“Yes! Yes! Just make it stop!”

Gohan reached over and cut out the offending strip of tape, throwing it in the fire with a grin as the commotion stopped immediately.

“See, I told you Videl, I’ve told you over and over; why don’t you believe me?”

A very pale Videl cracked open the door, and stared blankly out – the hallway was empty. She threw the door open wide, and turned to her husband with reproach.

“Why? Because you’re completely certifiable Gohan, that’s why” she said as she turned to leave.

“You shouldn’t say things like that Videl – besides, you said you would stay.”

“Do you really think I’m just going to sit here and put up with this? Live like this?” she said, starting to walk away.

“I could always show you another one.”

“No!” Videl whirled in her tracks with a hand out to stop him. Gohan chuckled inwardly as she walked back to him calmly, her face a picture of demure composure.

“I suppose I could stay for a little while, but just long enough to find you some help, ok Gohan?”

Gohan knew that tone of voice – his mom had used it on him when he had nightmares about Frieza – it was meant to calm the irrational and the deranged… He sighed. He guessed this really was all his fault, he had made her too much like his mother, too much like what she had wanted for him (which was a version of herself). There was really only one course of action left. He walked over to the bookcase and removed a section of encyclopedias that served as a false front for the safe in the wall.

“How long has that been there?” Videl asked accusingly.

“A long time, since before we were married…” he replied. Reaching in, he pulled out one of the envelopes kept there, and walked over to her holding it gingerly.

“What is that?”

Gohan faced the envelope toward her, exposing her name written on the front of it, and then handed it to her silently. She opened the flap, revealing a tangled mass of recording tape inside.

“Oh God…” she breathed in disbelief, “Are you serious? Are you fucking serious Gohan?” She closed her eyes, trying to control the rage that threatened to overcome her again.

“It didn’t start out like this. I didn’t mean to be unfaithful. I was just lonely. I wanted someone to talk to who wouldn’t micromanage every aspect of my life, who would just let me talk without constantly telling me how to ‘fix’ things… I never meant to hurt you. I see now that I made you to be too much like the wife I was expected to take, and not enough like the wife I expected” he spoke softly.

“How dare you.” she seethed, “You cheat on me behind my back, with a MAN no less, you concoct this ridiculous scheme about ‘creating’ people out of thin air and you destroy part of our house in the process of perpetuating your lie… now you want to try and make me believe my own existence is a figment of your imagination?”

Her demeanor changed drastically all of a sudden as her eyes widened.

“You’re trying to drive me insane so I’ll be put away, aren’t you? Then you and Trunks can just ride off into the sunset on a pair of white fucking stallions, is that it?”

“Videl, no, I showed you this to help you understand-”

She threw the envelope into the flames of the fireplace.

“Fuck you. That’s what I understand.”

“Videl! No! What have you done?” Gohan exclaimed to her retreating back. After only a few steps though, she faltered, gripping the edge of the couch for support. She turned her head back to him just in time for him to see the abject terror on her face, before she disappeared completely.

“Damn it!” Gohan swore, “I told her! I told her so many times, but no, she just couldn’t listen, not even once!” He angrily stalked over to his desk, falling into his chair with a thud as he grabbed the microphone.

“Her name is Son Videl…” he began, but paused, hanging his head, halfway through his sentence. After resting his forehead against the cool wood of his desk for a minute, he had made up his mind. Only fools didn’t learn from their own mistakes.

A few moments later, deep blue eyes stared quizzically into his as they straddled his lap.

“What happened Gohan?” Trunks questioned him, “I thought you agreed not to do this to me anymore…”

“I’m not. I’m doing something entirely different to you now.”

Trunks raised an eyebrow as he was picked up and carried out of the study, still straddling Gohan’s waist. He carried him past the destroyed hall, and down to what used to be his and Videl’s room. Pushing the door open, he laid Trunks on the foot of the bed, and whispered into his neck.

“…She did it to herself, Trunks… …I was so shocked, I just froze… I… She’s gone now Trunks, and, I’ve decided… she’s not going to be coming back.”

He felt a tremble start running through Trunks’ body, and squeezed him tightly, kissing the side of his neck as he did.

“Please Gohan, tell me this is really real…” Trunks whispered.

“Yes, Trunks, this is really real” Gohan smiled against his ear.

Their kiss was long and thorough, exploring taking priority over everything else. When clothes finally began to come off, it was with shaking fingers but eager eyes.

“We’ve done this so many times before, why does it feel so different now?” Trunks asked him.

“Because I get to keep you, that’s why” Gohan said as he slid inside him. Trunks moaned unashamedly, rocking his hips to meet Gohan’s steady thrusts. Gohan stroked Trunks’ aching member, pleasuring the man as fully as he could. When he could see that Trunks’ climax was near, he leaned down and grazed his teeth along the length of his neck, from ear to shoulder; before biting down just hard enough to draw blood – making Trunks come immediately beneath him. That euphoric shout in his ear was like a piece of heaven, and Gohan came as well, emptying himself into the younger man.

“What are you going to tell them?”

“We could just tell them you are future trunks, no one would ever know…”

“If you say so…”

“Yes, I say so.”

Master Roshi: Well, we hope you kiddies enjoyed our little “romantic” story on the Dragonball Zone – though it was a bit far-fetched if you asked me… Why that boy wasn’t surrounded by a hundred naked girlies everyday I’ll never know! Hey! Gohan! Why don’t you do an old friend a favor and whip up Videl after all, I’ll take ‘er off your hands for ya!

Gohan: Roshi, you really shouldn’t say things like that…

Master Roshi: Eh? Why not? No need to be stingy now!

Gohan: (Sighs) I can see this is going to be a problem.

Trunks hands him an envelope from the safe.

Master Roshi: Oh, whatcha got there boy?

Gohan raises an eyebrow at him and flashes the front of the envelope reading “Master Roshi” on it, before tossing it into the flames.

Master Roshi: Oh Well, it’s been a good run… Maybe I’ll end up running into Videl after all on the other side!

Trunks face-palms and groans.

The End


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