056 : First Spark
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On Discovery Channel, Bear Grylls was trying to pull himself out of quicksand. Absently, Gohan watched him struggle. He wished they made a channel consulting on how to pull oneself out of other situations as well. First, lie down flat on your stomach to solve half of your problem. After that, pull one of your legs up. That’s it, androids aren’t coming and no life-threatening fight is imminent. Next, pull the second leg up and crawl out of the sand. Congratulations, your Mom isn’t dead.

Gohan turned the TV off.

All the bravado Trunks was pulling off would crumble from time to time. It was painful to see Trunks during those moments. Gohan wished he could help him somehow but there was nothing he could do. He didn’t question or try to comfort Trunks either as he was afraid that it would only make the other teen feel even more miserable.

Gohan watched Trunks’ sleeping face. It was relaxed now, not a trace of despair that was there barely half an hour ago. It was usually Trunks who made certain that everyone was content and comfortable. And who was going to make certain that Trunks was also content and comfortable?

Silently, Gohan kneeled in front of the sofa. A wave of grateful tenderness made him rise again. His lips touched the side of Trunks’ face carefully. It felt so natural that it didn’t even occur to him to think about how Trunks would react or what he himself would do if Trunks woke up.

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